The MASSIVE and RIPPED Arms of Hailey Delf are Back Again!

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In the continuing “Iowa Power” Series, Hailey “Double D. Damn Delf” is back with part 3 of Iowa Power, which now ups the ante to 4K resolution!   See the clip description below and head over to the “Peak Freak of Physique – Hailey Delf” Clips Store to get this latest gem!

Description: Part 3 of Hailey’s “Iowa Power” series, kicks things up a notch to 4K RESOLUTION – better to see those glorious MASSIVE biceps, and tremendous vascularity, as she is just a week out from her competition here. Peaks are poppin’, triceps are cuttin’, and those classic “delts for days” look is definitely going on here. Hailey’s gorgeous blonde looks, with sexy eyes and pretty smile, makes the muscle look even better! Part 3 shows even more intense weightlifting as she smashes biceps with free weights and machines. You’ll love the floating smooth gimbal camera work which helps you focus on those gorgeous muscles. Hailey is the all American muscle girl with midwest strength and power. This power-packed physique is a fan pleaser and this video is a MUST GET! Enjoy, folks!

Peaked POWER! Get part 3, in 4K resolution, of the “Iowa Power” series in the “Peak Freak of Physique: Hailey Delf” Clips Studio!