Brooke vs Kaitie – MASSIVE Armwrestling Challenge – NEW VIDEO!

Kaitie Hart has gotten MASSIVE after a 2 year offseason. She is ready to take on Brooke “Torrance” Walker in an armwrestling battle of the century!

We’ve got another HUGE hit on our hands here, folks!  Brooklyn T. Walker, one of the strongest girls here at HDPhysiques.TV, received an armwrestling challenge from up-and-coming Women’s Physique competitor Kaitie Hart (see her shoots at, and a new one coming to PremiumPhysiques very soon!). Needless to say, the HDP cameras captured these two getting after it, in 4K resolution no less!   See the clip description below, and head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio and pick up this western sizzler today!

Description: Presented in stunning 4K picture quality, Brooke Walker’s first arm wrestling challenge is a BEAST of a woman – the gorgeous and ultra-sexy Kaitie Hart (see her 2 shoots at, and a new one coming soon to PremiumPhysiques with added muscle mass!). This clip is SUPER awesome… the opening moments consist of Brooke training triceps, then doing some full body flexing. Then she hits biceps, (and they are HUGE now, over 15″) pumping them up and getting ready for her arm wrestling challenger. Finally, the last few minutes include 2 armwrestling matches against the super sexy and gorgeous Kait Hart. As Kaitie is considerably taller and transitioning to Womens Physique from figure, she’s going to be a huge challenge for Brooke! However, Brooke is one of the strongest girls we’ve ever seen… so… buckle up. The 2 matches here (lefty and righty) are intense and show the power of BOTH girls! Needless to say, this is a MUST GET video!

Brooke, on the other hand, is even BIGGER! Will she slam the gorgeous Kaitie down? Or will the taller biceps princess prove to be too much? Get this HOT video in Brooke’s Clips Studio today!

This is one CRAZY hot battle of biceps! Get this amazing new video in Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio today!