Muscle Beauties updates their Studio with Denise!

Get the NEW video of sexy Denise... at the Tom Millard's Muscle Beauties Studio!

Get the NEW video of sexy Denise… at the Tom Millard’s Muscle Beauties Studio!

This week kicks off with a new update on the Tom Millard’s Muscle Beauties Page.  Say hello to the lovely Muscle Beauty…. Denise!  This gorgeous blonde has a nice rock hard body… check out the description from the MB page:

Description: MuscleBeauties latest feature is one of their best efforts yet, folks! This lovely lady, Denise, wastes no time showing off her well sculpted upper body. Nice rock hard biceps, strong back and chest, and meaty triceps. Topped off with a beautiful smile and gorgeous blonde locks, this is one lady you will definitely want to add to your video list – get this one today, folks!