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RIPPED and READY! Autumn Swansen’s New Vid is SIZZLIN HOT!

We’ve got a new clip today in the studio of WPD/Figure phenom, Autumn Swansen.   In Autumn’s Studio, you’ll find part 3 of her “Ripped and Ready” 2020 Show Prep videos.  See the clip description below, then head over to Autumn’s studio and get this sizzler today! Description: Part 3 of Autumn’s insanely HOT 2020 Show […]

Brooke Walker & Guest Quyncee – Chest Day Gym POWER!

A few months ago, Brooklyn Walker was joined by her St. Louis based friend, Quyncee Shockley, for a couple of gym shoots during her stay.  Here is part 1 of their workout videos.  This one is primarily bench press and flys.   Brooke and Quyncee battle it out with huge weights in the gym.  Impressive is […]

Taylor Smuck with a NEW Vid with Explosive Biceps & Quads!

Everyone’s favorite QUAD QUEEN, Taylor Smuck, is back with a brand new video in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio entitled “Taylors Growing Season”….. because that’s exactly what she’s done during this pandemic screwed up year.   Read the clip description below, and then head over to Taylor’s Studio to pick up this power-packed new video to […]

KrivsStudio Adds a NEW VIDEO of Biceps Queen Laura!

Hey fellas, check it out!   The KrivsStudio page has been updated with a new clip featuring the stunning Laura Sutter, and it’s a sizzler!    Please see the clip description below, then head to the KrivsStudio Clips Store to pick up this awesome new video today! Description: BICEPS LOVERS! Pay attention! This is one that […]

ALL NEW Brooke Walker Video with Rachael Loftis Now Available!

In the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find part 4 of the absolutely incredible matchup of Rachael Loftis & Brooke Walker at Wild Horse Gym STL!   See the clip description below, and…… if you’re a biceps lover….. add this one to your collection today! Description: BICEPS EXPLOSION! Both girls train and flex/pose […]

HUGE NEWS! – The ULTIMATE Armwrestling Challenge – Katie vs Diana – NOW AVAILABLE!

ALL NEW in the Katie Lee Clips Studio – we’ve got an absolutely mind-blowing thriller.   Katie Lee’s 4th ArmWrestling Challenge…. this time against the massive and ripped Ukranian, Diana Schnaidt, is now available.   See the clip description below, and then head to Katie’s Studio to order this amazing new matchup today! Description: Katie Lee’s BIGGEST […]

NEW VID in the HDP Studio – Kaitie Hart Flexing and Measurements!

Hey gang, if you’re in the mood for gorgeous Blonde Muscle…. with some sexy flexing and measurements – then make your way over to the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, and see the latest clip we added featuring sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart.    This one shows her unique personality, as she flexes and takes measurements […]