KrivsStudio Adds a NEW VIDEO of Biceps Queen Laura!

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Hey fellas, check it out!   The KrivsStudio page has been updated with a new clip featuring the stunning Laura Sutter, and it’s a sizzler!    Please see the clip description below, then head to the KrivsStudio Clips Store to pick up this awesome new video today!

Description: BICEPS LOVERS! Pay attention! This is one that you’ll definitely want to get. Laura is a great find for KrivsStudio… and one look at those tremendous arms will confirm that right away. Tanned, toned, vascular, and ripped… these arm muscles are poppin like never before. And if you’re in the mood for some sexy posing… Laura delivers with an A+ rating! Posing both traditional muscle poses, combined with sexy muscle tease, this is a video you’re sure to appreciate – get it today!

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New Brooke Walker MEASUREMENTS Video with Kaitie Hart Posing!

Kaitie Hart getting instruction from one of the best in the biz… Brooklyn T. Walker! Get this hot new video today in Brooke’s Studio!

SPECIAL TREAT for you fans of gorgeous blonde female muscle!   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’re going to see a brand new video of Brooke, joined by HDP/PP sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, in a tremendous video featuring a Brooke to Kaitie Posing lesson, followed by Kaitie taking the measurements of her “literally perfect” role model, Brooke.  See the clip description below and then pick up this amazing new video today!

Description: In stunning 4K picture quality, this video is a MUST GET for fans of ultimate BLONDE female muscle! Brooke is joined by HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, who has added 20 lbs of mass since HDP first shot with her 2 yrs ago. Kaitie is eager to try Women’s Physique Division in 2020, so who better to help her learn the ins and outs of posing than HDP/PP’s very own, Brooklyn T. Walker! After Brooke gives Kaitie some instruction, we see how impressively developed Kaitie’s new physique has become. Then, Kaitie has to get her “idol worship” in, and take measurements of Brooke, as Brooke, too, has added a lot more mass for 2020! Kaitie finds out right away why Brooke is nicknamed “LP” for “literally perfect”. See the impressive dimensions for yourself by picking up this HOT video today!

Kaitie is wowed by the size of Brooke’s monster quads!

Brooke showing Kaitie how it’s done! Order this video today in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio!


The MASSIVE and RIPPED Arms of Hailey Delf are Back Again!

UNREAL STRENGTH – get this hot new video and watch those powerful arms work! Get it today in Hailey’s Clips Studio – Click here!

In the continuing “Iowa Power” Series, Hailey “Double D. Damn Delf” is back with part 3 of Iowa Power, which now ups the ante to 4K resolution!   See the clip description below and head over to the “Peak Freak of Physique – Hailey Delf” Clips Store to get this latest gem!

Description: Part 3 of Hailey’s “Iowa Power” series, kicks things up a notch to 4K RESOLUTION – better to see those glorious MASSIVE biceps, and tremendous vascularity, as she is just a week out from her competition here. Peaks are poppin’, triceps are cuttin’, and those classic “delts for days” look is definitely going on here. Hailey’s gorgeous blonde looks, with sexy eyes and pretty smile, makes the muscle look even better! Part 3 shows even more intense weightlifting as she smashes biceps with free weights and machines. You’ll love the floating smooth gimbal camera work which helps you focus on those gorgeous muscles. Hailey is the all American muscle girl with midwest strength and power. This power-packed physique is a fan pleaser and this video is a MUST GET! Enjoy, folks!

Peaked POWER! Get part 3, in 4K resolution, of the “Iowa Power” series in the “Peak Freak of Physique: Hailey Delf” Clips Studio!

NEW Carli Clip Added PLUS Get a FREE 18″ Biceps Measurements Video from Katie Lee – Click HERE!

Lynette has some pretty impressive guns too! Carli gets a run for her money here!

It’s an incredible day at HDPhysiques.TV, folks!    First up, there’s a brand new video of 2 hotties training at the Dungeon and Wild Horse Gyms….  that’s right, it’s Part 2 of Carli & Lynette in the Dungeon!  See the description below of this muscle challenge, and head over to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to get this one today!

Description:  Description: PART 2 – Carli Terepka invited guest Lynette Audrey to do some gym work in St. Louis (HDPhysiques HQ). Hosted in both Wild Horse Fitness and The Dungeon Gym, these 2 exchange flexes and power through their workouts – this time for biceps, triceps, calves, an d more. Both girls are in their offseason, but still looking very hard and muscular. The perfect combo of offseason “thickness” and rock hard muscle power. If you like girls with big ass arms, this is one video you’re sure to enjoy! Get this one today, folks!

Next is the HUGE news (figuratively and literally….) of an EXCLUSIVE FREE minute & a half video of Katie’s new BICEPS MEASUREMENTS as they get close to 18″ inches!   It is ONLY AVAILABLE by the following 3 ways:   1) – buy 2 videos from the Katie Lee Clips Store;  2) – buy 3 videos from any combination of studios here at the Female Muscle Store, and 3) – Joining PremiumPhysiques with a 3 month membership!   We’ll give you a sneak peak of these MASSIVE guns in the photo here…. but you have to show your support in one of the 3 ways above to get this exclusive clip for Katie Lee supporters!   Email us when you’ve got your receipt from CCBill/PayPal, and we’ll forward you the new video!  Promo runs Feb 20 through March 31 – new purchases only!

After a big pump, Katie’s arms are nearing 18″ once again! Get this EXCLUSIVE video by purchasing some clips here at HDPhysiques.TV or joining PremiumPhysiques! It won’t be available anywhere else!

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SUMMER KICKOFF – Big Promo for Free Vids is back for June!

Look at those killer calves!  Get this hot video today in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio and get ready for much more!

Look at those killer calves! Get this hot video today in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio and get ready for much more!

Hey gang – we are THRILLED that it’s summer time…. that’s when we are our busiest, doing some of the best shoots of the year.  So many muscle girls in contest shape… and we bring you the best!   In order to celebrate the kickoff of our summer season, we are bringing back our promotion for free videos, which was so very popular of the last holiday season.  See details below!  But basically…. we are expanding the number of ways you can benefit and get the free videos, offering incentives for combo memberships and more.  HDPhysiques and our studio ladies appreciate your generous support!

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