KrivsStudio Adds New Clip of Gorgeous Mascha Tieken – RIPPED European Muscle!

Fans of freaky forearm veins are gonna love the new video of Mascha Tieken in the KrivsStudio Clips Store!

Today, we’ve added a new clip to the KrivsStudio Clips Store here at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!    Starring the lovely Mascha Tieken, you’re gonna love her tremendous vascularity, posing presence, and sexy muscle like no other!   See the clip description below and add this one to your shopping cart today!

Description: This one is a classic from KrivsStudio, one that features some of Europe’s best biceps and more! Shot during Olympia weekend in Vegas, Mascha shows off a ripped and stunning physique, with tremendous vascularity, especially in those crazy forearms! Thick quads and meaty calves highlight the lower body, and she knows how to move and pose like no other. This is definitely a clip to add to your collection of sexy European female muscle today!

Ripped abs, peaked biceps, and sexy posing – you gotta get this new clip from KrivsStudio and see what we mean! Click here!

Contest day shape muscle! Ripped and shredded, and sexy peaks – get the new KrivsStudio Clip of Mascha Tieken today!

HUGE NEWS! An ALL-NEW Shannon Courtney Sexy Studio Shoot Compilation Now Available!

Shannon was the absolute best at Sultry and Sexy mass muscle posing! Get the hot new video today with our March Madness Promo to get additional FREE VIDS!

Yo Dudes!  It’s once again that time…..  a special release of an awesome compilation of the great Shannon Courtney, this time from her ultra-hot and sexy Studio shoot at iWink Studios in California in 2013, at the height of her size and conditioning.  In the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, you’ll find the new studio compilation and it will impress you like no other!   See the clip description below, and show your support by picking up this amazing video today!

Description: By popular demand, another AMAZING Shannon Courtney compilation video from her incredible shoot from iWink Studios at the height of her massive size in her pro card winning year of 2013. This time, in a sexy studio shoot, Shannon is featured in 3 super hot outfits, and her sexy posing is second to NONE! Vascularity and huge biceps and quads are the highlights of this clip, although really her entire physique is incredible and plenty of it is featured throughout the 15 minutes plus, of this video. If you’re a fan of one of the hottest blonde female muscle specimens of ALL-TIME, this is a “must get” to add to your collection! (*NOTE – This video is not eligible for free promo redemptions)

VASCULARITY! Massive and ripped, Shannon’s veins want to pop outta her arm! Get this hot new video today!

Gorgeous and HUGE! Shannon is the ultimate combo! Get this hot new compilation video today!

HUGE Katie Lee Video Wraps Up 2021 in Style!

Those rock solid arms are as big as ever – get the newest Katie Lee video in her clips store today! Click here!

Big beautiful biceps…. there’s nothing better than to end 2021 on a positive note…..  and that is….  admiring the glory and power that is Katie Lee’s biceps!    In the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio, you’ll find the latest video….. part 4 of her “Katie Demolishes Powerhouse Gym” series.   See the clip description below, and get this amazing new video today.   That is….. if you enjoy huge muscles!

Description: Good news folks! We actually found footage of this 4th clip from our April 2021 shoot with Katie at PHG Maryland. We thought it was gonna be a 3 video series, but now we have PART 4 of Katie’s 2 days of punishing power workouts, this time featuring upper body and looking absolutely massive! As the screenshots show, the muscles are totally bulging and swole to the extreme. Big biceps measuring out at 17″ and proportionate delts, chest, triceps, and more…. there’s no doubt that she turned more than a few heads in the gym that day! In fact, she crushed a few male egos while she was there. They saw Katie posing those massive biceps in the mirror and ran off with their tail between their legs! To round out a great year at HDPhysiques, pop this one into your shopping cart and show Katie some appreciation today!

A back as wide as a house! Get the latest Katie Lee video today!

ALL NEW Katie Lee Video – SEXY SIZE in the Dungeon!

Awesome POWER! Katie Lee works arms and much more in this latest hot clip – get it today and show Katie your support!

Hey gang, you’re gonna absolutely love the new Katie Lee video (shot by Brooklyn T. Walker) over on the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio page here at HDPhysiques.TV!   In this latest video,  you’ll see Katie in one of her biggest off-season forms…. her biceps over 17″, along with much more.  Those delts, that back, those meaty triceps, etc….. see the description below, then head to Katie’s Studio to get this amazing new clip today!

Description: Sporting some SEXY offseason muscle size, Katie returns to the Dungeon Gym on a mission! A mission to show you why she’s one of the greatest WPD competitors of the past 10 years! And wow, does she ever! Tons of flexing thrown in between some powerful sets in the gym, and you’ll see Katie’s muscles popping like never before. Tremendous power and function, these muscles aren’t just for show! Cero Dos Cuattro – it’s not just a nickname…. it’s a goal – she wants 24″ biceps to match her original volleyball jersey number. Here, at over 17″, she’s well on her way – get this awesome video (shot by Brooke Walker, btw!) TODAY and show Katie your support!

Those massive guns are 2nd to NONE! Despite not competing recently – still those peaks are SHARP! Get this hot new video today!

Katie has all the confidence in the world when she looks at those glorious peaks! Get this hot video today!

Katie’s HUGE Back Day At Powerhouse Gym – NEW VIDEO AVAILABLE!

HOLY CRAP! Look at that enormous back and powerful biceps! Get the NEW Katie Lee video today!

Hey folks!!!  By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about Katie’s recent illness, and the impact it has had on her.   The good news is, she’s back to training and regaining her health.  Obviously her predicament caused her to miss a lot of work and opportunities…..  so I’m asking that if you’re a Katie fan, consider purchasing her clips in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” clips studio….. all the proceeds will go to Katie and help her in her recovery and getting back on her feet again!    For the newest clip, Part 3 of “Katie Demolishes Powerhouse Gym” which was shot in April, before her illness….. please see the clip description below and add this one to your shopping cart today – Katie looking BIG and strong, and showing off some hot physique posing!   Thank you for your support!

Description: Part 3 of Katie Demolishing Powerhouse Gym is AWESOME! Get ready for some CORE work… Katie hits her big meaty back, along with abs, and then does plenty of big time flexing…. biceps, back, abs, and much more! Cero Dos trains with intensity like no other. She also works hard by throwing in tons of posing between her sets. And of course, we can never get enough of those gigantic arms, wide powerful back, and meaty delts. This is definitely a video you don’t want to miss. It’s the perfect conclusion to her 3 video set at Powerhouse Gym MD. Get it today!

After working core, Katie flexes those rock hard abs! Get the new “Demolishing Powerhouse Gym” Video today in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!

024 works that huge back, and flexes it out. HOT CLIP – get it today in the Katie Lee Clips Studio – click here!

A World Class Athlete at the Top of Their Game – NEW Autumn Swansen Vid Now Available!

Having switched from physique to figure, Autumn’s perfect shape shows that she can dominate that division too!

Fellas – we’ve got an awesome new video appearing today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!   You won’t believe the contest-shape mind-blowing muscle on display here!   Autumn is just 2 weeks out from a show at the time of the filming of this video, and before hopping on a boat and riding around the lake, Autumn hops into a tiny bikini to do some muscle posing for you!   See the clip description below and pick up this hot video today!

Description: In ripped “2 weeks out from a show” shape, gorgeous Autumn flexes her flawless and perfect physique by Lake Decatur before she heads out for a ride on the boat. She’s full and vascular, and lean and striated, all at the same time. Peaked biceps are, along with those washboard abs of course, her main calling card. But this time, Autumn also shows off some highly developed quads and calves as well. For a relatively short video, this thing pretty much has all you could ask for…. a PRIME athlete at the top of her game, flexing a world class physique for you! Get it today and show Autumn your support!

Meaty quads, powerful delts and biceps, Autumn is built like a super hero! Click here to go download this hot video today and show Autumn your support!

Autumn is ready to FLEX and pose! Get the awesome new clip today in her Clips Studio!

RIPPED Muscle Posing and Measurements – New Brooke Walker Video Now Available!

Mind blowing muscle! Brooke Walker is the BEST! Get this new video of sexy posing and big muscle measurements, today!

Hey fellas – we’ve got an INCREDIBLE new video now available in the Brooklyn Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!   This time, after Taylor and Katie, it’s Brooke’s turn to do some sexy flexing and posing, followed by some impressive muscle measurements!   Brooke is at the beginning of her prep here, looking rock hard and absolutely huge!   See the clip description below and head over to Brooke’s studio to show your support today!

Description: In 4K video, we’ve got a sPECtacular new video here in the Arkansas Ranger Studio! Brooke in early 2021 getting measurements done by Katie Lee, along with tons of sexy muscle posing like never before! If you love massive biceps, quads, pecs, delts and back, you’ve got to check out TORRY! Always in outstanding shape and conditioning, Brooke poses abs and vascular forearms, biceps, and more, against the black backdrop. These big muscles are exploding with sexy power and no one can flex them quite like Brookey! This is most definitely one that muscle lovers of all types will want to add to their collection today!

Beautiful muscle peaks! Get the new measurements of Brooke Walker today!

Deep cut abs – even when not in contest shape! Brooke is CRAZY HOT!

New MASS MUSCLE Gym Clip of Enormous Taylor Smuck!

Massive arms…. enormous quads. Taylor is a muscle FREAK! Get this amazing new video today!

Hey gang!   There’s a new video today available in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   See the clip description below and don’t miss this great value of a gym clip.   HUGE, powerful, meaty muscle!

Description: Taylor is adding more muscle mass than you can possibly imagine! The size she is putting on is freaky! This latest workout clip from Taylor’s offseason shows incredible gymwork as she trains biceps, triceps, and more. Her quads, even though not being trained here, nearly bust through her leggings as they have gotten so enormous. If you love big meaty muscle girls getting freaky big and strong, look no further than this clip! Nearly 8 minutes for only $5.99 – get it today to show Taylor your support!


Brooke Walker & Guest Quyncee – Chest Day Gym POWER!

Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley is ready to battle Big Brooke on chest day!

A few months ago, Brooklyn Walker was joined by her St. Louis based friend, Quyncee Shockley, for a couple of gym shoots during her stay.  Here is part 1 of their workout videos.  This one is primarily bench press and flys.   Brooke and Quyncee battle it out with huge weights in the gym.  Impressive is one word!   See the clip description below and get this one today to support big Brookie!

Description: It’s CHEST DAY and both girls are putting up some serious weight! Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley joins Torrance Walker in a brutal chest workout, while they are both in a lean offseason shape. Both have outstanding pecs and you’ll see them worked hard in this video. Can the figure competitor keep up with Big Brooke? Get this one today and find out!

Brooke puttin’ up some BIG GIRL weight! Get this impressive chest day video today!

Katie’s MASSIVE BICEPS are Back on the ATTACK! HOT Sweaty Sexy New Video Available!

The most ripped Katie’s abs have been – get this HOT SWEATY clip now!

Biceps Goddess extraordinaire, Katie “024” Lee is back again with Part 4 of her “Power Explosion in Boca Raton” series….   and it just keeps getting better.   Check this one out, folks!   See the description below, and the sample screen shots, and you’ll see why this one is primed to become one of the best selling Katie Lee videos ever!   Show your support by picking up this hot clip today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

Description: Part 4 of 5 – it’s only getting HOTTER and more sweaty as Katie’s workout in Boca Raton gets taken to yet another notch up in intensity and sexiness! The muscles flexing HUGE like never before, glistening in the Florida humidity sweat…. sexy beyond words! Deep cut abs, lean meaty quads, and of course, the world class back, chest, delts, triceps, and BICEPS! The upper body queen of the current generation…. there’s nobody quite like Katie. And these videos just keep getting better and better for a reason… her improvement is beyond words! Get this one today to show your support!

Powerful chest, arms, and more – Katie has it all – get this HOT video today!

Impressive QUADS too! Katie is a female muscle dream!