Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our website, but first…. DO NOT USE Download accelerators, download managers, or web browsers that have such features engaged (Firefox is the biggest culprit).  To successfully download your videos, we recommend using Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge as your browser, and download 1 file at a time.  Opening multiple simultaneous downloads results in the “maximum downloads exceeded” error, and will result in a delay receiving your videos.

If you are having difficulting accessing your content, just click the “My Account” link above and enter your information.  The new system makes it much easier than before!

There is a variety of file types used. Most of the content will be High Definition 720p or 1080p. Some videos will be wmv, some will be MP4, some will be MPEG, and more.  More and more files will be coming in state-of-the-art 4K.  The wmv files will NOT use DRM and therefore should be playable on all computers, including Mac’s using the Flip4Mac plug in. Photo sets are sold as zip files. Download the zip folder, then “unzip” or “extract all files” in your operating system.

No, the big benefit of our site is that you can mix and match clips from the studios of all of our clips partners. Just fill your shopping cart as you navigate the site, then “check out” and you should see all your clips in your cart. Upon purchase via CCBill, you will be provided with the username/password and download link for your clips via email

We use all the payment methods available at – typically credit and debit cards, direct EuroPay, and electronic bank check. We do not accept paypal or cash/money order options at this time. CCBill provides the most safe and secure form of payment processing, and our shopping cart provides the most reliable delivery of product.

As of March 20, 2019, we will also begin accepting PayPal as an option in the Clips Studio for the first time ever!

If your password to your files is shared, or if your downloaded content is posted in a public forum, or is reasonably believed to have been shared, then we reserve the right to terminate your access to the site. We have a no refunds policy, so please check your shopping cart carefully before you complete your purchase.

We are just a store, not the actual producers of the content. If you have specific questions about the content, you’ll need to contact the owners of that content directly by visiting their respective websites.

Please send us an email with a DMCA notice in the subject line to: For information on what to include in a copyright notice, please see this link: