HUGE Katie Lee Video Wraps Up 2021 in Style!

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Big beautiful biceps…. there’s nothing better than to end 2021 on a positive note…..  and that is….  admiring the glory and power that is Katie Lee’s biceps!    In the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio, you’ll find the latest video….. part 4 of her “Katie Demolishes Powerhouse Gym” series.   See the clip description below, and get this amazing new video today.   That is….. if you enjoy huge muscles!

Description: Good news folks! We actually found footage of this 4th clip from our April 2021 shoot with Katie at PHG Maryland. We thought it was gonna be a 3 video series, but now we have PART 4 of Katie’s 2 days of punishing power workouts, this time featuring upper body and looking absolutely massive! As the screenshots show, the muscles are totally bulging and swole to the extreme. Big biceps measuring out at 17″ and proportionate delts, chest, triceps, and more…. there’s no doubt that she turned more than a few heads in the gym that day! In fact, she crushed a few male egos while she was there. They saw Katie posing those massive biceps in the mirror and ran off with their tail between their legs! To round out a great year at HDPhysiques, pop this one into your shopping cart and show Katie some appreciation today!

A back as wide as a house! Get the latest Katie Lee video today!