ALL NEW – Beefnuggette the NEW PRO! Shot Just Days Ago!

Rock hard muscle chest – Nuggy has one of the best! Get her new video as a NEW PRO today!

Here at HDPhysiques.TV, we would like to congratulate long time fan favorite, Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren, on her pro card win at NPC Universe just last weekend.    HOT OFF THE PRESS – we’ve got the first video with Nuggs in pro card winning contest shape!    Go to the Beefnuggette Clips Studio and check out the hot new video today!    See the clip description below –

Description: She FINALLY did it, folks! One of the Fan favorites here at HDPhysiques.TV since 2017, our girl “Beefnuggette” Paige Sandgren finally accomplished her long time dream of becoming an IFBB Pro at last weekend’s NPC Universe in New Jersey. Always a competetive show, you can see how Nuggs showed up large and in charge, and took care of business! This is by far her leanest look, with tremendous muscle shape, amazing size, peaks, and vascularity. She turned pro in WPD, but is also considering putting on tons of size now and competing in FBB. She wants to get over 200 lbs. Currently, she’s a good 175 or so, which is impressive at her height in such crazy ripped conditioning.  This will no doubt become one of your favorite Beefnuggette videos of all time – congrats to her, and congrats to you who purchase this winning clip!

Perfectly peaked, the new Pro, Beefnuggette, is ready to take on the IFBB! Get her new video today!

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UNREAL SIZE! The Ultimate NEW Brooke Video Added as she nears 170 lbs of Rock Hard Muscle!

NEW in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find the latest video in Brooke’s sensational library.   Today’s clip is the 3rd and final part from her epic 2023 upper body gym smash at PHG in Hanover, Maryland.  We had a blast during this shoot, and you’ll see why…. Brooke was large and in charge like never before!   See the clip description below, and get to Brooke’s Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Pumped and VASCULAR even at her biggest offseason size ever! The final video of her 2023 PHG Gym upper body smash, at over 160 lbs, Brooke looks freaky huge and give an absolutely spectacular performance with both heavy lifting and big time flexing! The ultimate treat for fans of gorgeous blondes with enormous muscle. Brooke is a once in a generation specimen and this video totally shows why. If you liked Parts 1 and 2, you’ll definitely dig this one… cuz now she has a CRAZY and ultra-vascular pump from getting in such a great workout. Those muscles are bulging like never before.  Get this incredible video today and show Brooke your support!

OFF THE CHARTS Strength! Get this new video in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Studio, NOW!

The HOTTEST video of an offseason muscle girl hitting huge weights and flexing – get it today in the Brooke Walker clips Studio!


BIG BRI is impressive as she destroys the weight rooms around the STL area in her first round of Studio Shoots – get her new videos today in her new clips studio!

NEW CLIPS STUDIO!   Rising star in the IFBB ranks, the lovely WPD competitor Bri Marshall, kicks off her “Bri Marshall – Big Muscle” Studio with 5 new products!     She’s got 1 awesome photo set, and 4 hot new clips, where she is brutalizing the weights at both American Family Fitness Gym and, Wild Horse Fitness Gym.    Show your support today, and pick up Bri’s clips!    We’ve got lots more on the way, too, so keep checking back as we add more products in the weeks and months ahead.

Check out the Bri Marshall – Big Muscle Clips Studio today!

Beautiful Bri says “hey guys, check out my new clips studio!”

Ready for Some CRAZY CALVES and MUCH MUCH MORE? New Steph K Vid Now Available!

These INSANE calves of Steph K – you can’t get enough of ’em folks – get her latest video today!

A 4K Muscle Attack at the Corner Gym – As Steph K shows off her early summer 2024 form, as she preps for her shows this year.    You won’t believe the size and shape she is building… a pure figure specimen…. with the craziest legs on the planet!    See these sample pics and then head over to the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio and get the latest video today!   See the clip description below.

Description: Steph K has the goods, folks! This is an epic clip in 4K resolution, featuring the Calves Queen in the gym here in mid 2024. She works ALL the great bodyparts and does some up-close posing and flexing! We are talking biceps, quads, back, oh, and of course…. those legendary Steph K Calves! We call it the gym attack because she gets serious in tearing up the Corner Gym, as she preps for her summer 2024 shows.  Pick up this amazing video today and show Steph your support!

The new LONG clip in the Steph Koerber Clips Studio covers BICEPS, calves, quads, and back – you’ll definitely wanna get this one today!

She’s got that PERFECT figure form – wide as a house! Get the new Steph K gym and POSING/FLEXING video, today!

NEW STUDIO ADDED! – Meet Bella The Can Crusher!

Hide the cans! They are not safe around Big Bella! She loves using her strong muscles to crush cans for your pleasure, so take notice! Pick up her new gym workout, posing, and can crushin’ clips in the new Bella The Can Crusher Studio!

Aluminum cans – LOOK OUT!   You’re in trouble if you’re an aluminum can.   Our new muscle model, Bella, is a JAKKED bikini competitor who loves to crush cans in her free time.   In the brand new clips studio, “Bella – The Can Crusher“, you’ll see not only some of her favorite activities like can crushing, but also a wide variety of clips to come, including gym work as you see in the initial 4 clips.   There will be many more styles of clips to come as well.   We also have some photo sets to come and many more surprises that will be sure to please!

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She loves to flex and pose too! Get the new Videos in the “Bella the Can Crusher” Clips Studio today!

This bikini pro is JACKED and loves to flex! Get her new videos today in the NEW “Bella the Can Crusher” Clips Studio!

Retro-Throwback Video – Remastered Shannon Courtney Upper Body Flex-a-thon!

Absolutely HUGE and perfectly PEAKED – get the newly remastered Shannon Courtney video today in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey folks – we’ve got a special RETRO video today – some incredible Shannon Courtney from her Bodybuilding pro card winning weekend.   Posted as a special in the HDPhysiques Clips Studio, you’ll see Shannon at nearly her biggest size, and definitely her most ripped!   At only 22 yrs old in this video, she is truly a special athlete in the history of female muscle!    For much more Shannon, remember to see more of her at as well as!

Description: Raw Power. Shredded Muscle. Striations. Vascular. Veins. Terrifying Strength. Thick, Meaty Chest. Massive Back.  This video is a dream for upper body fans!

Powerful PEAKS! Get the remastered Shannon Courtney video today in the HDP Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

ALL NEW 2024 Nuggs Video – RIPPED and HUGE – from Dragons Lair Gym!

Those MASSIVE guns – it can ONLY be BEEFNUGGETTE – get her new video today!

We’ve got a special treat for you today, folks.   We recently made a trip out to Vegas to shoot some brand new material with fan favorite Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren, as she preps for her bodybuilding shows this summer!    Our recent visit found us checking out the incredible Dragon’s Lair Gym, where she was allowed to destroy one set of weights after another.   Her massive muscle cannot be controlled or contained!   See the clip description below and get this amazing video NOW!

Description: She’s RIPPED and READY! Paper-thin skin shows off tremendous muscle as Nuggs begins her 2024 competitive season, training in the world famous Dragons Lair Gym in LV. If you enjoy eye-popping VEINS and absolutely massive BICEPS and wide ass backs, you’re gonna love this clip folks. She’s aiming for that pro card in 2024 and she is NOT to be denied. Look at this excellence and you’ll no doubt agree.  Show Nuggs your support by adding this one to your shopping cart now!

Back thickness and width – she’s GOT IT! It’s gonna be hard to deny this incredible physique a pro card in 2024! Get this new video to show Nuggs your support!

Both biceps AND triceps get some love in this intense lifting and posing video – Get it today and show Nuggs your love!

WHOA – There’s a NEW Katie Lee Video Available – and It Is IMPRESSIVE!

Still packing tons of size – Cero Dos has the best biceps in the world!

Hey gang – HUGE news – the HUGE BICEPS Queen is back with a brand new video in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!    And wow, is it an arm lovers dream.   Katie is still rocking the 17’s and looking as amazing as ever.   See the clip description below and head over to Katie’s Studio to get the amazing new masterpiece today!

Description: The BICEPS GODDESS is BACK! It’s 2024 and Cero Dos is NOT messing around! Although retired from competitive bodybuilding, Katie continues to build her world class physique and stay in incredible shape year round. Still measuring nearly 17″ her biceps remain among the best in the world and she loves to flex and show them off for her fans here at HDPhysiques TV and PremiumPhysiques. Cero Dos looks like she’s been “upping the dosages” as those biceps are peaked with power like never before! Plus, you’ll notice how her delts, chest, and back width have all continued to grow.   Simply a massive powerhouse of a woman, at POWERHOUES Gym…. what more can you ask for!   Get this amazing video today and show Katie your support!

Arms clocking in at 17″ – Dos has it all, folks! Get the new Katie Lee videos today!

That smirk of confidence makes the muscles even hotter! GET the new Katie Lee video today!

Part 2 of Brooke’s Massive Upper Body Muscle Blast Now Available!

Massive muscle! Brooke’s powerful back and chest, and huge arms, all get hit during this newest video in her clips studio. Get it today!

In the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, we have part 2 available (3 is yet to come!) of Brooke’s Massive Muscle Blast at Powerhouse Gym, MD.   As her studio continues to grow, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection and see how Brooke looks at her absolute BIGGEST size!   Her offseason, though, is not like others….. she’s not only HUGE, but still maintains vascularity, rock hard abs, and an overall lean look, despite being so massive!    Very rare for a WPD Pro.   Head over to Brooke’s Studio and grab this amazing new video today!

Description: Over 160 lbs of KICK ASS, ready to take over PHG-MD. Good ole Torry kicks it up a notch in this video, folks. Part 2 of 3, of this epic upper body blast is a sight to see! Busting out of her cute orange top, you cannot hope to contain these huge muscles! We love seeing Brookie at this massive off-season size, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. She loves to flex and show off her ultra-muscular physique at this size, and is proud of the size she has managed to put on.  Get this video today and you’ll see why!

Simply JACKED and HUGE! Brooke’s newest video is amazing – get it today!

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A Super Sexy 4K Calves Masterpiece Featuring Steph K is Now Available!

Tall, muscular, and sexy! Get the hot new Steph K video today!

HOT MUSCLE!   With a sexy outfit and sexy posing skills, the new video in the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Studio, is SURE to please!   Shot very recently, you’ll see a near-contest shape Steph flexing her picture-perfect physique with a great smile and beautiful looks, in a sexy one-piece outfit in the posing room at the gym.  See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today!

Description: In a super sexy one-piece, the calves phenom and top IFBB Figure Pro, Steph K, poses with muscular authority and elegance. In 4K video, this stunner shows off her powerful physique and flexes all the key muscle groups, and looks phenomenal while doing so. This physique will drive ya wild, and of course, especially fans of those world class calves.  Steph continues to get better and better and it’s a joy watching her transform into one of the best in the sport!   Get this amazing new video today and you’ll see what we mean!

MONSTER calves! Get the latest Steph K video today and be blown away!

Rock hard calves, a near-contest shape physique, and phenomenal muscle posing – get the amazing new video today!