2 AMAZING New Videos of Brooke & Guest Rachael Loftis in Brooke’s Clips Studio!

Incredible female muscle! Get Rachael and Brooke dueling it out in the gym today in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio!

Hey gang – not one, but rather TWO (2) incredible new videos added today in the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio!   This time, Brookey is joined by the sensational IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Rachael Loftis, as the two girls begin their prep for their respective physique competitions in May 2019.   Remember, by purchasing these clips, you are directly supporting these girls and their dreams of elite physique competition – so, believe me, they appreciate you showing your support by picking up these clips!  See the description below, and head over to Brooke’s Studio to get these 2 new awesome vids!

Description (of clip 2): Brooke and Rachael continue to challenge each other in the gym! Here, they are pushing to the extreme, powering thru big weights in the gym. Rachael’s quads are absolutely ENORMOUS! Then, Brooke’s amazing biceps and vascularity nearly pops thru her skin as our cameras are in awe of this immaculate physique! Brooke and Rachael make a great pair in the gym, and this visually stunning masterpiece will be one that leaves you jaw dropped. The hottest girls in female muscle, exclusively at HDPhysiques.TV!

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This epic shot is from this shoot with Rachael Loftis – Get these HOT videos in Brooke’s Clips Studio today!

Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio – The LATEST Ultra Ripped Muscle Vid!

Ultra-ripped chest, delts, and arms – Katie Lee in supremely ripped contest-shape!

Hey gang, if you’re ready for some supreme muscle power, head over to the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio for the final installment of the “Huge Muscles in the HOT Chicago Sun” series from her 2nd season as an IFBB Pro.   See the clip description below, and then show Katie some support by picking up this new clip!

Description: The final installment of the legendary Katie Lee at the Chicago Pro during her 2nd season as an IFBB Pro, is quite amazing, folks. What else can we say – super ripped contest shape of one of the biggest most muscular girls on the scene today – you can’t get much better than this! Rock hard, well-sculpted muscle, getting all hot and sweaty in the sun and summer heat. America’s favorite muscular red head has got it all, folks – Get this hot one today!

BAM!!! Katie Lee is rock solid and on point – Get this hot new video today – click here!

SPECIAL RELEASE! Shannon Courtney Best of Tampa 2013 – MASSIVE!

MAJOR BEEF! Look at that vascularity in that ripped, shredded, and HUGE Biceps – Get the NEW Shannon Courtney “Best of” Video today!

TOTALLY RIPPED, Shredded, MASSIVE, and Powerful!   We’ve got a special release today of one of the greatest female bodybuilders in the past 30 years, the super gorgeous and outrageously muscular Shannon Courtney!   In the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, you’ll find the newest video in our “Best of Shannon Courtney” series, from the 2013 Tampa Pro Weekend – her only pro show that she ever competed in before retiring.   See the clip description below, and head to Shannon’s studio to get this amazing video now!

Description: At her MOST MASSIVE and MOST RIPPED – Shannon Courtney, on the weekend of the 2013 Tampa Pro, her only appearance as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, and coming just 2 weeks after her win at the 2013 NPC USA Championships. Shannon Courtney is perhaps the most popular bodybuilder of our generation, whose career was all too short. With nearly 17″ biceps, 26″ quads, and packing on tons of muscle everywhere, Shannon shows off her rock hard physique like never before. Remastered in 1080p, with software video stabilization enhancements, this footage is now better than ever, with the clips now packaged together as a full length feature download at over 7 minutes. Collectors of HOT female muscle will be sure to grab this one to add to their vault today!

MASSIVE and RIPPED! Get the new Shannon Courtney Video today! – The Best of 2013 in Tampa!

MASSIVE PEAKS – Pick up the new Shannon compilation video – The Best of Shannon in Tampa 2013 – NOW in her Clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

NEW VID: Hailey Delf – BIG BICEPS, Legs & Perfect Posing!

Those arms are gettin insane, folks! Get the new Hailey Delf Video today!

Hailey Delf has a brand new video and she is getting MASSIVE, folks!   All-new mind-blowing, jaw dropping muscle!  See the clip description below, and then head to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek – Hailey Delf” Clips Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: The PEAK FREAK is back, folks! Hailey Delf delivers a brand new mass muscle workout of her gorgeous and newly muscled, powerful legs. Not only does she show you her intense workout for quads and calves, but she also does lots of quality posing, too, showing off her entire physique. Those big biceps peaks explode with power, and her ripped, thick and strong chest looks massive with a pump. This is possibly the most exciting Hailey Delf video yet, and one that you’ll definitely be appreciating – get this hot one today, folks!

Boulder shoulders and thick powerful biceps – get this hot new video today!

These calves are razor sharp and totally sexy – get this hot video now by clicking here!

Those big strong quads are not to be messed with! Get this thrilling flexin and muscle pumping video now!


Annie G joins Brooke for some sexy poolside posing. Get this amazing new video today – Brooke is RIPPED!

NEW VIDEO – Ready for some HEAT? As summer approaches, the temp warms up and so do our videos! Brooklyn T. Walker needs to chill by the pool to cool down those sizzlin’ hot muscles! In her new video, in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, Brooke is joined by her muscley friend, Anneth Gunshow, for some amazing sexy flexing. See the clips description below, and get this new video today!

Description: In a super sexy tiny bikini, Brooklyn T. Walker poses by the pool, and is joined by her friend, Anneth Gunshow! This is non-stop muscle flexing action. Brooke is massive and vascular beyond words in the hot sun. Perfectly tanned, and glistening water on her skin in the sun, this video is stunning like never before. Annie jumps in with Brooke and they compare quads, biceps, and more, and Annie shows off her excellent V-taper physique. Get this hot one today, just in time for summer!

Vascular and chiseled! Brooke is waiting for you by the pool!

Annie and Brooke having fun by the pool, showing off their hard-earned muscle! Show your support and pick up this HOT video today!

RIPPED Female Muscle – New Dana Shemesh Video in the HDP Studio!

HUGE and Powerful – get the new video of Dana Shemesh in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey gang, we had some special requests for our latest model on the members site (Dana Shemesh), to be featured here at HDPhysiques.TV with a download of all the video from that shoot.  So, here you go!   Now available in the HDPhysiuqes Clips Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, you’ll find our late April  2019 shoot with Israeli Physique Pro, Dana Shemesh.  Get it today – it’s a hot one!

Description: Shot in late April 2019 at St. Louis’ Famous Union Station, the venue of the 2019 STL Pro Show (sponsored by HDPhysiques.com), Womens Physique Pro, and the only Israeli female pro, Dana Shemesh, shows off her hard work in impressive fashion outside by the lake. Her perfect posing and muscle display will be appreciated by all fans of female muscle. Her biceps are huge, quads are deeply cut and ripped, and she of course, has contest shape ripped abs. She ended up in the top 10 in an ultra-competitive lineup, showing you exactly why she is now considered among the best physique women in the world! Get this amazing clip today if you like big, beautiful, ripped muscle girls!

We’ve had special requests for a LONG video of Dana Shemesh – here it is! Get it today in the HDPhysiques Studio!


ALL NEW Beefnuggette Major Gym Work Video Added!

Look at those massive shoulders and biceps – get Paige Sandgren’s NEWEST video today – click here for massive muscle!

Big ole Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren is back again with a thrillin’ NEW video in her “Beefnuggette’s Clip Studio“.   You guys are gonna love this one…. she’s in a thick and powerful, but hard, offseason shape.  And she is ready to whoop some ass in the gym.  See the clips description below and show your support for Paige by adding this amazing new video to your collection!

Description: GETTING MASSIVE! The amazing Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren is back with another gym clip from Wild Horse Fitness in Ballwin MO. This time, she is having a blast with Christine Bashara, who is video taping her train legs and biceps. Paige is about to EXPLODE with power! Her biceps and triceps have never been bigger, and she flexes those big powerful quads with the famous “quad flap”. Paige is a savage in the gym, and you’ll love seeing her power in this impressive clip. Show your support to “Nuggy” and get this hot video today! INCLUDES a biceps measurement at the end!

The ultimate powerful muscle girl – get Paige’s new video today!

SEXY New Gym Video of Christine Moyer & Kayleigh Padilla!

Head over to the Christine Moyer Studio to get this latest video of Christine with Kayleigh Padilla, smashing huge weights in the gym!

Fans of hot and sexy muscle girls are going to LOVE the new video added to the Christine Moyer Clips Studio!  See the clip description below and head over there to get this new video today!

Description: The final clip of the “Quartet of Muscle” Series is finally here! (See the Jordan Hartsell and Brooke Walker studio for more!). In this video, Kayleigh Padilla joins Christine “C-Mo” Moyer for some sexy workout footage from Wild Horse Fitness. Christine, of course, known for her legendary legs, and Padilla, known for her hot glutes and bountiful biceps…. these 2 look absolutely awesome in the gym. Two young and sexy muscle hotties, it doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

These legs are among the best in the business – click here to get the latest Christine Moyer power-packed video!

Jordan Hartsell – NEW Video of EXTREME Gym Power!

Jordan has some impressively massive biceps! Head to her studio by clicking here and pick up this great new clip!

In the Jordan Hartsell Clips Studio, you’ll find a new video, the 2nd of hers from our famous 2018 “Quartet of Muscle” series, featuring Jordan, Kayleigh Padilla, Christine Moyer, & Brooklyn T. Walker.  In this one, Jordan is joined by the cute and sexy Kayleigh Padilla, and these 2 girls throw around a shit-load of weight at Wild Horse Gym.  Check out the clip description below and get this hot one today!

Description: Part 2 of Jordan Hartsell during the “Quartet of Muscle” shoot from mid-2018, and also featuring Kayleigh Padilla! Jordan is BIG and meaty and throws around serious weight in the gym in this video. First working those incredible biceps, then followed by Kayleigh and her triceps, finally Jordan works chest and delts, and legs! Her quads are massive! If you love off-season mass and extreme power, this is a clip you MUST get today!

Fellow Physique Pro, Kayleigh Padilla, joins Jordan in this amazing new clip – get it today!

NEW Ultra-powerful Video of Brooklyn Walker at Fit Nation Gym!

Look at those crazy legs! And of course, delts so big she can’t fit thru most doors! Get this new video today in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

The ULTIMATE in strong female muscle!  Check out the newest video that Brooke Walker just added to her “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio.   Brooke is already off to her best ever start for her competitive season, finishing 2nd this past weekend at the 2019 HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship, part of the 1st Phorm STL Pro Weekend.   See the clip description below, and pick up this new video to show your support of our dear Brookey!

Description: Brooklyn shows off her award winning physique in January 2019 at Fit Nation Gym. Katie Lee shot this amazing footage of Brooke on the newest HDPhysiques Gimbal for amazing smooth and professional quality. Brooke trains hamstrings, then triceps, and more. Brooke is training here for her tremendous return to the stage and let me tell you, she’s looking big, strong, sexy, and well, literally perfect. Her biceps are bigger than ever, and those deep cut abs sure haven’t gone anywhere. Fans of female muscle in it’s most perfect form will surely love this video!

Biceps and so much more! Get this thrilling video now in the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and show your support!