NEW Ultra-powerful Video of Brooklyn Walker at Fit Nation Gym!

Look at those crazy legs! And of course, delts so big she can’t fit thru most doors! Get this new video today in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

The ULTIMATE in strong female muscle!  Check out the newest video that Brooke Walker just added to her “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio.   Brooke is already off to her best ever start for her competitive season, finishing 2nd this past weekend at the 2019 HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship, part of the 1st Phorm STL Pro Weekend.   See the clip description below, and pick up this new video to show your support of our dear Brookey!

Description: Brooklyn shows off her award winning physique in January 2019 at Fit Nation Gym. Katie Lee shot this amazing footage of Brooke on the newest HDPhysiques Gimbal for amazing smooth and professional quality. Brooke trains hamstrings, then triceps, and more. Brooke is training here for her tremendous return to the stage and let me tell you, she’s looking big, strong, sexy, and well, literally perfect. Her biceps are bigger than ever, and those deep cut abs sure haven’t gone anywhere. Fans of female muscle in it’s most perfect form will surely love this video!

Biceps and so much more! Get this thrilling video now in the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and show your support!

FREAKY AF New Jill Diorio Ultra-Shredded Video Added!

Look at those FREAKY QUAD Striations! Get this hot video today – click here to go to Jill’s Studio!

Maybe the CRAZIEST Video on the site!  We are talking ripped, shredded, vascular, and just plain INSANE, like never before!   Jill Diorio, in the “Jill Diorio – Calves Galore” Clips Studio, has a new one that will shock you and leave your jaw on the floor!  We are just gonna copy and paste the description below and let you rush over to her studio and pick it up!

Description: THIS IS UNREAL!!! In FULL HD 1080p, this new Jill Diorio video is most likely the most ripped you’ve ever seen a pair of female legs. And we are not even joking, folks. Think of all the words… dry, grainy, vascular, shredded, ripped, striated, etc… we could go on and on… but the point is, this is perhaps the most extreme that you’ve ever seen this already extreme athlete. Jill’s explosive muscle power is popping thru her skin in this video. She doesn’t even look HUMAN! Ripped Beyond Recognition is the perfect title for this clip. If you like your muscle girls ripped, this one is a no-brainer, folks – get this IMMEDIATELY!

Doesn’t get anymore ripped than that! Get this hot vid now – click here!

Don’t worry, upper body fans, there’s plenty of upper body muscle on display in this clip too! You can show off a lot in 10 minutes!

NEW Video by the Peak FREAK of Physique – Hailey Delf!

Hailey always says Biceps are best served up with a smile! Get this awesome new video now!

Fans of HUGE BICEPS will love the newest video added today in the Hailey Delf – Peak Freak of Fizeek Clips Studio!  See the clip description below, and head over to Hailey’s studio to show your support for this gorgeous women with HUGE biceps!

Description from page:  “Fans of MASSIVE biceps will LOVE this 2nd part of Hailey’s Biceps Blast in Omaha! Shot the weekend of the 2018 Omaha Pro, Hailey is simply massive here – nearly 170 lbs at 5 foot 3 inches tall at the time of this shoot. She does crazy amounts of weights in the gym, pushing those massive arms to the extreme. Never before have we seen such amazing offseason growth, as the the “Peak Freak of Figure” has turned into the “Peak Freak of Fizeek!”. Support Hailey’s efforts to return to the stage MUCH HUGER in 2019 by purchasing this HOT muscle clip today!”

All business when it comes to training – Hailey is turning into a huge mass monster beast of female muscle! Get this hot video RIGHT NOW, folks!

Katie’s CRAZY Biceps!!! More Ripped and Powerful than Ever!

Look at that RIPPED pec power! Click here to go to Katie’s Studio and get this HOT new video now!

Amazing NEW VIDEO now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!   Show your support and pick up this new video today and see the description below!

Description: Katie Lee in RIPPED contest shape is a sight to behold, folks! Katie-crazed fans, this is one that you’re not gonna believe! Of particular note in this video, is Katie’s enormous back…full of deep thick muscle. Of course, it also features her amazing arms… biceps and triceps that are thicker and more powerful than ever! Of course, those powerful peaks are mountainous as usual… but seeing them in such ripped shape never EVER gets old! This video is pure excitement and sex appeal. If you’re a fan of muscle girls at their BIGGEST and leanest – this is one that you MUST add to your collection immediately!

SUPER Vascularity – NEW Brooke Walker Video Added!

Tremendous biceps power – check out Brooke’s newest video today!

Ultimate hardbody female muscle – Brooke Walker is back with a new clip in the “Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio, where she’s joined by guest star, Kayleigh Padilla from our famous 2018 “Quartet of Muscle” Shoot.   See the clip description below, and get this amazing video today!

Description: Phenomenal RIPPED Muscle! Brooke is looking insane in this 3rd clip of the famous 2018 “Quartet of Muscle” shoot from Wild Horse Fitness in STL. Her tremendous vascularity is popping in this video, folks! Also, special guest, fellow IFBB Pro Kayleigh Padilla makes an appearance and blasts some biceps with Brookey! These 2 gorgeous Arkansas girls smash weights then flex and pose like no other. If you’re a fan of beautiful women with muscle, look no further than this amazing clip!

Tough as nails! Click here to get powerful Brooklyn’s newest video! Biceps – BOOM!

NEW VIDEO in the Tara Suzanne Studio – Upper Body Blast at Fit Nation!

Get the new clip of Tara Suzanne at Fit Nation in Norwalk, CA! If you get this and 2 others from Fit Nation, you can get some freebies! See the details of our “March Madness” promos below!

Today, we’ve got a new video featured in the Tara Suzanne Clips Studio!  Tara, looking as gorgeous as ever, is at Fit Nation in California and preparing here to enter her first IFBB Figure show, after having turned pro in Physique in 2014.   Check out her progress here and show your support!

Description: Tara Suzanne giving her whole physique a workout and a makeover as she attempts to come back from a 4 year layoff! Hitting the gym with Katie Lee and Brooklyn T. Walker on the recent HDPhysiques trip to LA for the Fit Expo, Tara trains biceps, triceps and delts, and mixes in PLENTY of hot posing, like only she can do! One of the all-time prettiest physique girls, comes roaring back as a figure girl… you gotta see it, folks!

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BICEPS EXPLOSION! Autumn Swansen is Back with a NEW Clip!

Head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio and get this amazing NEW video today!

An ALL NEW video now available in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio – and folks, you’re not gonna believe this one!  See the clips description below and ADD this one to your cart immediately!  Plus, please see the blog post at about our current PROMOTIONS running – SAVE BIG and get more female muscle delivered today!

Description: Autumns HUGE Biceps are about to explode, folks! You’ve never seen a pump, until you’ve seen this video – this is insane! In ripped shape before the Olympia, Autumn heads to her gym in Decatur IL and absolutely destroys upper body, and as the final part of this 4 part “Fierce Gym Work” Series, Autumn demolishes biceps and triceps like we’ve never seen before. By the time she’s done, she can barely flex because they have such a huge powerful pump. If you’re a fan of gorgeous women with amazing upper body strength – you MUST add this one to your cart right now!

Take advantage of the HUGE savings with our March Madness Promo – and get the new Autumn Swansen video today!

Hailey Delf the PEAK FREAK Monster – HOT NEW CLIP Available!

Biceps? Yep, she’s got ’em! Get this HOT new video now and see these incredible peaks of power!

All we can say is WOW – this new clip is UNREAL hot! If you’re into massive muscle, Hailey is getting the job done, folks.  She’s put on so much muscle this offseason, she’s going to shock the world when she shows up at the 2019 STL Pro Show!  See the clip description below and head over to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek – Hailey Delf” Clips Studio and support this amazing young lady today!

Description: Putting on CRAZY amounts of muscle mass, Hailey is unreal in this video, folks! As she prepares for her 2019 competitive season, making her Women’s Physique debut, she’s already proving that she belongs with the biggest and the best. Of course, this video highlights her INSANE biceps! But you’ll also notice particular improvements all around – delts, triceps, back, and Oh MY – those glutes and quads. Yep… this upper body queen is now becoming known for her lower body just as much and you’ll see why in this stunningly hot video. The perfect mix of gym work, posing, and sex appeal – Hailey is coming STRONG in 2019!

Delf puttin’ in the work – get the new video today on the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio!

INCREDIBLE New Jill Diorio MEGA Vascular Video – Now Available!

Outrageously ripped! You’ll love this incredible video now available in the Jill Diorio “Calves Galore” Clips Studio!

HOLY SMOKES, FOLKS!   For the freakiest of the freaky, head over to the “Jill Diorio – Calves Galore” Clips Studio for some INSANE vascularity, and ultra-shredded muscle!   Nobody brings the conditioning quite like Jill, and this video is 100% proof of that.  She’s got everything, folks…. obviously she’s known for her crazy legs… but fans of upper bodies will love this one too.  Head to Jill’s Studio to get this clip now – and see the description below!

Description: Jill in contest shape – there’s only one word that comes to mind – FREAKY! Possibly the most vascular female muscle competitor we’ve ever seen in ANY decade… this video is sure to leave you jaw-dropped. Obviously she is already well known for her LEGendary calves, quads, and hammies, but this video also shows off how truly impressive and RIPPED her upper body is. If you’re a fan of arms, particularly big meaty forearms with veins running everywhere… this video will please you just as much as it will the leg fans! So…add this one to your shopping cart immediately and be prepared to be wowed!

Fans of upper body will LOVE this clip too – look at that crazy ripped chest, and those veiny & powerful forearms!

Like we said – she’s got the upper body too! Look at those impressive ripped arms! Get this hot video today in Jill’s “Calves Galore” Clips Studio!

Outstanding NEW Katie Lee Massive Biceps Video Added!

This video is HOT and has something for all fans of female muscle – as Katie is one of the best in the world today!

Hey fellas – get a load of the NEW Katie Lee Outdoor muscle flexing video in contest shape!   Now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio, this one is one that you WILL NOT ever forget!  Katie at her leanest conditioning ever – this one must be seen to be believed.   See the clip description below and get this HOT ONE today!

Description: During one of her summer shows, Katie Lee is in absolutely insane, ripped, huge powerful shape! With a perfect tan to show off the deep details of those sexy muscles, Katie flexes as hard as she ever has, and those muscles are just popping everywhere… not to mention that insane vascularity! Katie is an anatomy chart! Unreal peak power at its best – Get this sizzlin’ summertime video today!