We’ve got a SPECIAL UPDATE today – 2 New Clips – Beefnuggette & Jill Diorio!

Nuggy's crazy powerful upper body and chest - get this hot video now - click here!

Nuggy’s crazy powerful upper body and chest – get this hot video now – click here!

Talk about crazy freaky physiques!  Today’s update has 2 new clips of girls that you will find absolutely irresistable.   First up, there’s a new clip in the Beefnuggette Studio where she’s into part 1 of her contest prep.  It’s awesome – she’s already super lean – and is going to be a freak on stage in June.   Second, we have an upper body workout of the sensational calves queen, Jill Diorio!   See the descriptions below!

Description: Hey folks – we SURE are glad that you like Beefnuggette – because we have lots of great images and vids to come as she leans out for her summer shows… and this is just part 1! She’s looking absolutely huge – those softball sized biceps pumping with power. Her thick meaty back and chest have never looked more powerful. This is a MUST GET for fans of the big girls. Beefnuggette is bringin her A game in 2018!

Description: Jill takes an offseason day to film an upper body workout that is CRAZY strong and ridiculous. The funny thing is, due to her absolutely ridiculous mind-blowing calves, her upper body is often overlooked… but it’s actually among the best in Women’s Physique as well. Remember, Jill qualified for the Olympia last year… so in order to do that, you gotta be pretty much perfect and well balanced. She is always shredded… so if that is your thing, then you’re bound to enjoy this video! Show your support today and pick this one up, folks!