Shot Just 2 Days Ago – Brooke Walker – In Her Own Words!

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From just days ago at the 2021 NPC Midwest Workshop, Brooke was a featured guest speaker and posing artist at the Seminar, and wowed the audience with her amazing phsyique and interesting story.   While most videos are strictly posing and flexing vids, this one gives you a unique look into Brooke’s background, her personality, and her dedication to her sport.  Head over to the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and show your support today!

Description: The “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle” recently qualified for the Olympia, and was asked to come speak at the 2021 NPC Midwest Workshop, held in late August at Wild Horse Fitness in STL. Brooke tells her unique story, shares some advice, and then performs some example physique posing for the audience, as NPC Midwest Chairman Jack Titone takes Brooke thru a posing sequence. Brooke’s complete physique wowed the audience, as she educated the new competitors on how to properly present a physique. Obviously, while she tells her story to the crowd, her biceps and delts look crazy HUGE, as she’s just 6 weeks away from her Olympia debut! Get a copy of this unique video today and show Brooke your support!

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RIPPED Muscle Posing and Measurements – New Brooke Walker Video Now Available!

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Hey fellas – we’ve got an INCREDIBLE new video now available in the Brooklyn Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!   This time, after Taylor and Katie, it’s Brooke’s turn to do some sexy flexing and posing, followed by some impressive muscle measurements!   Brooke is at the beginning of her prep here, looking rock hard and absolutely huge!   See the clip description below and head over to Brooke’s studio to show your support today!

Description: In 4K video, we’ve got a sPECtacular new video here in the Arkansas Ranger Studio! Brooke in early 2021 getting measurements done by Katie Lee, along with tons of sexy muscle posing like never before! If you love massive biceps, quads, pecs, delts and back, you’ve got to check out TORRY! Always in outstanding shape and conditioning, Brooke poses abs and vascular forearms, biceps, and more, against the black backdrop. These big muscles are exploding with sexy power and no one can flex them quite like Brookey! This is most definitely one that muscle lovers of all types will want to add to their collection today!

Beautiful muscle peaks! Get the new measurements of Brooke Walker today!

Deep cut abs – even when not in contest shape! Brooke is CRAZY HOT!

New MASS MUSCLE Gym Clip of Enormous Taylor Smuck!

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Hey gang!   There’s a new video today available in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   See the clip description below and don’t miss this great value of a gym clip.   HUGE, powerful, meaty muscle!

Description: Taylor is adding more muscle mass than you can possibly imagine! The size she is putting on is freaky! This latest workout clip from Taylor’s offseason shows incredible gymwork as she trains biceps, triceps, and more. Her quads, even though not being trained here, nearly bust through her leggings as they have gotten so enormous. If you love big meaty muscle girls getting freaky big and strong, look no further than this clip! Nearly 8 minutes for only $5.99 – get it today to show Taylor your support!


ALL NEW Video of Lean and SEXY Brooke Walker in 4K Video Added to Her Clips Store!

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Hey folks – it’s a great day at HDPhysiques.TV – we’ve got a stellar new video of the gorgeous and super strong, Brooke Walker, available now in her Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio.   This one features Brooke in phenomenal shape and BIG, as she powers through an offseason workout with crazy intensity.   See the clips description below and then head over to Brooke’s Studio to get this one today!

Description: Part 2 of Brooke’s epic Christmas time workout at the Dungeon is FILLED full of massive muscle posing and tons of incredible gym strength. Offered in 4K resolution and shot with the world famous HDPhysiques Gimbal, you KNOW the quality of this one is going to blow you out of the water! Fans of all muscle groups, as usual, will be pleased with this COMPLETE Physique! One of her many nicknames is “Literally Perfect”, given to her by fellow competitors… and here is your chance to see why! Get this hot video today!

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Brooklyn T. Walker – POWERFUL Pecs & Biceps – NEW VID Now Available!

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We’ve got an incredible new video of Brooke in great shape – shot in 4K video stunning resolution with the smooth buttery gimbal – check out this amazing new video in the Brooklyn T. Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!    See the clip description below and go get this hot new video NOW!

Description: Massive Gym Work Explosion! Brooke puts on an upper body bonanza here as she pounds some serious weights at Wildhorse Gym in STL. She crushes biceps, chest, and more, and poses her sexy upper body in a way like no other! Presented in high 4K resolution, and shot with the HDPhysiques gimbal, you’ll be completely satisfied with the quality and excitement of this video. Brooke is the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle – get this one now!

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CLASSIC HDPhysiques – Dee Harvick Compilation from Miami Beach!

Dee Harvick in her prime – one of the hottest HDP models ever! Get this hot beach compilation now – click here!

One of the hottest muscular sensation from the 2000’s, Dee Harvick, was a special bodybuilder, and would’ve made a great Women’s Physique competitor, had that class been around when she competed.  During the earlier days of HDPhysiques (2006-2009), we shot with her several times, and this compilation from her last shoot with us in November 2009, was a special one to remember.  See the new video description below, and head to the HDPhysiques Clips Studio to add this one to your collection today!

Description: The sensational Light heavyweight bodybuilder, Dee Harvick, from her last show – 2009 at Nationals in Miami! This beach shoot is beyond sexy, as Dee, one of the hottest competitors of the late 2000’s, poses her sexy physique like never before. This compilation from Miami Beach shows off Dee at her finest – amazing abs, lucious legs, glorious glutes, and bouncing biceps! Get this today and enjoy some classic HDPhysiques!

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Katie Lee – NEW VIDEO of SUPREME Outdoor Flexing!

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The great Katie Lee is BACK with a new clip flexing in the hot Chicago sun!  This one will leave you amazed and impressed, folks!  See the clips description below, and then head over to the “Katie Lee’s – Peak Power” Clips Studio and get this amazing video today!

Description: If you’re in the mood for some massive muscles in the hot Chicago sun… you’re gonna love this new video of Katie “024” Lee in a posing and flexing masterpiece! In ripped contest shape, these biceps peaks have never been bigger and more powerful! Shot by Hannah Ross, she gets up close for some incredible muscle blasting action – those biceps peaks and massive back and chest just exploding with every flex. Katie is perhaps at her biggest and best in this clip and her muscles, with contest tan, are just out of control – get this hot video today if you’re a true connoisseur of female muscle.

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BIG MUSCLE Action! New LONG Video in the Brooke Walker Studio Now Available!

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AMAZING New lengthy video now available in the Brooklyn T. Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio!   You guys are going to absolutely love this one.   This is part 2 of our big Wildhorse Gym Shoot in late 2018, where Brooke is probably at the maximum of her offseason muscle size.   I’m just going to let the clip description below tell you the rest!  Head over to Brooke’s Studio and get it today to show your support!

Description: This one is a visual stunner, folks! Brooklyn T Walker packing on some serious muscle in a lengthy gym video, with amazing up-close footage, and gorgeous stabilized footage thanks to the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace and Harmony! If you love big, full, vascular biceps, deep cut abs, big powerful quads, and huge capped delts, this is a video that you’ll never forget. Brookly “Torrance” Walker is one of the most gorgeous young physique girls on the scene today, and this video drives that point home MOST convincingly! Get this hot video today, you won’t regret it!

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Tremendous New Power Video of Carli Terepka and Her Massive Muscles!

Big, meaty Carli is ready for action in the Dungeon – get this hot new video today!

HOT NEW Mass Muscle Video of a Thick & Meaty Offseason Carli Terepka – looking big BUFF and beautiful!   In an all new video in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio, you’ll see Carli powering thru some big weights from the Dungeon Gym in STL MO.  See the clip description below and head to Carli’s Studio to get this hot new video today!

Description: Carli fans are gonna love seeing this! At her biggest off-season size ever, her muscles are exploding with power! So, she takes us to the Dungeon gym in STL to train some back and biceps, and mix in plenty of flexing! Sporting some sexy Arkeo leggings and a sports bra, Carli pumps up her powerful back, and looks wider than ever before. Then, when she switches to biceps, those bad boys are just wanting to pop right out of her skin! One of America’s cutest muscle girls, even when offseason, has so much to offer! If you’re a fan of super strength and big meaty muscle, this video is a must get, immediately!

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INCREDIBLE New Hailey Delf Extreme Strength Video Added!

Big guns is just part of the story – wait til she busts out the 80 lbs for shoulder presses! Get this HOT HAILEY clip today!

A beautiful muscle girl doing 80 lb dumb bells?  GET OUT OF HERE!   Yep, the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Hailey Delf has a NEW VIDEO in her Hailey Delf Clips Studio.   See the description below, and pick up this super impressive muscle girl video today!

Description: It’s chest day, and Hailey is ready to power through some big time weight at the gym. We are calling her “America’s fastest growing muscle girl”… because as you’ll see here, she continues to pack on the muscle like no other. Hell, before she competes in Physique, she may be ready for the BODYBUILDING stage, folks! This extra powerful gym work (80 lb dumb bells!!! HOLY SHIT!) has plenty of posing and flexing mixed in as well. You KNOW she likes showing off all that hard-earned muscle. Shot with a steady-stabilizing gimbal, you can really see how impressive this young lady is becoming! She LOVES muscle – and so do you!  Get this one now!

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