These massive meat-grinders are powering thru the weights at Wild Horse. Get the hot new BEEFNUGGETTE video today!

Hey fellas – we wanted to hurry up and get the 2nd Beefnuggette video out right away, since we understand how hugely popular these new vids are after a 4 year absence from Beefnuggette.    She just finished 3rd in the Open Womens HW Division at the 2022 North Americans Championships.   See the clip description below, and head over to Beefnuggette’s Clips Store to get this amazing new LEG DAY video right now!

Description: MASSIVE FBB Legs! It’s time to train legs for Nuggy, and once again at Wild Horse Fitness, she slays in the gym! Having just finished top 3 at the IFBB North Americans in female bodybuilding heavyweight class, Paige is ready to crush some weight at the Horse. Lean conditioning, combined with her biggest ever muscle size, creates one hell of a HOT video for her HDPhysiques.TV fans! At the end, she also mixed in a little more chest action since the last video was so popular!  She definitely has one of the best developed chest in the female muscle sports. Sexy female muscle – this is where it’s at, folks – get this awesome new clip today!

‘Nuggs has the beautiful calves too! Big, Diamond-shaped rock hard calves – get the hot new video today!

Some of the strongest legs on the planet! Get them today in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

Carli the MASS MONSTER is Back – HOT NEW VIDEO Now Availalbe!

This new clip includes PLENTY of hot legs action! Carli has hangin’ hams, meaty quads, and diamond calves – can’t beat it! Get this hot new video today!

Fans of scorching hot blonde muscle will no doubt enjoy today’s update in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio!    Carli just added the 2nd and final installment of her Summer 2022 Gym Blast at Wild Horse Fitness during her St. Louis Trip in June.   See the clip description below, and head to Carli’s Studio to get today’s phenomenal new 4K Clip!   Amazing muscle and picture quality!

Description: BOOM! Part 2 is finally here! The Summer of 2022 and Carli is at her BIGGEST SIZE of all time! Part 2 of her fabulous day at Wild Horse Fitness shows that the first video was JUST getting started. If you prefer muscles HUGE and pumped… this video is for you! Presented in stunning 4K picture quality, Carli is once again wearing her Olympia sports bra to show off her huge muscles bulging and flexing with supreme power. Again, the screenshots tell the story – Carli was not playing around when it came time to throw around some weights and get pumped. Fans of sexy blonde muscle – this is for YOU!  Add this one to your shopping cart today!

Carli has one of the most powerful chests in the WPD ranks – get today’s video and see why!

The QUADDESS has arrived! Today’s video gives plenty of attention to Carli’s sexy quads and calves!

NEW Carli Terepka LEG Feature – Now Available – Monster QUADS & Calves!

Those calves are from another planet! Get this hot new video today in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio!

Hey fellas, you’re gonna love the new video released today in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio, featuring some contest shape ripped legs that are gonna blow your mind.   As she trains in the gym, she takes some time in between sets to flex for the camera and show off the detail and conditioning that she’s getting dialed in for the 2021 Olympia.   See the clip description below from her store page, and then head over there to pick up this amazing video today!

Description: Offered at a discount because of the filming aspect ratio… but STILL awesome….we’ve got a brand new clip from Carli from her Olympia Prep files, featuring her rock hard stunning RIPPED legs in contest shape! If you’re a fan of massive quads, razor sharp cut calves, and hangin hammies, you’ll love this leg feature as Carli trains just weeks before the big show. As you have seen from previous Carli clips, she put on a TON of muscle from 2018-2021, and has never looked better. Gorgeous blonde looks combined with killer muscle power, you can’t beat this combination, folks!  Get this leg lovers delight today and enjoy one of the greatest female muscle girls of the current era!

Holy HAMMIES! Wow, Carli is ripped and massive. Get her hot new video today in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio!

Tremendous powerful quads – get the hot new Carli video today!

NEW Compilation Vid of EXTREME GLUTES and Quads in the Tara Suzanne Studio!

The gorgeous and stunning Tara Suzanne, back with a compilation video of legs and glutes, in her Tara Suzanne Clips Studio! Click here to get it today!

Fans have long requested more compilation videos from some of HDP/PP top stars from the past, and we are gonna try to get more of those out to you in the years ahead (without slowing down on new fresh content!).   One of the most requested of all, has been the super sexy and ultra fit legs and ESPECIALLY GLUTES of the stunning WPD Pro, Tara Suzanne!  In her clips studio, you will now find a compilation video from her best leg workout video from PremiumPhysiques and it is absolutely stunning.  To this day, there may not be a hotter lower body in the womens physique game, folks!   See the clip description below, and show Tara some support by picking up this hot new video today!

Description: This compilation of some of the hottest clips from Tara Suzanne on the PremiumPhysiques site is sure to blow your mind! If you love POWERFUL muscular legs and glutes, Tara may be one of the hottest models in the history of HDPhysiques. Also… they aren’t just for show, as she demonstrates with her impressive karate kicking skills! You do NOT want to get in the way of those kicks, folks! Pure power, from some of the hottest muscular quads and glutes in the business! Near the end, Tara also mixes in some upper body posing, showing off her nice thickly muscled delts, back, and biceps. But make no mistake… this one of fans of muscular GLUTES and legs! One of the hottest fitness models of all time in a great compilation video – get it today!

Although known for her rock hard muscle butt, Tara loves to flex biceps too, as she shows in this video – get it today!

Gorgeous shaped quads… with tremendous power. As that poor punching bag found out! Get this sizzlin’ hot video today!

NEW Video in the Krivs Studio Store – Calves Giant Tanya Merryman!

Calf development that can only be described as sheer perfection! Click here for the KrivsStudio Clips Store to pick up this hot new sizzlin’ video today!

Hey gang, we’ve got a special treat today from our friends over at KrivsStudio – a compilation video of their 2009 shoot with the stunning calves Goddess, Tanya Merryman!   See the clip description below, and head over to the Krivs Studio Clips Store to get this hot sizzler today!

Description: A fitness industry Icon, Tanya Merryman, has never looked better than she looked here, folks – after a pro figure event in California, Tanya shows why she’s one of the best fitness models in the history of female muscle! Besides the obvious gorgeous looks and tremendous physique, Tanya knows how to captivate the audience like no other, with posing and working the camera in a way that draws you in, grabs your attention, and never lets go! Known for industry leading calves, these legs will mezmorize you unlike anything you’ve ever seen – get this HOT epic thriller from KrivsStudio today!

Literally some of the best shaped legs the earth has ever known. Get this hot new video today by clicking here for the KrivsStudio Clip Store here at HDPhysiquesTV!

SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW! This is the SUPER SEXY next video coming to the Brooke Walker Clips Store – get a FREE copy of it now if you click here to purchase a 90 or 180 day membership to PremiumPhysiques, or an HDP/PP combo membership!

Also – see the screen shot here of the next video coming to the Brooke Walker Studio!   You can get a FREE ADVANCE copy of this “HOTTEST BROOKE VIDEO EVER” if you purchase a 90 or 180 day membership to, OR a Premium/ COMBO membership.  Click here to be taken to the PremiumPhysiques JOIN PAGE and then email us your receipt and your request for the new Brooke video!  You must already have an account here at HDPhysiques.TV for the video to be added to your account.

C-Mo & Friends – New Video of Mind-blowing Muscle!

Beautiful smile with a big flex! C-Mo and Lynette tear up the Dungeon Gym! Get this awesome video now!

In the Christine Moyer Clips Studio, you’ll see the newest video, Christines Day at the Dungeon With Friends 2.   With guest star Lynette Audrey, Christine blasts her huge quads, calves, and biceps.  See the clip description below, and head over to the Christine Moyer Clips Studio to get this latest clip and show your support!

Description: In Part 2, joining big C-MO this time, is Lynette Audrey and her tall, super-strong physique! Shot at the Dungeon gym, these girls are ready to train some hardcore muscle. If you are a fan of legs ripping thru leggings, you’ll see that C-Mo’s are about to pop! They cannot contain her huge quads and meaty calves. Just take a look at the vidcap – it speaks for itself! Lyneette has put on a ton of size since turning pro, and you’ll see that in her tremendously developed physique here. Just some good friends enjoying their afternoon in the gym – what more can you ask for? Support these hotties today by picking up this clip!

Guest star Lynette Audrey, flexing her big wide back!  Get this hot new video today in the Christine Moyer Clips Studio – Click here!

NEW C-Mo Video – Birthday Special! Massive QUADS and CALVES!

Massive and totally ripped QUADS ripping thru those leggings! Get this hot new C-Mo Clip today and get another video for FREE!

It’s Christine’s birthday today, folks!   Pick up the NEW VIDEO from the Christine Moyer Clips Studio, and we’ll throw in another one for free!   Just email us with your receipt and your requested video.  Special runs the rest of the October!    See the clip description below and head over to Christine’s Clips Studio, and get the amazing new video today!

Description: Some of the best legs on the planet are at it again! This time, in the Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis, C-Mo trains quads, calves, biceps and more, as she nears contest shape in 2019. If you want to see quads popping thru leggings, showing them no mercy at all, then this is the video for you! Having improved biceps and back from previous years, C-Mo is also eager to show off those nicely shaped powerful arms, big meaty back, and more. This is one that fans of gorgeous muscular blondes will want to pick up right away – show your support and get this one!

Those calves will give Jill Diorio a run for her money!  Click here for the new Christine Moyer video in her clips studio – get another vid for FREE!

NEW Hailey Delf Vid! LEG Blast Plus Biceps Posing!

This exercise hits it all! Check out Hailey’s impressive new video now!

Ultimate LEG BLAST Video now available in the Hailey Delf “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio!   Yes, although known for her out-of-control biceps, Hailey also shows that she’s got some serious stems as well!   You’re gonna love this new video where her quads, calves, and glutes explode thru her spandex, along with some hot biceps posing too!  See the clip description below, and then head to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio and get this one today!

Description: Hailey Delf, currently in prep for the 2019 Legions Show in Long Beach, CA, sent us this fantastic LEG BLAST recently… if you’re ready to see some quads exploding, tight glutes, and killer calves – this is your video! Of course, being the biceps peak princess that she is, she was kind enough to also mix in plenty of upper body posing as well. Phenomenal strength, sexy ripped female muscle, and muscle shape that is among the best in all of female muscle, you’re sure to love this amazing video of the “Peak Freak of Fizeek!” Get this one today, folks!

Those quads are exploding with power! Get the hot new video today in the Hailey Delf “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio!

Even tho this is a leg workout, Hailey mixes in lots of sexy biceps posing too! How kind of her!

NEW 4K Ripped Muscle Video in the Brooke Walker Studio!

Brooklyn “Torry” Walker generously gives us lots of hot and sexy posing in her latest video! Get it today in her Clips Studio by clicking here!

Brooke Walker with a HOT new 4K VIDEO now released in her “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio!   See the description below for the new Ripped and Powerful Brooke Walker at Wildhorse 4 – Part 1!

Description:  The Marilyn Monroe of Muscle is back with a phenomenal new 4K resolution clip of those sexy powerful legs getting smashed in her 4th Workout at the famous Wild Horse Gym. Of course, Brooke, being the kind-hearted muscle girl that she is, flexes EVERYTHING in this video, not just legs! So, what we have here, is a video of super powerful quads and calves training, mixed with some first class posing, featuring those legs, plus her amazing upper body (Biceps, triceps, abs and chest!), all wrapped up in the complete package – cheerleader good looks, and you see why she’s America’s favorite muscle girl!  Get this hot one today!

Brooke’s powerful legs are world class! Get the new video here with plenty of both upper and lower body treatment!

Brooke and her world class posing – muscle has never looked sexier! Get this hot new video today!

NEW VID: Hailey Delf – BIG BICEPS, Legs & Perfect Posing!

Those arms are gettin insane, folks! Get the new Hailey Delf Video today!

Hailey Delf has a brand new video and she is getting MASSIVE, folks!   All-new mind-blowing, jaw dropping muscle!  See the clip description below, and then head to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek – Hailey Delf” Clips Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: The PEAK FREAK is back, folks! Hailey Delf delivers a brand new mass muscle workout of her gorgeous and newly muscled, powerful legs. Not only does she show you her intense workout for quads and calves, but she also does lots of quality posing, too, showing off her entire physique. Those big biceps peaks explode with power, and her ripped, thick and strong chest looks massive with a pump. This is possibly the most exciting Hailey Delf video yet, and one that you’ll definitely be appreciating – get this hot one today, folks!

Boulder shoulders and thick powerful biceps – get this hot new video today!

These calves are razor sharp and totally sexy – get this hot video now by clicking here!

Those big strong quads are not to be messed with! Get this thrilling flexin and muscle pumping video now!