ALL NEW – 4K Video of the Physique Perfection of Autumn Swansen!

BOOM! Up-close biceps of Autumn Swansen – get this hot video today!

It’s an awesome week at HDPhysiques!   Here on the clips store, we’ve got the 3rd and final clip from Autumn Swansen’s August 2019 mega-workout at the Dungeon Pro Gym.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio and check out this tremendous new video!

Description: 4K Video of the tremendous Part 3 of Autumn Swansen’s series of videos from her August 2019 shoots at The Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis, MO. (HDPhysiques Headquarters). Autumn focuses on biceps in this video and OMG – she has never looked better! Those perfect peaks are exploding with power, and being lean (just 2 weeks post-show), she’s got some tremendous detail and vascularity going on. Also, fans of her impressive legs and glutes will also be grateful for the awesome leg exercises that she throws in at the end of the video, too. One of the most perfect physiques in the sport today, you’ll definitely find this video a great one to add to your collection today!

Autumn’s got the GUNS! Click here to go to her studio and pick up the latest video!