NEW Katie Lee – More than just 18’s!

Another incredible video of female muscle power, available now in the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Studio!

Today in the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio, you’ll find a BRAND NEW video of Katie flexing her massively muscled physique. Filmed with the HDPhysiques 3-axis 360 Degree gimbal, this video represents the highest possible quality in production value! And when combined with Katie’s outrageously HUGE physique, that’s a recipe for another incredible video! Those mountainous peaks, nearly 18″ in size, with perfect shape, are flexed to the limit…. BUT…. Katie is much more than biceps! Check out the improvements she’s made in her quads, and of course, that enormously wide back, and those “boulder shoulder” delts. Katie is massive even in today’s world of impressive female muscle. Yet another tremendous Katie video you’ll want to add to your collection!

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