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We’ve got another clip of Brooke that we, fair and square, can once again label “at her biggest and best yet” – and it will be accurate!   I know you’ve heard those words before…. but let’s face it….. Bodybuilding is all about getting bigger and better, so as time goes by, logic dictates that the words will continue to be true as the athlete makes progress on her physique.   And sure enough, Brooke, from this summer’s footage in Shreveport, Louisiana, is at her BIGGEST AND BEST yet!    Head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio and see the latest clip after you read the description below.   You’ll definitely want to pick this one up today.  Sexy outdoor posing…. massive muscle and Brooke at her biggest and sexiest yet!

Description: Brooklyn “Torry” Walker is LITERALLY at her biggest ever – over 162 lbs in this clip… in the Summer of 2023, as she visits Shreveport LA for her annual visit to the Optimum Classic, a show she nearly won 2 yrs ago. There’s no doubt that the bigger and better version of Brooke, who is now a 3x Olympian, would have fared well once again with all this added muscle mass. This outdoor footage in a sexy muscle revealing outfit, allows her to show off her tremendous muscle in beautiful Louisiana sun. BIG Biceps, powerful legs, and outrageous thick back and chest… you’ve got to see Brooke at this new HUGE size – Get this one today!

Despite her all-time highest weight of 162, she still has RIPPED ABS! Get the HOT new Brooke Walker video today!

Don’t worry – the leg fans will love this one too! Meaty powerful offseason quads and more! Get the hot new Brooke video today!