ALL NEW Katie Lee Video – SEXY SIZE in the Dungeon!

Awesome POWER! Katie Lee works arms and much more in this latest hot clip – get it today and show Katie your support!

Hey gang, you’re gonna absolutely love the new Katie Lee video (shot by Brooklyn T. Walker) over on the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio page here at HDPhysiques.TV!   In this latest video,  you’ll see Katie in one of her biggest off-season forms…. her biceps over 17″, along with much more.  Those delts, that back, those meaty triceps, etc….. see the description below, then head to Katie’s Studio to get this amazing new clip today!

Description: Sporting some SEXY offseason muscle size, Katie returns to the Dungeon Gym on a mission! A mission to show you why she’s one of the greatest WPD competitors of the past 10 years! And wow, does she ever! Tons of flexing thrown in between some powerful sets in the gym, and you’ll see Katie’s muscles popping like never before. Tremendous power and function, these muscles aren’t just for show! Cero Dos Cuattro – it’s not just a nickname…. it’s a goal – she wants 24″ biceps to match her original volleyball jersey number. Here, at over 17″, she’s well on her way – get this awesome video (shot by Brooke Walker, btw!) TODAY and show Katie your support!

Those massive guns are 2nd to NONE! Despite not competing recently – still those peaks are SHARP! Get this hot new video today!

Katie has all the confidence in the world when she looks at those glorious peaks! Get this hot video today!