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Hey gang, we’ve got a HOT new video today added in the KrivsStudio Clips Studio, here at HDPhysiques.TV!   Head over to Lou’s store, and check out this incredible specimen from NPC Figure…..  rock hard vascularity, and sexy muscle posing…. Elsie has it all!  See the clip description below, and then head to KrivsStudio Clips Studio to add this one to your shopping cart!

Description: This one is a Kriv’s Studio Classic, folks! One of the greatest finds of the early 2010’s, Elsie Velasquez is one of the most vascular and supremely rock hard amateur figure competitors to ever show up at Jr Nationals. This girl brings world class posing and flexing to go along with her hard as nails physique. She also shows off some crazy freaky forearm vascularity that will leave you jaw-dropped! It’s clear that she likes the attention she gets from having such a rock hard physique! Get this amazing video today!