Phenomenal New Gym Challenge – Katie vs. Morgan Now Available!

Can anything top Katie Lee’s massive delts and chest? Get this hot new video today!

In the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio, you’ll find a brand new video starring Katie Lee & Morgan Payne, both from!   These 2 physique superstars are at the 2019 Olympia and decide to take the camera to the gym to film their first in a series of “Gym Challenges”.    Fans of upper bodies are in for a treat…. ripped, lean, powerful chest and arms on display – you won’t want to miss it!   See the clip description below and head to the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio and get this one today!

Description: Morgan Payne meets up with massive Katie Lee at the 2019 Olympia, and we’ve got a series of Gym Challenge videos here from their workouts together. In this opening act, it’s an upper body bonanza, as both girls lift freakishly strong weights, and take turns showing off their impressive biceps, chests, triceps, and more! Morgan throws in some sexy leg posing for good measure… as she’s got some fabulous quads and glutes. But what’s most impressive is the lean, thick, powerful chests in this one. Both girls are what you’d call “Boss girls”… large and in charge. Add this one to your collection today and get ready for more!

Morgan making great GAINZ in the chest department – determined to size up to Katie Lee one day!