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Hey femuscle fans!  Today is the day you’ve been waiting for….. Part 2 of Carli Terepka’s Contest shape super sexy studio shoot, from the day after her pro win in STL in early May.   See the clip description below, and head to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio today to get this AMAZING new video!

Description: Part 2 – the one you’ve been waiting for! More CONTEST SHAPE Ripped and shredded Carli in Part 2 of her Evocative Studios shoot, the day after her first pro win, and Olympia qualification, at the 2021 St. Louis Pro Show! Dominating the field, Carli was an anatomy chart of female muscle as she commanded attention on the stage. In the studio the next day, Carli is joined by a similarly conditioned Brooklyn T Walker, and another minute and a half of pose-down at the end of this epic video! If you truly want to see the best of the best female muscle on the planet… this is a MUST GET! Thong bikini, massive muscles, peeled conditioning… what more could you ask for! Support Carli by picking up this thrilla today!

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