Tremendous NEW SUPER SEXY Studio Shoot in the Brooke Walker Studio!

Brooke may in fact have the best abs we’ve ever seen. But wait…. Carli joins in to compare! What do you think?

Hey gang!   It’s Brooke’s turn once again to follow up Carli with Part 2 of their legendary Evocative Studios shoot that took place just a couple months ago in St. Louis.   After the STL Pro, which Carli won, Brooke and Carli got together for both some studio shoot action as well as some phenomenal gym work.   This final segment (2 already released in Carli’s store, and 1 already released in Brooke’s store), is now available in Brooke’s Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, and this one may be the best segment yet!    Muscle fans of all generations will enjoy watching their muscle comparisons and focus on extreme female muscle!   See the description below and head to Brooke’s Studio to get this hot one today!

Description: Part 2 of the SEXIEST STUDIO SHOOT of ALL TIME! Brooke is joined by fellow WPD competitor Carli Terepka, right off the stage from her STL Pro win, and what results is without question one of the best videos you’ll ever buy! We just saw Carli’s SECOND sexy studio clip from the day after, with a special guest appearance by Brooke. Now, once again, it’s time to feature Brooke, with a special guest appearance by Carli for some abs, legs and biceps comparisons! This one is perhaps even hotter than the last! Carli wearing a tiny thong bikini, with Brooke in some sexy daisy dukes, and both girls in insane shape! Brooke was just 2 weeks out from her 2021 debut in Shreveport, LA, so she was able to match “day after” Carli pose for pose. Which girl has the better biceps? Better quads? Better abs? All we know is this…. the fans of GORGEOUS blonde female muscle is who WINS in this contest! Show your support for Brooke and get this hot video today!

Having just competed the day before, Carli may have a slight advantage on vascularity. But… Brooke, at 2 weeks out, has something to say about that!

Truly a complete physique! Brooke has it all – Get this hot new video today!