NEW VIDEO in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio!

Look at how HUGE Christina Bashara’s arms are! Get this hot video today!

Amazing massive female muscle in a brand new video in the “Beefnuggette Clips Studio” here at HDPhysiques.TV!   Paige’s friends Jess Chapa and Christina Bashara joined Nuggy for a lift at Wild Horse Gym, and these 3 big beefy girls threw around all kinds of weight.  So impressive, we had to get measurements at the end.  See the clip description below and get this one immediately, folks!

Description: MASSIVE MUSCLE TRIO! This one features Beefnuggette’s friends, Jess Chapa & MASSIVE Christina Bashara, as this trio worked out at Wild Horse Gym in St. Louis. If you like seeing huge chicks getting their enormous biceps and quads measured, this is the clip to get! Chapa’s “Meat Grinders” (Quads) are getting gigantic, while Bashara has some of eye-popping biceps. Beefnuggette can’t believe her eyes when she looks at the measuring tape! If you want to see some mega-powered, strong chicks get after it in the gym – pick this clip up today!

Jessica Chapa’s legs are gigantic now! Beefnuggette can’t believe the measurements nearly busting the tape! Get this hot video today!