Katie Lee – Offseason FREAKIN HUGE Muscle Mass – NEW VIDEO!

Measuring over 17″, Katie’s gunz are the best in the biz! Get this hot new video today!

Brand new in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio, you’ll find a brand new video from our super-long shoot earlier this year entitled “Katie Lee 2020 Offseason at Wild Horse – Freakin’ HUGE” – which we broke up into 5 parts due to length.   Today is the release of Part 3… see the description of the clip below, and be prepared to sit in amazement as you watch these enormous muscles explode on screen!  Get this hot one today!

Description: Description: PART 3 of 5 – in 4K High Resolution Video! Katie continues the destruction of Wild Horse Fitness, relentlessly punishing the weight racks with her immense strength! Fans of Biceps, Triceps, Chest and Back…essentially an upper body supernatural heatwave straight outta hell!  It was a long shoot, so we chopped it up into 5 parts. This is part 3 and it continues with the mind-blowing muscles of “Cero Dos Cuattro” in full gear. Get this one today to show Katie your support – you won’t be disappointed!

Biceps Grande’! Get this HOT new upper body blasting video (Part 3) in Katie’s “Peak Power” Studio!

Brooke Walker & Guest Quyncee – Chest Day Gym POWER!

Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley is ready to battle Big Brooke on chest day!

A few months ago, Brooklyn Walker was joined by her St. Louis based friend, Quyncee Shockley, for a couple of gym shoots during her stay.  Here is part 1 of their workout videos.  This one is primarily bench press and flys.   Brooke and Quyncee battle it out with huge weights in the gym.  Impressive is one word!   See the clip description below and get this one today to support big Brookie!

Description: It’s CHEST DAY and both girls are putting up some serious weight! Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley joins Torrance Walker in a brutal chest workout, while they are both in a lean offseason shape. Both have outstanding pecs and you’ll see them worked hard in this video. Can the figure competitor keep up with Big Brooke? Get this one today and find out!

Brooke puttin’ up some BIG GIRL weight! Get this impressive chest day video today!

NEW VIDEO – Katie’s Hot & Sweaty HUGE Muscles in Boca Raton!

Ever seen a chest that big? Get the new Katie video today – click here!

We’ve released the 5th and final segment of Katie’s POWERFUL gym work in Boca Raton.  Looking bigger and better than ever, this one is NOT to be missed!   Head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio and get this amazing video today!  See the clip description below and see why you don’t want to miss this one, folks!

Description: Part 5 of 5 – in the Katie Lee in Boca Raton series – we’ve saved the best for last! Fans of enormous biceps, thick powerful chest, and gigantic meaty back & delts… this is the video for you! There’s also some great action featuring the considerable growth of her quads here… but of course, with Katie, this is a biceps BONANZA! You won’t believe the up-close shots, the muscle control, the sweat glistening and running off of her HUGE powerful physique. This is a MUST have for any true fan of female muscle, and for anyone who collects Katie’s finest clips. Get this summer sizzler today!

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Katie’s massive muscles have never looked BIGGER! Get the hot new video today!

Chest and biceps looking absolutely crazy! Get the hot new video today!

The HDPhysiques Studio Updated with a Great Compilation of Rachael Loftis, WPD Pro!

Hey gang, check out the latest compilation of an all-time great HDP shoot, today in the HDPhysiques studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!    Rachael Loftis in near contest shape from our shoot at the Red Rocks in 2015.  See the clip description below, and head to the HDP Studio to get this hot sizzler today!

Description: Rachael wowed the world with her pro card win in 2014. Possessing a nearly flawless physique, with impressively peaked biceps and thick powerful quads, it’s no wonder that HDP fans demanded shoot after shoot with Rachael in 2015! In the weeks before her pro debut, we took a trip out to the Colorado Red Rocks and had some amazing work done as she neared contest shape. In her latest Nike-wear, Rachael hits sexy pose after pose, and flexes that flawless physique to perfection. This is one you’ll definitely want to add to your collection of HDP all-time great shoots!

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For – Katie Lee AW with the BIG GUNS!

HUGE – Big Greta has arms almost as big as Katies! See who has more impressive strength by getting this hot Armwrestling video today in the Katie Lee Clips Studio!

BIG NEWS!  Katie Lee ARMWRESTLING with those huge 17-18″ guns – you gotta see this one folks!   The new video in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio is sure to please!   You get to see just how strong those enormous biceps and arms are, as Katie takes on 2 very big and strong girls.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Katie Lee Clips Studio to show your support by picking up this incredible video!

Description: The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Katie Lee has had enough with all these girls questioning the strength of her huge 17-18″ guns (depending on the time of year), so she’s decided to start accepting challenges from female competitors here on her HDPhysiques Clips Store! In “Armwrestling Power 1”, Katie takes on 2 very big and strong girls, Scarlett and Greta. Both are fellow competitors, and they are have huge muscles! But… let’s face it… will be they be ANY challenge at all for the enormous and famous arms of the great “024” Katie Lee? Pick up this video now and don’t miss one of the most exciting strength challenge videos we’ve ever produced – the big guns being put to good use!

Can anyone topple the gigantic guns of Cero Dos Cuattro – get the new video today in the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio – CLICK HERE!

Torry Time! New Video of Brooke Walker & Rachael Loftis Now Available!

Outstanding quads getting worked by Brooke & Rachael – get this HOT video today!

The ultimate physique girls – Brooklyn Torry Walker, and Rachael “Lofty Goals” Loftis – are back again with their final installment of their gym battle from March 2019.   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find the new clip, Brooke & Rachael at Wildhorse Gym 3, and you will be amazed at the leg strength and biceps posing on display here!   See the clip description below, and head over to Brooke’s Studio to get this HOT clip today!

Description: The 3rd and final installment of 2019’s incredible Walkerton vs. Lofty gym battle, this one is a leg lovers masterpiece! Both girls also train delts and flex some arms in this video… but the main highlight of this video is the incredible QUADS that are on display here! Loftis has long been known for her massive and perfectly shaped quads… and now Brooke is catching up with her and has even tighter conditioning at this point in her show prep. Both girls look amazing in the gym, and would go on in the months later to do extremely well in their 2019 competitions. Gym power, plus sexy posing – these 2 girls are absolutely gorgeous and super impressive! Get this one today and support Brooke’s studio!

Brooke’s ultra-wide back and powerful arms – you’ll love the NEW VIDEO in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio – click here!

BIG MUSCLE Action! New LONG Video in the Brooke Walker Studio Now Available!

NEW VIDEO now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio – get this HOT ONE today, folks! Over 16 minutes of hot muscle pumping action!

AMAZING New lengthy video now available in the Brooklyn T. Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio!   You guys are going to absolutely love this one.   This is part 2 of our big Wildhorse Gym Shoot in late 2018, where Brooke is probably at the maximum of her offseason muscle size.   I’m just going to let the clip description below tell you the rest!  Head over to Brooke’s Studio and get it today to show your support!

Description: This one is a visual stunner, folks! Brooklyn T Walker packing on some serious muscle in a lengthy gym video, with amazing up-close footage, and gorgeous stabilized footage thanks to the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace and Harmony! If you love big, full, vascular biceps, deep cut abs, big powerful quads, and huge capped delts, this is a video that you’ll never forget. Brookly “Torrance” Walker is one of the most gorgeous young physique girls on the scene today, and this video drives that point home MOST convincingly! Get this hot video today, you won’t regret it!

Get this ALL NEW Torry Walker video today! Super hot female muscle at its finest!

Annie Gunshow Unleashes a NEW power-packed Gym Video

Annie is getting ready for a show - and she loves to flex and show off her hard work - get this new video today!

Annie is getting ready for a show – and she loves to flex and show off her hard work – get this new video today!

Annie, or as Katie Lee calls her, “Anneth” Gunshow, is back with an all-new video in her clips studio, where she is in near contest shape and loving the combination of being lean with tremendous gym strength.  In this clip Annie trains legs, biceps, and more, and fits in plenty of HOT posing!   Get it today in the Annie Gunshow Clips Studio!

Description: Annie takes us on a fabulous journey of ripped muscle flexing and powerful gym work. Just weeks away from her summer show, Annie is lean and muscular like never before. Ripped abs, peaked biceps, thick quads, and more. Annie is looking on point! With her friend Brooklyn Torrance looking on, Annie is motivated to train hard and pose with authority – and that she does! Get this perfectly awesome video today!

Not 1, but TWO NEW Hailey Delf Clips Now Available – HUGE and MASSIVE!

2 NEW VIDEOS now available in the Female Muscle Store's Hailey Delf Peak Freak Clips Studio!

2 NEW VIDEOS now available in the Female Muscle Store’s Hailey Delf Peak Freak Clips Studio!

Hailey Delf, formerly known as the “Peak Freak of Figure”, is putting on tons of muscle as she transitions to Physique.  We have 2 new videos, professionally shot on the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Glory, with Hailey pumping huge weights in the gym just a few weeks ago during the 2018 STL Pro Show.   These 2 videos in the Hailey Delf – Peak Freak Clips Studio, hit all the best body parts – biceps, triceps, chest, back…. upper body lovers are gonna love it.  You’ll definitely want to check out these 2 vids and show your support for Hailey’s HUGENESS!

Sexy arms - get the new Hailey Delf Videos today in her Clips studio - Click Here!

Sexy arms – get the new Hailey Delf Videos today in her Clips studio – Click Here!

SEXY MUSCLE Photo Set Added to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Studio!

Anneth Gunshow with supreme confidence as she poses for photographer Mark Jessie.  Get this hot photo set with Brooklyn T. Walker and Annie, today in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

Anneth Gunshow with supreme confidence as she poses for photographer Mark Jessie. Get this hot photo set with Brooklyn T. Walker and Annie, today in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

If you’re ready for some super sexy ripped muscle,  we have an all-new super sexy photo set just added in the Brooklyn T. Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, featuring Brooke along with her friend Anneth Gunshow.   From a hot Arkansas day last summer, this shoot, by world-class photographer Mark Jessie, highlights Brooke in rock hard shape along with Annie who was just 4 weeks out from her show in Memphis.  Nearly 150 photos in this set…. these two will no doubt leave your jaw dropped at their magnificent rock hard physiques – Definitely a photo set worth adding to your collection!