Katie Lee is BACK with a THRILLING New ArmWrestling Challenge!

There’s TONS of hot biceps posing after the armwrestling action in the latest video added in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio – get it today!

There’s a NEW VIDEO in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio, and it’s a MUST GET for fans of huge biceps and Katie Lee!   If armwrestling is your thing, this is one that you won’t want to miss.  Jess Chapa provides a huge challenge for Katie and we shall see if she has the strength to overpower yet again!   See the clip description below and pick it up today to show Katie your support!

Description: Cero Dos is back in another THRILLING Armwrestling matchup! This time she takes on the thickly muscled wellness competitor, Jessica Chapa (from HDPhysiques), who’s big arms, shoulders, and upper body in general, provides one hell of a challenge for big Katie! Can Katie keep her record in tact? They start off with righty, then move to lefty, and both are highly contested, spirited battles to determine who comes out on top. Will the mega-biceps finally meet their match? Following the armwrestling, there’s 7:30 more minutes of Katie pumping some iron, then flexing, flexing, and flexing! Needless to say, this is a MUST GET for any fans of Katie Lee and huge biceps in general!

Supreme Armwrestling Power! Get the latest Katie Lee video today in her Peak Power Studio!

Some muscle pumping action after the armwrestling, in the latest Katie Lee video in her studio – get it today!