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All we can say is WOW – this new clip is UNREAL hot! If you’re into massive muscle, Hailey is getting the job done, folks.  She’s put on so much muscle this offseason, she’s going to shock the world when she shows up at the 2019 STL Pro Show!  See the clip description below and head over to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek – Hailey Delf” Clips Studio and support this amazing young lady today!

Description: Putting on CRAZY amounts of muscle mass, Hailey is unreal in this video, folks! As she prepares for her 2019 competitive season, making her Women’s Physique debut, she’s already proving that she belongs with the biggest and the best. Of course, this video highlights her INSANE biceps! But you’ll also notice particular improvements all around – delts, triceps, back, and Oh MY – those glutes and quads. Yep… this upper body queen is now becoming known for her lower body just as much and you’ll see why in this stunningly hot video. The perfect mix of gym work, posing, and sex appeal – Hailey is coming STRONG in 2019!

Delf puttin’ in the work – get the new video today on the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio!