Kolly Amendine – NEW VIDEO – Leg Day DESTRUCTION!

These powerful legs are taking (AND GIVING) a beating! Get the amazing new video now!

The BIG GIRL is BACK!    Part 3 of 3 in her Leg Day at Destination Dallas is complete…. and it was only appropriate to call it LEG DAY DESTRUCTION, as she destroys the weights at the famous Dallas muscle hot spot.    Kolly shows that she has a complete physique, possessing very complete legs – well balanced quads, calves, and hammies and glutes…. all in perfect proportion and HUGE size!    See the clip description below, and get this amazing new video today!    The final in the 3 part series!

Description: Tremendous Leg Power! “Special K” hits it hard at Destination Dallas Gym, and you won’t believe how those lower body muscles just want to explode. She’s got it all, folks…. the quads, the calves, the glutes, the hammies… and they all see action in this clip. She’s building world class, Olympia caliber legs! When you see these wheels, you’ll realize she means business in 2024!  Get this amazing video now and see for yourself!

Look at those crazy hammies! Thick ass legs! Get the new awesome video now!