A World Class Athlete at the Top of Their Game – NEW Autumn Swansen Vid Now Available!

Having switched from physique to figure, Autumn’s perfect shape shows that she can dominate that division too!

Fellas – we’ve got an awesome new video appearing today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!   You won’t believe the contest-shape mind-blowing muscle on display here!   Autumn is just 2 weeks out from a show at the time of the filming of this video, and before hopping on a boat and riding around the lake, Autumn hops into a tiny bikini to do some muscle posing for you!   See the clip description below and pick up this hot video today!

Description: In ripped “2 weeks out from a show” shape, gorgeous Autumn flexes her flawless and perfect physique by Lake Decatur before she heads out for a ride on the boat. She’s full and vascular, and lean and striated, all at the same time. Peaked biceps are, along with those washboard abs of course, her main calling card. But this time, Autumn also shows off some highly developed quads and calves as well. For a relatively short video, this thing pretty much has all you could ask for…. a PRIME athlete at the top of her game, flexing a world class physique for you! Get it today and show Autumn your support!

Meaty quads, powerful delts and biceps, Autumn is built like a super hero! Click here to go download this hot video today and show Autumn your support!

Autumn is ready to FLEX and pose! Get the awesome new clip today in her Clips Studio!

Part 4 of RIPPED Autumn Swansen’s 2020 Show Prep – NOW AVAILABLE!

Autumn Swansen sculpting those world class Olympian legs! Get her 4th and final “2020 Show Prep” series video today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!

In what has ended up being a VERY popular video series over the past few months…. Autumn Swansens 2020 Show Prep clips have wowed audiences worldwide.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio to download this new clip today!

Description: Part 4 of Autumn’s insanely HOT 2020 Show Prep vids – here, in the final clip of this series…she starts off with her amazing legs on the calf raises machine. Part 4 gives you a look at everything…she starts with legs, then moves to upper body, training delts, and flexing her back and arms – looking IMPRESSIVE! She still has that world class Olympian look – her physique is pretty much flawless!! If you liked videos 1-3, you’ll definitely love this one too! Support Autumn by putting this clip in your shopping cart today!

Get Autumn’s 4th and final “2020 Show Prep” series video today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!

RIPPED and READY! Autumn Swansen’s New Vid is SIZZLIN HOT!

Autumn doing the super woman pose…. and kills it! Awesome upper body muscle on display in this new clip!

We’ve got a new clip today in the studio of WPD/Figure phenom, Autumn Swansen.   In Autumn’s Studio, you’ll find part 3 of her “Ripped and Ready” 2020 Show Prep videos.  See the clip description below, then head over to Autumn’s studio and get this sizzler today!

Description: Part 3 of Autumn’s insanely HOT 2020 Show Prep vids – here, she is ready to show off those sensational abs and arms, and ready to rock and roll!! Part 3 gives you a look at her crazy personality in the gym, doing a sort of “dance flex” routine! After training delts and triceps, she jumps into posing several different times. First she shows off rock hard chest and triceps, and then later the bicep dancing! Muscle control like no other! To see a top Olympian in near contest shape like this is always a treat. Show Autumn some support by picking up this amazing video today!

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RIPPED and SHREDDED Muscle – New Autumn Swansen Video Now Available!

Those legs also get some attention in this clip! Order the new Autumn Video today in her Clips Studio – Click here!

ALL NEW Autumn Swansen now available – shot just last month in Decatur, IL…..  we’ve got part 2 of her epic “2020 Contest Prep” series, and it’s a scorcher!   See the clip description below and then head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio to get this latest masterpiece!

Description: Part 2 of Autumn’s insanely HOT 2020 Show Prep vids – she is sliced and diced and ready for battle on stage! Part 2 here gives you a look at several different body parts being trained, as well as LOTS of hot posing to the gym music. Those biceps are looking as big as her peak WPD days, and of course, those deep cut abs are more tightly defined than ever. She hits calves, biceps, shoulders, and more in this impressive video. The posing over the last few minutes confirms that Autumn is ready to jump on stage and show everyone who’s boss! Get this hot one today to show your support!

Working shoulders gets her entire upper body vascular and freaky! Get the new Autumn Swansen clip today by clicking here!

Autumn Swansen with a HUGE Return – Ripped Gym Power!

In part 1, Autumn hits arms, delts, back and more! Show your support by getting this amazing video today!

Arnold Champion, and perennial Olympian, Autumn Swansen is back with another new video!   It’s been a year since our last shoot…. but now we just got one in here in Aug 2020, right before she enters her competitive season.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio, and show her your support by picking up this amazing gym strength video today!

Description: Part 1 of 4 – Autumn is RIPPED and ready for her 2020 competition season. Filmed in August 2020, this brand new footage features the previous Arnold Champ in an absolutely fabulous photoshoot shape – full and muscular, yet ripped to the bone and showing off all kinds of vascularity and striations. She is one of the best in the entire bodybuilding industry for a reason, folks! Get this clip today and support Autumn as she makes a run for a Figure Olympia qualification!

That back is PEELED! Ripped and Shredded is how she rolls, folks! Get Autumn’s new video today and support her on her way to an Olympia qualification!

ALL NEW – 4K Video of the Physique Perfection of Autumn Swansen!

BOOM! Up-close biceps of Autumn Swansen – get this hot video today!

It’s an awesome week at HDPhysiques!   Here on the clips store, we’ve got the 3rd and final clip from Autumn Swansen’s August 2019 mega-workout at the Dungeon Pro Gym.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio and check out this tremendous new video!

Description: 4K Video of the tremendous Part 3 of Autumn Swansen’s series of videos from her August 2019 shoots at The Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis, MO. (HDPhysiques Headquarters). Autumn focuses on biceps in this video and OMG – she has never looked better! Those perfect peaks are exploding with power, and being lean (just 2 weeks post-show), she’s got some tremendous detail and vascularity going on. Also, fans of her impressive legs and glutes will also be grateful for the awesome leg exercises that she throws in at the end of the video, too. One of the most perfect physiques in the sport today, you’ll definitely find this video a great one to add to your collection today!

Autumn’s got the GUNS! Click here to go to her studio and pick up the latest video!

Autumn Swansen Returns with POWERFUL Muscle Clip!

Mind-blowing shape and detail – Autumn Swansen with the classic muscular physique look – Get her hot new video today!

Incredible shape and definition – the ultra-impressive Autumn Swansen is back with a new video clip in her Clips Studio!  See the description below and get the new video from the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio today!

Description: 4K VIDEO of Part 2 of Autumn Swansen in the Dungeon! Shot just weeks ago, after the 2019 Tampa Pro, Autumn is lean and powerful in this workout from The Dungeon Gym in St. Louis. Autumn’s impressively wide back is the focus of this video, but she also mixes in some flexing of bi’s and tri’s as she shows off her perfect x-frame. As one of the most impressive muscle ladies in the past 5 years, Autumn’s discipline and dedication in the gym is what separates her from the pack. A gorgeous lady with tremendous shape, she easily remains one of the most popular figure/physique girls of today’s generation of muscle athletes. Get this impressive video today and add to your Autumn Swansen collection to show your support!

ALL NEW Autumn Swansen – August 2019 in the Dungeon!

Check out the NEW VID of top IFBB Pro Autumn Swansen as she takes on the Dungeon Pro Gym in STL!    See the clip description below and head over to Autumn’s Clips Studio for this and many more of this absolutely amazing female athlete!

Description: Shot just days ago (mid August 2019), this is brand new footage of the all-new Autumn Swansen! Autumn has now competed as a pro in 3 of the 5 female divisions. Most recently, she switched from physique to figure at the 2019 Tampa Pro, and placed in the top 5. That shows you how the sport is changing! Autumn has been a top 5 Olympia, and an Arnold Champion in Women’s Physique. But the girls keep getting bigger and bigger, and now figure is the perfect class for Autumn! Still as muscular as ever, Autumn trains here for her first time in the world famous “Dungeon Pro Gym” in St. Louis. This first of 3 clips, is an upper body endurance workout, where she shows off her upper body in numerous back-to-back exercises. Stabilized with the HDPhysiques “Gimbal of Peace & Harmony” and shot in 4K resolution, this video will impress!

Photos from this amazing Autumn Swansen shoot will be on PremiumPhysiques soon, too! So check out this video today and show Autumn some support!

BICEPS EXPLOSION! Autumn Swansen is Back with a NEW Clip!

Head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio and get this amazing NEW video today!

An ALL NEW video now available in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio – and folks, you’re not gonna believe this one!  See the clips description below and ADD this one to your cart immediately!  Plus, please see the blog post at about our current PROMOTIONS running – SAVE BIG and get more female muscle delivered today!

Description: Autumns HUGE Biceps are about to explode, folks! You’ve never seen a pump, until you’ve seen this video – this is insane! In ripped shape before the Olympia, Autumn heads to her gym in Decatur IL and absolutely destroys upper body, and as the final part of this 4 part “Fierce Gym Work” Series, Autumn demolishes biceps and triceps like we’ve never seen before. By the time she’s done, she can barely flex because they have such a huge powerful pump. If you’re a fan of gorgeous women with amazing upper body strength – you MUST add this one to your cart right now!

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ALL NEW Autumn Swansen Video Available – Female Muscle Perfection!

Look at that INCREDIBLE V-Taper - that perfect shape is just one of MANY reasons to buy the newest clip in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio - Click here!

Look at that INCREDIBLE V-Taper – that perfect shape is just one of MANY reasons to buy the newest clip in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio – Click here!

Today, in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio, you’ll see an all new video of Autumn shot just weeks ago at the 2018 Chicago Pro Show.   Talk about perfect balance and an Olympia caliber physique – wow!  See the description below and head over to Autumn’s Studio to grab this HOT new video today!

Description: Always one of the most complete physique girls in the world, once again Autumn Swansen delivers! Perfectly shaped biceps, ripped abs, thick quads, and highly detailed triceps and back… Autumn shows you why she is headed back to the Olympia for the 4th time in her career next month. You’ll be amazed at her perfect balance of size, shape, symmetry, and it’s all served up with her typical southern charm. Female muscle physical perfection – that is why you’ll want to buy THIS clip today!