Autumn Swansen with a HUGE Return – Ripped Gym Power!

In part 1, Autumn hits arms, delts, back and more! Show your support by getting this amazing video today!

Arnold Champion, and perennial Olympian, Autumn Swansen is back with another new video!   It’s been a year since our last shoot…. but now we just got one in here in Aug 2020, right before she enters her competitive season.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio, and show her your support by picking up this amazing gym strength video today!

Description: Part 1 of 4 – Autumn is RIPPED and ready for her 2020 competition season. Filmed in August 2020, this brand new footage features the previous Arnold Champ in an absolutely fabulous photoshoot shape – full and muscular, yet ripped to the bone and showing off all kinds of vascularity and striations. She is one of the best in the entire bodybuilding industry for a reason, folks! Get this clip today and support Autumn as she makes a run for a Figure Olympia qualification!

That back is PEELED! Ripped and Shredded is how she rolls, folks! Get Autumn’s new video today and support her on her way to an Olympia qualification!