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It’s Olympia week, and Brooke Walker and Carli Terepka are there representing HDPhysiques!   Check both the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, and the Carli Terepka Clips Studio for their latest gym and photo studio videos!  See the newest clip’s description below, and head to Brooke’s Studio to pick it up today!

Description: On the epic day of contest shape shoots of both Brooke Walker & Carli Terepka, this is Brooke’s 3rd video (of 3 total), and shows Brooke working her HUGE biceps and back, as she’s in the most ripped contest shape of her life! Now qualified for the Olympia, you’ll see up-close why this physique belongs on stage with the best in the world. Not only are those arms peaked and perfect, she’s got the veiny vascularity going on, and her back is wide and meaty. Upper body fans will love this clip as that is the primary focus, although the legs get some love during full-body posing as well. To show your support for Brookie, add this hot video to your shopping cart today!

Brooke’s biceps and back are on display in the newest clips store video! Get this hot one today!

Brooke looked absolutely phenomenal on this day! Get the new video today in her clips studio!