Taylor Smuck’s Studio Updated with 4 HOT Armwrestling Matches!

Taylor muscles up on big Brooke! Who’s gonna take this one? Get this amazing AW video today!

On the newest video posted in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio, Taylor takes on 2 of HDP’s biggest and most impressive ladies in a duel of incredible armwrestling battles!   See the clip description below and see why Taylor is becoming one of the most exciting upcoming physiques on the scene today!  NOTE: Both of these matches are “repeats” of the videos already posted in Katie Lee’s and Brooke’s Studio…. so if you already purchased BOTH of those, then don’t purchase this one.

Description: Taylor Smuck, rising star in Womens Physique, takes on Katie Lee and Brooke Walker, in 100% REAL, intense armwrestling action! NOTE: Both of these matches are “repeats” of the videos already posted in Katie Lee’s and Brooke’s Studio…. so if you already purchased BOTH of those, then don’t purchase this one. There’s actually 4 different matches here…. 2 girls, each with Righty and Lefty. See who has the most impressive upper body strength! Of course, some sexy flexin’ is thrown in too, in the nearly 11 minute video! Enjoy this thriller, as one of the newest mass monsters takes on the 2 most experienced muscle girls at HDPhysiques!

Get this HOT VIDEO today in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!

Even massive Katie Lee struggles against the compact powerhouse, Taylor! Get this amazing REAL AW Match today!

HUGE NEWS! 2 New ArmWrestling Videos Added in Katie & Brooke’s Studios!

One of the most requested armwrestling matchups of all time! Get Katie vs Brooke today! Righty available in Katie’s Store, Lefty in Brooke’s store!

Brooke or Katie – who you got in AW competition?   The matchup the world has wanted to see has finally arrived!   First up, it’s not just 1…. but TWO new videos added today here at HDPhysiques.TV!    That’s right…. both Katie and Brooke were joined by Taylor Smuck for some incredible, 100% real, armwrestling action.   So, we’ve actually got 1 video in the Katie Lee Clips studio featuring both L & R against Taylor, and Righty against Brooke, and then a 2nd video in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio, featuring Lefty against Katie, and both L&R against Taylor… so in other words, 3 distinct separate matches in each video!    See the clip description below, and then head to BOTH Katie’s Studio, & Brooke’s Studio, to pick up the amazing and sexy action!

From Katie’s Studio:  Description: Can Cero Dos stay undefeated in armwrestling? Presented in 4K resolution, this is her most difficult test yet! Powerful fan favorite Brooklyn T. Walker is her latest challenge, along with Brooke’s protoge’, the ENORMOUSLY thick and densely muscled, Taylor Smuck! Katie has her work cut out for her here… each match is tremendously close and exhausting (and 100% real!). Her match with Brooke is broken up into left/right, with Part 2 appearing in Brooke Walker’s studio. Of course, the girls are nice enough to throw in a bit of flexing, too, in addition to the thrilling AW action – so, be sure to add this one to your collection today! (Note: This video is not elligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

From Brooke’s Studio:  Description: Presented in 4K video – Brooke’s 2nd AW Challenge is perhaps even more exciting than her excellent first video (against Kaitie Hart). This one features two MASS MONSTERS – Katie Lee & Taylor Smuck! Both Katie and Taylor outsize Brooke, but as you know, Brooke is probably one of the strongest females, pound for pound, in the entire world! You know just from the looks of these girls, that this one is going to be an action packed thriller! Brooke has that compact power-packed frame, while Katie has the longer limbs and huge guns, while Taylor is a stocky, growing mass monster, similar to a 2013 Shannon Courtney! No doubt, this one is gonna excite you to no end. Get this hot video today! (Part 1 of the 2 parts with Katie Lee, can be found in the Katie Lee Clips Studio) (Note: This video is not eligible for free redemption during Promotional periods)

This one is CLOSE, folks! And 100% real. Both girls have never felt opposing strength like this before!

Look at the IMPRESSIVE size and power of Taylor Smuck, as she squares off against Katie! Get this thrilling hot matchup today in the Katie Lee Clips studio!

New Brooke Walker MEASUREMENTS Video with Kaitie Hart Posing!

Kaitie Hart getting instruction from one of the best in the biz… Brooklyn T. Walker! Get this hot new video today in Brooke’s Studio!

SPECIAL TREAT for you fans of gorgeous blonde female muscle!   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’re going to see a brand new video of Brooke, joined by HDP/PP sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, in a tremendous video featuring a Brooke to Kaitie Posing lesson, followed by Kaitie taking the measurements of her “literally perfect” role model, Brooke.  See the clip description below and then pick up this amazing new video today!

Description: In stunning 4K picture quality, this video is a MUST GET for fans of ultimate BLONDE female muscle! Brooke is joined by HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, who has added 20 lbs of mass since HDP first shot with her 2 yrs ago. Kaitie is eager to try Women’s Physique Division in 2020, so who better to help her learn the ins and outs of posing than HDP/PP’s very own, Brooklyn T. Walker! After Brooke gives Kaitie some instruction, we see how impressively developed Kaitie’s new physique has become. Then, Kaitie has to get her “idol worship” in, and take measurements of Brooke, as Brooke, too, has added a lot more mass for 2020! Kaitie finds out right away why Brooke is nicknamed “LP” for “literally perfect”. See the impressive dimensions for yourself by picking up this HOT video today!

Kaitie is wowed by the size of Brooke’s monster quads!

Brooke showing Kaitie how it’s done! Order this video today in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio!


SEXY NEW Clip Now Available in the Brooke Walker Studio – Hot Sunny Muscle!

With a sexy look on her face like that, she’s ready to pose! Look out!

Stunning muscle!  Brooklyn Walker is back with a SUPER HOT new video in a sexy bikini!   See the clip description below, then head to Brooke’s Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, and add this sizzlin’ hot new video to your collection today!

Description: The Marilyn Monroe of Muscle is back at it again! This time in the hot sun of Shreveport Louisiana, the perfectly peaked power vixen flexes and shows off her amazing muscles like never before. In a thick, yet lean off-season shape, Brooke has that perfect combination of vascularity, leanness, and womanly sex appeal. Packing on a ton of muscle, nobody carries it in quite as sexy a way as Brooke does! Get this hot video and add it to your “Torrance” collection today!

Buns of Steel in the hot Louisiana Sun! Get this HOT new video in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio!

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Brooke – MORE MUSCLE MASS for 2020 – New Video Now Available!

Brooke getting a good pump at Wildhorse Gym – get this new video today showing Brooke’s increased muscle mass for 2020!

2020 is a NEW YEAR and that means NEW THINGS for Brooklyn T. Walker!   On the menu for Brooke….. is a LOT MORE MUSCLE!   Her first video of 2020 features her recent workout at Wild Horse Gym in STL, MO…. and she’s packing on a lot more beef in her offseason, as she prepares for her 2020 competitive season!   See the clip description below and head over to her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” to get this amazing new 4K video!

Description: Presented in 4K Ultra HD, this latest Brooke Walker, shot in early 2020, features Brooke at her biggest yet, as she’s packing on the mass for her 2020 competitive season. And in typical Brooke fashion, she’s still LEAN and HARD, even in her offseason! Deep cut abs, veiny biceps, boulder shoulders, and newly enhanced thick and meaty quads… the new Brooke V.2020 is massive muscle at it’s HOTTEST! Oh what a blast! Get this hot muscle clip today and show Brooker T some support!

Brooke the BEEFCAKE! Get this new video featuring her increased muscle mass for 2020, in her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” today!

Fans of HOT FEMALE MUSCLE – check out the NEW Brooke Walker 4K Video!

These calves are on another level! Brooke tortures her legs, and then does plenty of full body flexin!

ALL NEW!!!  –  SEXY female muscle at its finest ever!   Part 2 of Brooke Walker’s 4th Wildhorse Gym shoot is a sizzler – check out the clip description below, and head over to the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and get this sexy new clip today!

Description: Part 2 of Brooke’s insane leg workout in her 4th Wildhorse Gym Shoot… and WOW! It just doesn’t get better than this, folks! Absolutely ripped as she nears the 2019 STL Pro, her abs are deep cut, her hamstrings and glutes are poppin’, and those sexy quads and biceps have never looked better. As she terrorizes the weight room, Brooke also brings the “hot” factor like never before. The cheerleader with massive muscle that you’ve always dreamed of. Brooke “Torrance” Walker continues to raise the bar when it comes to being the queen of HOT muscle videos! Get this new one today and you’ll be happy you did!

Flexin’ and doing some full body posing in between sets. Brooke has it all!

Torry Time! New Video of Brooke Walker & Rachael Loftis Now Available!

Outstanding quads getting worked by Brooke & Rachael – get this HOT video today!

The ultimate physique girls – Brooklyn Torry Walker, and Rachael “Lofty Goals” Loftis – are back again with their final installment of their gym battle from March 2019.   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find the new clip, Brooke & Rachael at Wildhorse Gym 3, and you will be amazed at the leg strength and biceps posing on display here!   See the clip description below, and head over to Brooke’s Studio to get this HOT clip today!

Description: The 3rd and final installment of 2019’s incredible Walkerton vs. Lofty gym battle, this one is a leg lovers masterpiece! Both girls also train delts and flex some arms in this video… but the main highlight of this video is the incredible QUADS that are on display here! Loftis has long been known for her massive and perfectly shaped quads… and now Brooke is catching up with her and has even tighter conditioning at this point in her show prep. Both girls look amazing in the gym, and would go on in the months later to do extremely well in their 2019 competitions. Gym power, plus sexy posing – these 2 girls are absolutely gorgeous and super impressive! Get this one today and support Brooke’s studio!

Brooke’s ultra-wide back and powerful arms – you’ll love the NEW VIDEO in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio – click here!

BIG MUSCLE Action! New LONG Video in the Brooke Walker Studio Now Available!

NEW VIDEO now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio – get this HOT ONE today, folks! Over 16 minutes of hot muscle pumping action!

AMAZING New lengthy video now available in the Brooklyn T. Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio!   You guys are going to absolutely love this one.   This is part 2 of our big Wildhorse Gym Shoot in late 2018, where Brooke is probably at the maximum of her offseason muscle size.   I’m just going to let the clip description below tell you the rest!  Head over to Brooke’s Studio and get it today to show your support!

Description: This one is a visual stunner, folks! Brooklyn T Walker packing on some serious muscle in a lengthy gym video, with amazing up-close footage, and gorgeous stabilized footage thanks to the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace and Harmony! If you love big, full, vascular biceps, deep cut abs, big powerful quads, and huge capped delts, this is a video that you’ll never forget. Brookly “Torrance” Walker is one of the most gorgeous young physique girls on the scene today, and this video drives that point home MOST convincingly! Get this hot video today, you won’t regret it!

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Annie G joins Brooke for some sexy poolside posing. Get this amazing new video today – Brooke is RIPPED!

NEW VIDEO – Ready for some HEAT? As summer approaches, the temp warms up and so do our videos! Brooklyn T. Walker needs to chill by the pool to cool down those sizzlin’ hot muscles! In her new video, in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, Brooke is joined by her muscley friend, Anneth Gunshow, for some amazing sexy flexing. See the clips description below, and get this new video today!

Description: In a super sexy tiny bikini, Brooklyn T. Walker poses by the pool, and is joined by her friend, Anneth Gunshow! This is non-stop muscle flexing action. Brooke is massive and vascular beyond words in the hot sun. Perfectly tanned, and glistening water on her skin in the sun, this video is stunning like never before. Annie jumps in with Brooke and they compare quads, biceps, and more, and Annie shows off her excellent V-taper physique. Get this hot one today, just in time for summer!

Vascular and chiseled! Brooke is waiting for you by the pool!

Annie and Brooke having fun by the pool, showing off their hard-earned muscle! Show your support and pick up this HOT video today!

NEW Ultra-powerful Video of Brooklyn Walker at Fit Nation Gym!

Look at those crazy legs! And of course, delts so big she can’t fit thru most doors! Get this new video today in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

The ULTIMATE in strong female muscle!  Check out the newest video that Brooke Walker just added to her “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio.   Brooke is already off to her best ever start for her competitive season, finishing 2nd this past weekend at the 2019 HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship, part of the 1st Phorm STL Pro Weekend.   See the clip description below, and pick up this new video to show your support of our dear Brookey!

Description: Brooklyn shows off her award winning physique in January 2019 at Fit Nation Gym. Katie Lee shot this amazing footage of Brooke on the newest HDPhysiques Gimbal for amazing smooth and professional quality. Brooke trains hamstrings, then triceps, and more. Brooke is training here for her tremendous return to the stage and let me tell you, she’s looking big, strong, sexy, and well, literally perfect. Her biceps are bigger than ever, and those deep cut abs sure haven’t gone anywhere. Fans of female muscle in it’s most perfect form will surely love this video!

Biceps and so much more! Get this thrilling video now in the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and show your support!