Jordan Hartsell – NEW Video of EXTREME Gym Power!

Jordan has some impressively massive biceps! Head to her studio by clicking here and pick up this great new clip!

In the Jordan Hartsell Clips Studio, you’ll find a new video, the 2nd of hers from our famous 2018 “Quartet of Muscle” series, featuring Jordan, Kayleigh Padilla, Christine Moyer, & Brooklyn T. Walker.  In this one, Jordan is joined by the cute and sexy Kayleigh Padilla, and these 2 girls throw around a shit-load of weight at Wild Horse Gym.  Check out the clip description below and get this hot one today!

Description: Part 2 of Jordan Hartsell during the “Quartet of Muscle” shoot from mid-2018, and also featuring Kayleigh Padilla! Jordan is BIG and meaty and throws around serious weight in the gym in this video. First working those incredible biceps, then followed by Kayleigh and her triceps, finally Jordan works chest and delts, and legs! Her quads are massive! If you love off-season mass and extreme power, this is a clip you MUST get today!

Fellow Physique Pro, Kayleigh Padilla, joins Jordan in this amazing new clip – get it today!