NEW Muscle Challenge & Armwrestling Clips – Katie vs Beefnuggette!

An EPIC battle 5 yrs in the making! Get the HOT new MUSCLE Challenge Video between Katie and Beefnuggette – Part 1 now available in the Katie Lee Clips Studio! (Part 2 is available in Beefnuggette’s studio)

ENORMOUS ANNOUNCEMENT!   It’s the Holiday Season and that means it’s time for some VERY special offerings from HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques!    As part of our 2022 Holiday Promotion, we are proud to announce 2 new video clips NOW AVAILABLE in the TWO Clips Studios of Katie Lee & Beefnuggette!   NOTE:  these are 2 SEPARATE VIDEOS (they are not the same clip!!!).     First up, in the Katie Lee Clips Studio, we have PART 1 of the Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette 2022 Muscle Challenge WITH ARMWRESTLING – a match and a biceps battle over 5 years in the making!   That’s right – we’ve been trying to get these 2 peak princesses together since the autumn of 2017, and it’s FINALLY happened!   And as you can see here in part 1, it does not disappoint!    The first part of the video is the warmup and first segment of their gym muscle challenge, with plenty of flexing and posing built in, and then in the next segment, the first of 2 arm wrestling matches is shown (righty).   (PART 2 continues in Beefnuggette’s Clips Studio, and contains the 2nd armwrestling match (lefty) ).   This is an absolutely fabulous way to start off the holiday season, in HUGE muscle pumpin’ style!   Get BOTH of the new clips today in the Katie Lee and Beefnuggette Clips Studios!

Description:   PART 1 of the NEW SERIES that was 5 years in the making……  the Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge and Biceps Battle!    This series of videos not only includes some competitive action in the gym along with some measurements, but also the first 2 (one in Katie’s studio and one in Nuggette’s Studio), will contain ARMWRESTLING as well!   Shot just before Thanksgiving 2022, this is a series we can ALL be Thankful for as we head into the holiday season.    The action in the gym starts off this clip with both girls warming up with some light weight for chest and shoulders.   But the weight quickly escalates – we’ll see who has the strongest chest and shoulders real quick!   Both girls hits a series of beautiful flexes served up with a smile that you’ll never forget.  Then, we hit the mats for an incredible arm wrestling match that will push Cero Dos to the limits.  Will big Katie be able to keep her perfect AW record in tact?   By the size and vascularity of Beefy’s biceps, she hopes to have a big say in the matter!  Get this incredible clip today – Part 1 of the amazing Katie vs Nuggette Muscle Challenge!

Can Katie’s size overcome Beefnuggette’s advantage in vascularity and conditioning? Order this new video and decide whose biceps reign supreme! Part 1 in Katie Lee’s Studio, while Part 2 is now available in Beefnuggette’s Studio!

Katie has the confidence to go along with that muscle mass! Get the HOT NEW MUSCLE CHALLENGE clip today in the Katie Lee Clips Studio (with Part 2 available in the Beefnuggette Studio!)