Kolly Amendine – NEW VIDEO – Leg Day DESTRUCTION!

These powerful legs are taking (AND GIVING) a beating! Get the amazing new video now!

The BIG GIRL is BACK!    Part 3 of 3 in her Leg Day at Destination Dallas is complete…. and it was only appropriate to call it LEG DAY DESTRUCTION, as she destroys the weights at the famous Dallas muscle hot spot.    Kolly shows that she has a complete physique, possessing very complete legs – well balanced quads, calves, and hammies and glutes…. all in perfect proportion and HUGE size!    See the clip description below, and get this amazing new video today!    The final in the 3 part series!

Description: Tremendous Leg Power! “Special K” hits it hard at Destination Dallas Gym, and you won’t believe how those lower body muscles just want to explode. She’s got it all, folks…. the quads, the calves, the glutes, the hammies… and they all see action in this clip. She’s building world class, Olympia caliber legs! When you see these wheels, you’ll realize she means business in 2024!  Get this amazing video now and see for yourself!

Look at those crazy hammies! Thick ass legs! Get the new awesome video now!

Two Monster Beasts Train Hammies in Dallas – NEW VIDEO Now Available!

Classical Queen giving it all she’s got, as Kolly pushes her on! Get the new video today in the HDPhysiques Studio

Now available in the HDPhysiques Clips Studio, we’ve got a new release featuring the Swiss Sensation Kolly Amendine and fellow WPD Competitor, “The Classical Queen”.   Shot in Dallas after the Texas Pro Show.

Description: The Swiss Sensation, Kolly Amendine trains hamstrings and legs with the Classical Queen, who is in ripped contest shape having just competed in the Texas Pro Show!  Watching these 2 beasts in the gym is quite the spectacle! Pushing each other to the limits… this is why they are HUUUUUGE!

Get it today in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

Kolly can barely fit her massive legs on the machine! Get the new video today in the HDPhysiques Studio!

Summertime FLEXATHON – New Brooke Massive Muscle Video Now Available!

Absolute female muscle perfection! Get the HOT new Brooklyn Walker video today in her clips studio!

Hey gang, today is the day you’ve been waiting for…..  brand new Brooke Walker at her BIGGEST YET, shot just days ago here at HDP headquarters in STL Mo.    At the start of her 2022 Olympia Prep, you’ve got to see the muscle our big Brookie has put on since last season!   See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

Description: On a HOT summer day in St Louis, Brooklyn Torrance puts on a Summertime Flexathon that you’ll never forget! At the beginning of her 2022 Olympia Prep, Brooke has put on a ton of muscle in her offseason and is ready to flex it for all her fans. Of course, even in offseason, at the start of her prep, Brooke is still leaner than most girls that are just weeks away from a show. We are talking ripped abs, vascular biceps, diamond-cut calves, and much more! The jaw-dropping Marilyn Monroe of Muscle continues to wow with each new video, as her muscles continue to grow and no one flexes quite as sexy as Brooke! With perfect summertime evening lighting, this is a video you’ll definitely want to grab today!

Perfect biceps, perfect smile, massive delts – we could go on and on! Get the HOT new Brooke vid in her clips studio today!

Enormous boulder shoulders! Brooke has a supreme physique – get it today in her clips studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

ALL NEW Brooke Walker Video with Rachael Loftis Now Available!

Rachael getting a huge pump while training with big Brooke – get this awesome video today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

In the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find part 4 of the absolutely incredible matchup of Rachael Loftis & Brooke Walker at Wild Horse Gym STL!   See the clip description below, and…… if you’re a biceps lover….. add this one to your collection today!

Description: BICEPS EXPLOSION! Both girls train and flex/pose biceps extensively in this clip – if you’re a fan of biceps, THIS IS THE CLIP FOR YOU! Wow! Both girls are popping with vascularity, while they demolish the weights with their powerful peaks. This is definitely a video that you’ll want to add to your collection if strength impresses you. Rock hard, rock solid muscle – 2 of the very best, destroying Wild Horse Gym! Get this hot video today!

Brooke looking super lean and ripped – get this amazingly hot video today!