Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio – The LATEST Ultra Ripped Muscle Vid!

Ultra-ripped chest, delts, and arms – Katie Lee in supremely ripped contest-shape!

Hey gang, if you’re ready for some supreme muscle power, head over to the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio for the final installment of the “Huge Muscles in the HOT Chicago Sun” series from her 2nd season as an IFBB Pro.   See the clip description below, and then show Katie some support by picking up this new clip!

Description: The final installment of the legendary Katie Lee at the Chicago Pro during her 2nd season as an IFBB Pro, is quite amazing, folks. What else can we say – super ripped contest shape of one of the biggest most muscular girls on the scene today – you can’t get much better than this! Rock hard, well-sculpted muscle, getting all hot and sweaty in the sun and summer heat. America’s favorite muscular red head has got it all, folks – Get this hot one today!

BAM!!! Katie Lee is rock solid and on point – Get this hot new video today – click here!