Hailey Delf Week Continues with 2nd AMAZING New Video Added!

Grueling muscle workout – get Hailey’s NEW VIDEO and buy 2, get 2 for FREE!

Back to back BIG TREATS for HDP fans!  The 2nd Hailey Delf clip released this week, as she’s in CONTEST SHAPE and heading to California to compete this weekend!   You’re going to love part 2 (especially if you already picked up Part 1), as she finishes her grueling leg workout and flexes that rock hard physique like never before.  See the clip description below and head to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio and get this amazing video.  In fact, if you pick up BOTH of the 2 new videos, you can take advantage of this short term promo – Buy 2 Hailey Delf Videos – get any 2 additional videos on the site for FREE!   Just email us your receipt and tell us which 2 videos you’d like us to add for free to your account!   Show Hailey support and pick up these 2 new clips today!

Description: Part 2 of Hailey’s incredible contest shape Muscle Workout 2019! Just days away from the 2019 Legions Sports Festival, Hailey’s Pro Debut, you’ll see some tremendous leg power and more in the gym before Hailey heads to San Diego! Her quads and calves nearly pop out of her pants they are so muscular… and then she busts out more of that sexy upper body flexin for her fans, since that will always be her calling card! If you thought Part 1 was great earlier this week, then wait til you see this one! Get this hot video today! 

2 NEW Hailey Delf videos added this week! Hailey says “get them today and get 2 FREE!”