NEW Hailey Delf Contest Shape Video Now Available – RIPPED!

Perfectly shaped quads, calves, glutes, and yes, of course those massive biceps! Get the new Hailey Delf video today in the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio!

PEAKED Biceps, Ripped Legs and more!  Hailey Delf is back with her first of several “2019 Contest Shape” Videos.   See the clip description below and head over to the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Hailey Delf Clips Studio to get this amazing new SEXY video today!

Description: This is what a TRUE Professional muscle athlete looks like, folks! Wow! Hailey has spent the last 2 years building a ton of muscle, and she’s ready to take the stage soon at the 2019 Legions Sports Festival. She’s never looked this amazing before – absolutely ripped and the SHAPE is beyond imagination. Although she works quads and glutes in this clip, she also gives you plenty of flexes of those world class arms, too. She’s nice like that. Enjoy this amazing video today and show your support as Hailey makes her pro debut!

You can see her quads nearly ripping her leggings apart! Get this sexy video today, folks!