WHOA!!! Brooke Adds Part 4 of her Ultra-Ripped Crazy Contest Prep Series!

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Super ripped and ultra-sexy!   The all new Brooke video is sure to blow you away.  If you like super lean muscle girls near show time, Brooke in this series of shoots is what you want folks!   Part 4 focuses on back and biceps…. but being the sweetheart she is, she crams in plenty of full body posing and flexing as well.   See the clip description below, and then head over to the Brooke Walker Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 4 of Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep series is a tremendous showcase of upper body biceps and back power! In ripped condition, Brooke crushes the big girl weights in the gym at Wild Horse Fitness, and shows off some of her favorite exercises for back, while she poses her upper body in entirety, especially those big meaty biceps. There’s also some full body posing and with legs adequately featured of course…. and those things are looking crazy hot, too! Ripped quads, diamond shaped calves, tight glutes, and then you look up…. and goodness gracious… the most majestic upper body in the IFBB!  Get this SUPER HOT part 4 today!

Look at those powerful arms and delts! Get the new Part 4 of Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep today!

Look at those rock hard quads! Get this hot new Brooke Walker video today!