ALL NEW – Brooke Walker & Tara Brandt at Fit Nation Gym!

The ultimate in chest, delts, and arms – Brooke Walker is a work of art! Get this NEW VIDEO today in her Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

In Brooke Walker’s “Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio, you’ll find a brand new video just shot a couple weeks ago in California!   Joined by gorgeous IFBB Pro Tara Brandt for a few minutes in this clip, Brooke is at her best yet – see the description below and head to the Brooke Walker Clips Studio to get this HOT video today!

Description: In FULL 1080p HD, Brooke Walker is joined by sexy Tara Brandt for a sizzlin’ glutes and biceps workout in the incredible Fit Nation Gym in Norwalk, CA. Tara shows off those sexy legs, glutes and biceps, and of course, Brooke does the same, showing off her best “off-season” conditioning ever! Actually, when this was shot at the end of January, she was already in the early days of her 2019 Prep, and you can tell… she’s already vascular and lean as you can imagine! Perfectly peaked biceps, big thick powerful legs, gorgeous looks, and more… Brooke is the ULTIMATE female muscle specimen! Nobody has quite this combination of power and beauty – get this HOT new video today!

Ripped abs – big biceps – Brooklyn T Walker is among the greatest in the world – get this HOT video now!

NEW PROMO & New 4K Measurements Video of the MASSIVE & Ripped Jamie Pinder!

HUGE Muscular Glutes, triceps, quads, and biceps - get Jamie's MEASUREMENTS and sexy flexing in 4K VIDEO - now available in the Pinder Clips Studio!

HUGE Muscular Glutes, triceps, quads, and biceps – get Jamie’s MEASUREMENTS and sexy flexing in 4K VIDEO – now available in the Pinder Clips Studio!

Excellent new video available now in the Jamie Pinder Clips Studio!    If you wanna see truly spectacular world class legs and biceps in RIPPED deep cut conditioning, with measurements and tons of sexy flexing….. ALL in 4K VIDEO resolution – you’ve got to get this stunning clip!   Check out the description below from Jamie’s page:

Description: AMAZING 4K video – Jamie Pinder at her biggest and best! Quads straight off an anatomy chart will absolutely blow your mind. Plus, we’ve got measurements. Irina Berishnikov measures Jamie’s biceps, calves, and quads, and the measurements will be sure to impress – especially those out-of-control legs – WOW! You will not find a set of legs with deeper cuts than this. Her muscle shape just exudes extreme strength and power. Get this amazing new video today and show Jamie your support!

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2 ALL NEW Carli Terepka Vids – Massive Upper Body Power!

That textbook cheeseball smile of Carli's means she's having a blast in her element - the gym!

That textbook cheeseball smile of Carli’s means she’s having a blast in her element – the gym!

It’s arms and back day for Carli at Wildhorse Gym in St. Louis!   Today, new in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio, you will find 2 new clips of Carli pumping up those sexy biceps and more, as she trains hard in her offseason.  You’re going to love these 2 new clips…. featuring some strong weight training with some hot posing!   Get to Carli’s studio now and support one of the sport’s rising stars!

Description:  Working biceps and shoulders, Carli is looking huge and strong! Here, in her offseason, she is MASSIVE (in a GOOD WAY) and loves showing off that amazing muscle. Sporting some of the best biceps and shape in Women’s Physique, Carli shows that she will be a force to be reckoned with in her 2018 Pro Debut Season. Be on the lookout! Get these new clips today and support Carli as she begins her journey as one of the newest IFBB Pros!

NEW AUTUMN SWANSEN – Ripped Muscle Blast at Decatur Gym

Check out those razor sharp abs!  Get the new Autumn Swansen video from Decatur Gym (part 1) today!

Check out those razor sharp abs! Get the new Autumn Swansen video from Decatur Gym (part 1) today!

ALL NEW video in the spectacular Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!  Check out Autumn weeks before the Olympia in pretty incredible shape and she approaches the biggest show in the land!  Awesome upper body training, featuring Autumn at her best…. those awesome biceps, triceps, and DEEP cut abs – get this awesome video today!

AWESOME new Jamie Pinder Muscle Blasting Video!

Fans of RIPPED and sexy muscle, check this out! Jamie Pinder has added Part 5 of her Ripped Contest Shape Prep clips to her Jamie Pinder Clips Studio page!  In this clip, Jamie works her upper body, perfecting every square inch of her massive muscular upper body.  Delts, triceps, back, and of course, those vascular and ripped biceps!  Support Jamie by buying her clips today!

Kass Kemmis with a New Video Training Shoulders/Arms

Today, there’s a new video in the Kassie Kemmis’ Crazy Calves Studio featuring Kass training her shoulders and arms. How is it possible for someone to be this CUTE and muscular at the same time? Her excellent body is sexy beyond words and she will no doubt be a threat to win any show she enters in 2017!

NEW Measurements Video of MASS MONSTER Katie Lee and her 17″ Guns!

Measurements and Sexy Posing - what more can you ask for, folks! Get this amazing new video today in the Katie Lee's Peak Power Studio!

Measurements and Sexy Posing – what more can you ask for, folks! Get this amazing new video today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

Katie just sent us another amazing video of her recent trip to Florida with fellow HDPhysiques spokesperson, Anneth Gunshow! And this one is special, folks! First, Annie runs the camera while Katie does some freestyle posing, showing off her ever-growing muscles! Then, Annie jumps in and does ALL NEW Measurements of Katie’s massive money-makers, and more! So, in one clip, you’ll get Katie posing and flexing, plus new measurements of the biceps, wide back, and quads. Get this new video today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio! Enjoy, the ultimate Queen of Peak, folks!