2 ALL NEW Carli Terepka Vids – Massive Upper Body Power!

That textbook cheeseball smile of Carli's means she's having a blast in her element - the gym!

That textbook cheeseball smile of Carli’s means she’s having a blast in her element – the gym!

It’s arms and back day for Carli at Wildhorse Gym in St. Louis!   Today, new in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio, you will find 2 new clips of Carli pumping up those sexy biceps and more, as she trains hard in her offseason.  You’re going to love these 2 new clips…. featuring some strong weight training with some hot posing!   Get to Carli’s studio now and support one of the sport’s rising stars!

Description:  Working biceps and shoulders, Carli is looking huge and strong! Here, in her offseason, she is MASSIVE (in a GOOD WAY) and loves showing off that amazing muscle. Sporting some of the best biceps and shape in Women’s Physique, Carli shows that she will be a force to be reckoned with in her 2018 Pro Debut Season. Be on the lookout! Get these new clips today and support Carli as she begins her journey as one of the newest IFBB Pros!