The 2nd Installment of Brooke – Contest Shape in the Dungeon – Now Available!

Brooke’s massive pecs, nearly popping out of her top! Get this hot video today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio!

Hey gang, we’ve got a great new video to release today….. Part 2 (of 3) of Brooke Walker in CONTEST SHAPE at the Dungeon Gym, the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show, when both Brooke and Carli Terepka went nuts and destroyed the gym in St Louis!   Available now in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find part 2, (as well as part 1 a few videos back), of this epic day.   See the clip description below and head over to Brooke’s page to show your support as she prepares for the 2021 Physique Olympia!

Description: On the epic day of contest shape shoots of both Brooke Walker & Carli Terepka, this is Brooke’s 2nd video (of 3 total), and shows Brooke’s quads, biceps, and back at their most ripped! By far at her biggest size and conditioning yet, “Big Torrance” tears up the Dungeon like never before! She does some sexy muscle posing for both video and stills, showing off an absolutely world class, Olympia level physique! Show your support for Brookie and pick up this excellent clip today!

Look at that absolutely PERFECT back! Get Brooke’s amazing new clip today!

Brooke has sexy posing down to a science! Get this hot new video today by clicking here!

Shot Just 2 Days Ago – Brooke Walker – In Her Own Words!

Even the other pros in attendance were wowed by Brooke’s powerful physique! Get this unique video today at the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

From just days ago at the 2021 NPC Midwest Workshop, Brooke was a featured guest speaker and posing artist at the Seminar, and wowed the audience with her amazing phsyique and interesting story.   While most videos are strictly posing and flexing vids, this one gives you a unique look into Brooke’s background, her personality, and her dedication to her sport.  Head over to the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio and show your support today!

Description: The “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle” recently qualified for the Olympia, and was asked to come speak at the 2021 NPC Midwest Workshop, held in late August at Wild Horse Fitness in STL. Brooke tells her unique story, shares some advice, and then performs some example physique posing for the audience, as NPC Midwest Chairman Jack Titone takes Brooke thru a posing sequence. Brooke’s complete physique wowed the audience, as she educated the new competitors on how to properly present a physique. Obviously, while she tells her story to the crowd, her biceps and delts look crazy HUGE, as she’s just 6 weeks away from her Olympia debut! Get a copy of this unique video today and show Brooke your support!

Get this unique video today at the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio – click here!

BIG ASS BICEPS! All New Katie Lee Video Now Available in her Peak Power Studio!

Cero Dos Cuattro putting in the heavy work at Powerhouse Gym! Get this hot new video today in Katie’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio!

Fans of biceps queen, Katie Lee, will LOVE the new clip she just added to her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!   This one is another thriller from the shoot that occurred just a few months ago at Powerhouse Gym in MD.   See the clip description below, and head to Katie’s store to pick this one up today!  You won’t regret it!

Description: In 4K HIGH RESOLUTION! Part 2 of Cero Dos destroying the weights at Powerhouse Gym in Hanover, MD. At an awesome size and weight, Katie is strong and fierce in the gym, and of course makes flexing and posing those amazing muscles a priority! And despite being known for her legendary biceps, one of the things that really stands out in this clip is her overall impressive upper body balance and mass. Those delts are among the best we’ve ever seen. And the tricep thickness is equally there to match the legendary biceps. There’s really nothing left that can be said about Katie’s physique. Bottom line, this is a video that ALL Katie Lee fans will enjoy adding to their collection!

That’s a THICK ASS Tricep! Get the new Katie Lee video from Powerhouse gym in MD, today in her Peak Power Studio! Click here!

Katie’s thick n meaty biceps. Never looked better! Get the hot new clip today in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio!

ALL NEW – Contest Shape CARLI & BROOKE! Sensational SHREDDED Muscle Challenge!

Ripped triceps! This is a great video to see just how impressive big and ripped Carli is! Get this hot one today!

Part 2 of Carli in Contest Shape at the Dungeon is now available.  This time with even more footage of a dual posing session with fellow physique blonde, Brooklyn T. Walker.  See the clip description below, and head over to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to get this latest amazing video from the HDPhysiques.TV Clips Store!

Description: Your 2 favorite blonde muscle girls are back at it in the gym…. this time it’s Part 2 of Carli’s series, of “contest shape in the gym” – filmed the day after she won the 2021 STL Pro, and with friend Brooke Walker, who was 2 weeks out from her show at that point. First they do some dual posing, before Carli breaks out on her own for some arm work…. and wow, does she look phenomenal! Absolutely shredded… those biceps veins are POPPING – and her massive peaks are almost fake looking they are so freaky! You already know. If you’re a fan of GORGEOUS female muscle, this is a no brainer to pick up this clip today!

Nowadays Carli is getting recognized as someone with some of the best biceps peaks in the sport – get this clip and see for yourself!

If you’re in the mood for more Brooke after seeing her in the new Carli video, check out what everyone is talking about over at PremiumPhysiques – a new page from just this past weekend, Brooke WINS her pro show in Phoenix, qualifying her for the Olympia, along with STL Pro Winner Carli! Join PremiumPhysiques for more of BOTH girls!

Tremendous NEW SUPER SEXY Studio Shoot in the Brooke Walker Studio!

Brooke may in fact have the best abs we’ve ever seen. But wait…. Carli joins in to compare! What do you think?

Hey gang!   It’s Brooke’s turn once again to follow up Carli with Part 2 of their legendary Evocative Studios shoot that took place just a couple months ago in St. Louis.   After the STL Pro, which Carli won, Brooke and Carli got together for both some studio shoot action as well as some phenomenal gym work.   This final segment (2 already released in Carli’s store, and 1 already released in Brooke’s store), is now available in Brooke’s Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, and this one may be the best segment yet!    Muscle fans of all generations will enjoy watching their muscle comparisons and focus on extreme female muscle!   See the description below and head to Brooke’s Studio to get this hot one today!

Description: Part 2 of the SEXIEST STUDIO SHOOT of ALL TIME! Brooke is joined by fellow WPD competitor Carli Terepka, right off the stage from her STL Pro win, and what results is without question one of the best videos you’ll ever buy! We just saw Carli’s SECOND sexy studio clip from the day after, with a special guest appearance by Brooke. Now, once again, it’s time to feature Brooke, with a special guest appearance by Carli for some abs, legs and biceps comparisons! This one is perhaps even hotter than the last! Carli wearing a tiny thong bikini, with Brooke in some sexy daisy dukes, and both girls in insane shape! Brooke was just 2 weeks out from her 2021 debut in Shreveport, LA, so she was able to match “day after” Carli pose for pose. Which girl has the better biceps? Better quads? Better abs? All we know is this…. the fans of GORGEOUS blonde female muscle is who WINS in this contest! Show your support for Brooke and get this hot video today!

Having just competed the day before, Carli may have a slight advantage on vascularity. But… Brooke, at 2 weeks out, has something to say about that!

Truly a complete physique! Brooke has it all – Get this hot new video today!

Part 2 of Carli’s RIPPED AF SEXY Studio Shoot NOW Available!

More of the EPIC comparisons of Carli vs Brooke’s muscles! Get it today in the latest video in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio!

Hey femuscle fans!  Today is the day you’ve been waiting for….. Part 2 of Carli Terepka’s Contest shape super sexy studio shoot, from the day after her pro win in STL in early May.   See the clip description below, and head to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio today to get this AMAZING new video!

Description: Part 2 – the one you’ve been waiting for! More CONTEST SHAPE Ripped and shredded Carli in Part 2 of her Evocative Studios shoot, the day after her first pro win, and Olympia qualification, at the 2021 St. Louis Pro Show! Dominating the field, Carli was an anatomy chart of female muscle as she commanded attention on the stage. In the studio the next day, Carli is joined by a similarly conditioned Brooklyn T Walker, and another minute and a half of pose-down at the end of this epic video! If you truly want to see the best of the best female muscle on the planet… this is a MUST GET! Thong bikini, massive muscles, peeled conditioning… what more could you ask for! Support Carli by picking up this thrilla today!

Massive, Veiny, Powerful. Carli at her best ever! Get this new one today!

HUGE hamstrings, chiseled calves, tight glutes…. Carli’s lower body is just as impressive as her huge biceps! Get this new video today!

Katie Lee Returns and Demolishes PHG in Maryland!

Cero Dos (Katie Lee) flexing those all-time legendary guns! Get the hot new gym blasting video today!

We’ve got a brand new video today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!   Katie with a perfect mix of muscle size and conditioning takes her training and posing to Powerhouse Gym in Hanover, MD, and tears up the weights all over the floor!   See the clip description below, and get this awesome new video today!

Description: Cero Dos in some BIG TIME muscle pumping action, from the top gym in the DC/Baltimore area – Powerhouse Gym Hanover, MD! Sporting an ideal combination of size and conditioning, Cero Dos compliments her heavy lifting workout with her trademarked muscle posing PERFECTION! This is definitely a HOT video that you don’t want to miss. Add it to your shopping cart now!

Despite no longer competing in shows… Katie trains for maximum biceps! Get this awesome new clip today!

Her powerful quads also get some love and attention in the new video – get it today in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!

Ready for Some SUPER RIPPED Female Muscle? New Video of Brooke & Carli in the Dungeon!

Big Beefy Biceps, served up with the prettiest of Marilyn Monroe smiles. Get Brooke’s hot new video today in her Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio – click here!

We’ve got a CRAZY HOT new video to release today, folks!  Over in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll see a brand new video entitled, “Contest Shape Brooke in the Dungeon 2021 – Part 1”.   I’m telling you, fellas, this is Brooke at her BEST yet (which is obviously saying something…. as she has always been phenomenal and just continues to get better and better).   Absolutely shredded and ripped, just 2 weeks from the Optimum Classic here, Brooke is joined by 2021 STL Pro winner, Carli Terepka, for some double posing of 2 of the hottest blondes in all of the female muscle industry!   See the clip description below, and head over to Brooke’s Studio to get the new clip today!

Description: On the epic day of contest shape shoots of both Brooke Walker & Carli Terepka, this is Brooke’s first video (of 3 to come), and also features Carli as a guest star, as the two ripped blondes do muscle comparisons and show how truly impressive they are. Brooke first starts with legs, as her quads are now by far, at their greatest size, strength, and conditioning yet! Then some upper body work with phenomenal posing, before hitting full body comparisons with “T-Rep”. If you’re a fan of SUPREMELY RIPPED superior female muscle talent… this is a MUST GET video right away, folks!

There’s a reason she’s called “Literally Perfect”…. holy crap, look at that physique! Get Brooke’s hot new video today!

This is a video of truly epic proportions. Check out the comparison footage of Brooke vs Carli. Who you got? Get this hot new vid NOW!

BRAND NEW – RIPPED Contest Shape Gym Shoot of Carli Terepka in The Dungeon!

Carli’s legs are absolutely peeled! This is the day after the show, and she was ripped to the bone! Get this HOT new video today!

ALL NEW!  Part 1 of 3 to come….. Carli is back with a WORLD CLASS new video of her immense gym strength and power, showing off her ripped physique the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show, where she WON and got Olympia-qualified for this fall’s coming contest.   See the clip description below, and then head over to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to show your support and add this video to your collection.  SHREDDED and RIPPED…..  sexy blonde muscle – the best!

Description: STUNNINGLY POWERFUL and RIPPED MUSCLE! Part 1 of Carli’s new series from her Pro Show Winning Weekend in STL from May 2021, Carli in the Dungeon…. features the newly qualified Olympian athlete throwing around weights in the Dungeon Gym along-side fellow pro Brooke Walker, the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show, and she has never looked better folks. Absolutely massive, having put on a SHIT TON of size during the 2020 pandemic, Carli came into 2021 on a mission, and wow, did she ever succeed! You’ll see what we mean, as she takes you through this epic training session featuring both upper and lower body. This clip starts with biceps, then moves into quads (FEATHERED and SHREDDED!), and some sexy full body posing. This is the first in a 3-part series… and believe me folks, you’re gonna want them all! Add this to your amazing collection today and show Carli your support!

Massive veins popping out of her arms. Shredded and ripped. Carli looking better than ever in this new video, from the day after her pro show win!

Tremendous NEW Katie Lee Video Now Available – Enormous Biceps & More!

Arms that huge can only mean ONE thing – NEW Katie Lee Video now available in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

Looking as MASSIVE and STRONG as ever, Katie “024” Lee, presents part 5 (of 5) from her 2020 Wild Horse Workout during the pandemic.   Check out the clip description below, and head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio” to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 5 of 5! Presented in 4K resolution, Katie’s final installment of her HUGE offseason workout at Wildhorse during the Pandemic must be seen by all fans of female muscle! Perhaps she saved the best for last for this clip in the series… those arms are popping HUGE, in addition to showing off her tremendous back, chest, and delts. Yes, she shows off some strength in the gym, but the main attraction here is her posing of that massive physique. We got some killer close-ups of those massive biceps… so huge your eyes will pop out of your head! Pop this one into your shopping cart right now and enjoy!

Those softball sized chunks of granite for biceps – there’s nothing better! Get the new 024 video today in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

Ripped chest, mountainous biceps and delts, and rock hard muscle everywhere! Get the new Katie Lee video today!