ALL NEW – Brooke Walker & Tara Brandt at Fit Nation Gym!

The ultimate in chest, delts, and arms – Brooke Walker is a work of art! Get this NEW VIDEO today in her Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

In Brooke Walker’s “Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio, you’ll find a brand new video just shot a couple weeks ago in California!   Joined by gorgeous IFBB Pro Tara Brandt for a few minutes in this clip, Brooke is at her best yet – see the description below and head to the Brooke Walker Clips Studio to get this HOT video today!

Description: In FULL 1080p HD, Brooke Walker is joined by sexy Tara Brandt for a sizzlin’ glutes and biceps workout in the incredible Fit Nation Gym in Norwalk, CA. Tara shows off those sexy legs, glutes and biceps, and of course, Brooke does the same, showing off her best “off-season” conditioning ever! Actually, when this was shot at the end of January, she was already in the early days of her 2019 Prep, and you can tell… she’s already vascular and lean as you can imagine! Perfectly peaked biceps, big thick powerful legs, gorgeous looks, and more… Brooke is the ULTIMATE female muscle specimen! Nobody has quite this combination of power and beauty – get this HOT new video today!

Ripped abs – big biceps – Brooklyn T Walker is among the greatest in the world – get this HOT video now!

NEW Katie Lee and Tara Brandt Video in Tara’s Studio – PLUS New Promo Announced!

Katie makes a guest appearance in the Tara Brandt Clips Studio – get their HOT new clip today and enjoy these massive biceps!

SEXY Muscle Girls Tara Brandt and Katie Lee have a thrilling new HOT muscle workout video in the Tara Suzanne Clips Studio!  You’re gonna love this combination!   Plus, we have a NEW Promotion to announce (see details below).  Buy both new videos from Fit Nation (one in the Katie Lee Studio and one in the Tara Suzanne Studio), and get 2 other videos on the site for FREE!  See the new Tara Suzanne Clip Description below and GET this HOT new video today!

Description: Super Sexy Tara Suzanne is making her comeback in 2019. And here she is getting her workout on with massive Katie Lee! These 2 look absolutely amazing on camera from this January 2019 Fit Nation Shoot during the LA Fit Expo weekend. Tara’s got those world class glutes and legs, while Katie shows off her epic and worldwide famous mountainous biceps, chest, and back! Outstanding muscle all the way around by these 2 gorgeous and powerful females. Show your support for Tara getting back in the game, by picking up this HOT clip today!

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Cute and sexy! NEW video in the Tara Suzanne Brandt Clips Studio – get it today as part of our Tara and Katie Promotion!

Get BOTH the new videos in the Katie Lee and Tara Suzanne Clips Studios, and get 2 FREE! See the details of our new Promotion to redeem your 2 free videos!

Katie Lee’s MASS MUSCLE Blast at Fit Nation 2019 – NEW VIDEO Now Available!

Amazing NEW VIDEO in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio – Katie at Fit Nation 2019 – Part 1!

Hey gang, as you may have seen at PremiumPhysiques, we recently had some MONSTER shoots with an epic muscle trio of Katie Lee, Brooklyn Torrance Walker, & Tara Suzanne Brandt at Fit Nation Gym in California, during the recent 2019 LA Fit Expo Weekend.   If you’re ready for some powerful massive muscle, you’re gonna love the clips to come in all 3 girls clips studios!  Today, we are starting off with the first clip of Katie “024” Lee.  See the clip description below, and head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio to pick up this amazing video today!

Description: Shot just days ago in January 2019, Katie Lee is already in her prep for 2019 pro physique shows, and she’s in her most massive shape yet! Those trademark biceps of hers hitting nearly 18″ again, and she loves to show them off and flex hard. In this clip, as Tara Suzanne and Brooklyn Walker video her, Katie trains back, biceps, and legs and flexes her complete physique at the world famous Fit Nation Gym. If you’re a fan of the Red Rocket, this is a MUST GET video to show your support for Katie as she begins her 2019 season!

HUGE muscles! Katie begins her 2019 Prep and she’s bigger and better than ever. Get this new video today at the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!

Ultimate PEC-POWER – Beefnuggette with a NEW Massive Muscle Clip!

The ultimate pec power – get this amazing new Beefnuggette video today!

If you’re in the mood for powerful pecs, you’ve got to see the NEWEST video in the studio of Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren – this one is perhaps the best one yet in the “After Hours Gym Work” Series.  See the description below, and get this hot video today!

Description: Folks – you’ve gotta get this one! Beefnuggette is out of control HUGE and powerful in this clip! If you’re into absolutely MASSIVE arms, freaky vascularity, ripped abs, and enormously powerful pecs, this is the one to get! Part 3 of the “After Hours Gym Work” series must be seen to be believed!

Massive delts, biceps, and chest – get this awesome new beefnuggette video today by clicking here!

Brooklyn Delivers Again! Awesome NEW CLIP with Measurements!

Look at that tremendously ripped body! Gorgeous Brooke is back again with another tremendous video – get it now!

Tremendously muscular and ripped Brooklyn Torrance Walker is back with an outstanding NEW VIDEO shot less than a month ago, at Wildhorse Fitness in Ballwin MO.   Brooke has never looked better, and this new video, with NEW MEASUREMENTS, is one of her best yet!   See the clip description below, and then head to Brooke’s Arkansas Ranger Studio and pick up this excellent video today!

Description: Part 1 – MEASUREMENTS! Brooklyn T. Walker in late Dec 2018 from Wildhorse Gym in Ballwin, MO. Torrance has never looked better and in this hot pink and blue outfit, she’s looking more muscular than ever. And even though she’s not technically in a contest diet here, she might as well be, as she’s looking VERY lean and ripped. Her deep-cut abs are prominent throughout the video, and her rock hard chest and biceps get the ultimate workout. To top it off, she offers up her latest measurements on camera and smiles with confidence. Perhaps the most “complete” and well put-together, well balanced, muscle woman on the scene today. If you’re a fan of GORGEOUS and ultra-muscular blondes, this is one you should definitely add to your shopping cart!

Those legs keep getting bigger and bigger – click here to get this new video and see Brooke’s measurements!

Muscle Beauties Unleases the Muscle “Behr”! Get this HOT Video Today!

Behr is SEXY and muscular – get this hot video today from the Muscle Beauties Studio!

The Muscle Beauties Studio releases an all-new muscle star, Behr Berensmeyer!   On their Muscle Beauties Clips Studio page, you’ll see the newly added clip and notice how this very gorgeous muscular blonde has some of the finest muscle shape around.   And flexing is what they do best at Muscle Beauties!  Check out the clip description below, and then head over to the Muscle Beauties Studio to get this one today!

Description: Muscle Beauties has an instant classic here, folks! They’ve done it again, managing to find some beautiful undiscovered talent. Check out Behr Berensmeyer – a gorgeous blonde bombshell with perfectly peaked biceps! She’s got great upper body muscle all around, and Muscle Beauties gets her flexing like crazy! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up now!

Nice biceps, and great shape – Behr has a great look – find her today in the Muscle Beauties Clips Studio!


NEW VIDEO – Tara Suzanne Starts Her Comeback!

Training hard and getting back into shape – we can’t wait to see Tara’s transformation – get this new video of this sexy stunner today!

The GORGEOUS and nicely muscled Tara Suzanne is back, folks!   The first video in a series to come, documenting TS’s return to the stage in 2019.   This former Womens Physique Pro has lost a little size in her 4 year layoff, so she’s first returning as a figure competitor…. and we’ll see where she goes from there.  This oughtta be good, folks!   See the clip description below, and show your support by purchasing her videos today!

Description: The ultra-gorgeous and sexy Tara Suzanne, IFBB Womens Physique Pro, is now on a mission – Comeback 2019! This time, she’s coming back as a figure pro, as she’s got a little less size from when she last competed 4 yrs ago. But you’ll quickly see how she has the proper focus in the gym to make another great transformation. Many great shoots scheduled on the way, as we document her journey back to the stage. She’s getting bigger, leaner, and all the while, having some of the most gorgeous looks in all the sport. Get this video today to show your support at TSB begins her journey back!

NEW Cero Dos Cuattro – Big 18″ Biceps Video NOW available!

Get this AMAZING and super HOT new video of Katie's 18" guns today!

Get this AMAZING and super HOT new video of Katie’s 18″ guns today!

Katie Lee is back again with a HOT posing video from the 2018 Olympia.   In the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio, you’ll see the new video entitled:  Katie Lee’s Flexathon from the 2018 Olympia – it’s a hot feature in Full HD 1080p.   See the description below and get this video to support Katie today!

Description: In high quality 1080p Full HD Video, Katie Lee flexes and poses hard in this “FlexaThon” at the 2018 Olympia Weekend. Those biceps have never looked bigger and meatier than here, folks. Absolutely shocking size and power, especially for Womens Physique – can we talk Katie into doing full Bodybuilding in 2019? Take a look at this video and let us know what you think! In our estimation, this world class physique can do whatever she wants! Mind-blowing muscle to say the least – show your support today by picking up this high quality clip, shot with the HDPhysiques gimbal of peace and harmony!

Look at that THICK and powerful wide back!

Look at that THICK and powerful wide back!

Click here to go to Katie Lee's Peak Power Clips Studio and get this hot new video!

Click here to go to Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio and get this hot new video!

NEW Brooke Walker 4K Masterpiece – Shot just 3 days ago – GET IT NOW!

These arms have never looked better, folks - get this new video today in the "Walker-Atkansas Ranger Clips Studio"

These arms have never looked better, folks – get this new video today in the “Walker-Atkansas Ranger Clips Studio”

You guys aren’t going to believe the brand new video of Brooklyn “Torrance” Walker in her Clips Studio today!   This was shot just days ago here in in St. Louis, MO (HDP HQ).  Just check out the screenshots, read the description below, and then get over to her store and buy this thing to show your support!

Description: Brooklyn Torrance Walker – in this Christmas 2018 shoot from “The Dungeon” Titone Pro Gym – is showing off muscle like NEVER before! Brooke continues to get HUGE and already leaning up for possible runs at shows in 2019. Biceps and delts looking bigger and thicker than ever (plus vascularity). Then, her area of biggest improvement – those sexy RIPPED legs! Her quads have gotten WAY bigger since 2018. Plus, she loves to throw some heavy ass weight around, so clearly she does that here. Shot with the amazing HDPhysiques gimbal for maximum video quality, as well as using 4K format for max resolution, we can assure you, you’ll see Brooke better than ever before – get this UNREAL video today and show your support to Brookie by purchasing her videos!

Look at these tremendous screen caps of the latest video?   Support Paige Beefnuggette Sandgren by getting this clip today!

Look at these tremendous screen caps of the latest video? Support Paige Beefnuggette Sandgren by getting this clip today!

NEW – Re-mastered Shannon Courtney at Crystal Cove in 1080p Full HD!

Stunningly sexy Shannon with "the look" - huge muscle, and gorgeous model quality looks - get this spectacular new compilation video today!

Stunningly sexy Shannon with “the look” – huge muscle, and gorgeous model quality looks – get this spectacular new compilation video today!

In the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, you’ll find a brand new compilation feature of Shannon in her prime!  From 2013, 2 weeks before her pro-card winning weekend, Shannon is ripped and HUGE beyond belief!  This compilation from PremiumPhysiques (formerly TanyaFitness) is our 2nd in an upcoming string of re-releases of Shannon’s PRIME YEARS footage, re-mastered in 1080p Full HD, and re-cut, re-edited, to a higher standard.   See the clip description below from her page, and get this HOT video today!

Description: NEWLY REMASTERED in 1080p FULL HD! – As promised a few months ago, we are re-packaging, re-editing, re-mastering, and re-releasing some of the Shannon Courtney greatest shoots from her prime in 2013-2014. This latest effort, a compilation from the PremiumPhysiques (formerly TanyaFitness) shoot at Crystal Cove, Shannon at this point was just 2 weeks out from her pro-card winning weekend at the 2013 NPC USA Championships. Massive and ripped doesn’t even begin to describe it! And all this muscle and definition at just 22 years old! This is a MUST get for collectors of the best female muscle. And of course, a MUST GET for anyone who simply loves gorgeous, young, ultra-muscular women! Legs, Biceps, chest….etc…. she’s got it all – so get this spectacular compilation today in newly remastered 1080p!

Among the best female quads ever caught on tape!  Go to the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio and get this amazing video today!

Among the best female quads ever caught on tape! Go to the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio and get this amazing video today!

Get this amazing compilation of Shannon Courtney at Crystal Cove and treat yourself to some muscular magic!

Get this amazing compilation of Shannon Courtney at Crystal Cove and treat yourself to some muscular magic!