Big Muscle Mass Vid Added – Katie Lee Strikes Again!

Arms and Chest! Fans of Katie are gonna love this amazing new video – get it today!

Katie Lee fans will LOVE this update, folks!   If you like big muscled red-heads with tremendous biceps, the fabulous Katie Lee is back with a brand new video in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!   See the clip description below, then head over to Katie’s Studio and get this mass monster posing and workout clip today!

Description: PART 4 of 5 – in 4K High Resolution Video! Big Cero Dos Cuattro is back in Part 4 of her massive 2020 Workout at Wild Horse Gym. Freakin HUGE is no understatement! Katie’s arms and chest, back and triceps, are bigger than ever, poppin’ like never before! If you’ve been impressed with parts 1-3, you’ll love this one, because they keep getting better in this 5-part series. Beauty, biceps, and female muscle power served up with a smile. What more can you ask for?  Get this hot one today and show Katie some love!

Absolutely massive! Get the new Katie video today for the best biceps on the planet, and much more!

NEWLY Remastered Shannon Courtney Compilation Video Added!

The massive quad sweep is 2nd to none! Get this insane new Shannon Courtney Compilation today in her Clips Studio now!

At her BIGGEST and MOST MUSCULAR!  Fans have long asked for a compilation of this shoot, and we did it with newly remastered color & editing here.   Visit the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio to purchase this amazing video…. and see the clip description below.   Enjoy one of the most incredible muscle specimens to come along in female bodybuilding history!

Description: A very special video – because it’s Shannon at the BIGGEST of her BIG days…. this was late Spring 2014, and at the time, she was in prep for her 2nd season as a competitive pro bodybuilder. So, she quite simply, is MASSIVE and ripped in this video. After turning pro and finishing unexpectedly very high at the 2013 Tampa Pro (her pro debut) she took a long offseason to build, and wow, did she ever build! Shortly after this shoot, Shannon decided to hang up the posing suits for good and turn to other competitive athletics. If you’re a fan of massive female bodybuilders, along with gorgeous looks, sexy posing, and more… this is the pinnacle of it all, folks!  This is the compilation from the “Shannon Courtney 3” page at HDPhysiques. So, don’t expect anything new… this is just compiled into one convenient video, and has been newly remastered with 2021 technology, so the picture quality should be better than what we originally gave you in 2013. Enjoy it today!

Is there anyone finer? Will there ever be another? Shannon is a one-of-a-kind freak! Get this video now and see her at her biggest, Summer 2014!

New MASS MUSCLE Gym Clip of Enormous Taylor Smuck!

Massive arms…. enormous quads. Taylor is a muscle FREAK! Get this amazing new video today!

Hey gang!   There’s a new video today available in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   See the clip description below and don’t miss this great value of a gym clip.   HUGE, powerful, meaty muscle!

Description: Taylor is adding more muscle mass than you can possibly imagine! The size she is putting on is freaky! This latest workout clip from Taylor’s offseason shows incredible gymwork as she trains biceps, triceps, and more. Her quads, even though not being trained here, nearly bust through her leggings as they have gotten so enormous. If you love big meaty muscle girls getting freaky big and strong, look no further than this clip! Nearly 8 minutes for only $5.99 – get it today to show Taylor your support!


Valentine’s Day MUSCLE BOMB! New Brooke Walker Vid Now Available!

Outrageously SEXY abs! Look at that! Get the hot new video today by clicking here to go to Brooke’s Clip Studio!

It’s Valentine’s Weekend, and Brooke Walker dressed up in the sexiest RED bikini ever, to show you her latest progress as she aims to return to the stage this summer!    See the clip description below, and then head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio for one of the most amazing muscle clips you’ll ever see!

Description: Presented in STUNNING 4K picture quality, Brooke celebrates Valentine’s Day in a HOT RED BIKINI! This video is full of ULTIMATE sexy muscle posing. Brooke is now in prep for her 2021 show season, and is looking BETTER than EVER!!! More size, and already nearing contest lean, as evident by her washboard abs, and vascular arms. We are simply running out of superlatives to describe this amazing young lady. She keeps exceeding expectations, as each new video or gallery just keeps getting better and better. Her legs are also better than ever in this video… even though she’s known for that diesel upper body, consisting of world class delts and arms. But it’s her abs that are beyond compare in this video. ROCK HARD! There’s no doubt, you’ll want to add this to your collection today!

Her LEGS are MONSTER! Get this amazing Valentine’s Day special video from Brooke’s Studio today and show your support!

Her delts and biceps are ENORMOUS! Brooke keeps getting better and better! Enjoy this Valentine’s Weekend special video in her studio by clicking here!

NEW VIDEO in the Brooke Walker Studio – Katie vs Brooke Back Challenge!

Katie looking HUGE and powerful! Who has the better physique in this ultimate muscle challenge between two of PremiumPhysiques’ top heavyweights!

Hey gang, we’ve got a HOT new thriller in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio….  Katie and Brooke battle it out at the Dungeon in a back and biceps face-off!    See the clip description below and get this awesome clip today for just $5.99!

Description: How about 2 of your favorite HDP/PP muscle girls in the same video! Over on PremiumPhysiques, we recently released the new “Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge” page… 18 videos to come on that page! But here, we have some SUPPLEMENTAL footage to that page (only seen here!), 1 in Brooke’s studio and 1 coming to Katie’s studio…. and this footage shows their back and biceps blast at the end of their workout. Both Katie and Brooke are looking HUGE and RIPPED here, and after their respective sets… spend time posing their massive muscles so that you can make your decision… who wins this amazing muscle challenge?  Stay tuned for part 2, coming to Katie’s studio!   Get this hot one today in Brooke’s Studio!

Holy COW! Look at how thick and muscular Brooke’s back is? Can she defeat Katie in this friendly muscle challenge? Order this video and see for yourself!

If you enjoy this video, stay tuned for the next one in Katie Lee’s store, as well as finding an entire shoot in the weeks ahead (18 videos total, plus photo galleries) at – JOIN NOW with a combo membership and save $5/month!

Katie Takes On Taylor – MASS MUSCLE in the Park!

Sometimes calling them “Bam & Pow”, Katie loves flexing her massive arms. Purchase this video today to show her your support!

Hey gang!  Katie Lee has a brand new video unleashed today here in her studio…. the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio, featuring her late summertime posing in the park.   She saw the success Taylor Smuck recently had with her “Mass Muscle in the Park” video release, and decided it was time to one-up her!   In Katie’s very own “Mass Muscle in the Park” (Katie actually calls her video, “Sexy SIZE in the Park”), we are treated to the usual assortment of Katie’s entertaining and sexy brand of muscle posing.   See the clip description below, and get this thrilling new release today!

Description: Filmed by Brooklyn Torrance Walker, this amazing outdoor flex-a-thon by Katie is one of her best videos for posing yet. In a thick and powerful off-season size, Katie flexes her epic huge biceps, back, delts and more, like you’ve come to expect, and throws in some her trademark smiles and hair flips to show off how she’s the ultimate combination of feminine beauty and epic muscle power! As you should know by now, Katie videos never disappoint…. and this one is no different! Whether in the sun or shade, Katie’s physique looks sPECtacular, as she flexes just for you. Get this one today!

Katie is becoming as known for her chest and delts, as much as her mammoth biceps! Get the hot new video today!

Sexy flexing – Mass Muscle in the Park – get Katie’s New Video today in her Peak Power Studio!

Part 4 of RIPPED Autumn Swansen’s 2020 Show Prep – NOW AVAILABLE!

Autumn Swansen sculpting those world class Olympian legs! Get her 4th and final “2020 Show Prep” series video today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!

In what has ended up being a VERY popular video series over the past few months…. Autumn Swansens 2020 Show Prep clips have wowed audiences worldwide.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio to download this new clip today!

Description: Part 4 of Autumn’s insanely HOT 2020 Show Prep vids – here, in the final clip of this series…she starts off with her amazing legs on the calf raises machine. Part 4 gives you a look at everything…she starts with legs, then moves to upper body, training delts, and flexing her back and arms – looking IMPRESSIVE! She still has that world class Olympian look – her physique is pretty much flawless!! If you liked videos 1-3, you’ll definitely love this one too! Support Autumn by putting this clip in your shopping cart today!

Get Autumn’s 4th and final “2020 Show Prep” series video today in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio!

Brooke Walker Adds a NEW VIDEO – Part 2 with Quyncee the Cutie!

Brooke’s massive tricep gettin’ some attention!

Over on the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips studio, you’ll find a brand new clip today…. part 2 of Brooke’s 2020 workout with figure’s rising star from the St. Louis Area…. Quyncee Shockley!   See the clip description below, and then add this one to your collection to show your support for lovely Brooklyn T. Walker!

Description: The 2nd and final clip of Brooke’s chest day with cute and powerful figure rising star, Quyncee Shockley. The girls continue to go at it in the gym pounding out some hard reps on the chest flys, and then moving on to triceps. Brooke’s big and meaty arms, and her thick powerful chest, has never looked more impressive… and the newcomer Quyncee, is no slouch either. Both girls are intense and passionate about their gym work, and you can see it in their faces. Get this one today and see if the figure girl can keep up with big bad Brooke!

Quyncee working that chest too. Both girls look great in this new clip!


New Video – Taylor’s NEW SIZE! Mass Muscle in the Park!

Look at that massive arm! Get the new Taylor Smuck video today!

MASSIVE Size gains for the “next-gen Shannon Courtney”, Taylor Smuck!   Taylor’s newest video features her flexing and posing in a tiny bikini after spending a weekend with Brooke and Katie.   She’s looking HUGE and strong!   Check out the clip description below, and head over to the Taylor Smuck Studio to show your support!

Description: After a weekend with big Katie and Brooke, Taylor was ready to do some flexing in the park, while wearing a hot, tiny bikini! We’ve never seen Taylor at this massive size before… and we must say, it is MOST impressive! Enormous biceps and quads are her main attractions, but she’s not exactly lacking anywhere else in her physique. Capped delts, huge deep cut back, lean abs, thick powerful triceps… what is there not to love here? Add this one to your collection today and show Taylor your support!

Quads like tree trunks! See those massive quads flex in the new Taylor Smuck Studio video!

Katie Lee – Offseason FREAKIN HUGE Muscle Mass – NEW VIDEO!

Measuring over 17″, Katie’s gunz are the best in the biz! Get this hot new video today!

Brand new in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio, you’ll find a brand new video from our super-long shoot earlier this year entitled “Katie Lee 2020 Offseason at Wild Horse – Freakin’ HUGE” – which we broke up into 5 parts due to length.   Today is the release of Part 3… see the description of the clip below, and be prepared to sit in amazement as you watch these enormous muscles explode on screen!  Get this hot one today!

Description: Description: PART 3 of 5 – in 4K High Resolution Video! Katie continues the destruction of Wild Horse Fitness, relentlessly punishing the weight racks with her immense strength! Fans of Biceps, Triceps, Chest and Back…essentially an upper body supernatural heatwave straight outta hell!  It was a long shoot, so we chopped it up into 5 parts. This is part 3 and it continues with the mind-blowing muscles of “Cero Dos Cuattro” in full gear. Get this one today to show Katie your support – you won’t be disappointed!

Biceps Grande’! Get this HOT new upper body blasting video (Part 3) in Katie’s “Peak Power” Studio!