NEW in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio – Katie vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge 3 – NOW AVAILABLE!

Nuggy believes her biceps are now “as good or better” than the great Katie Lee! Take a look and see for yourself. What do you think? Can Katie defeat her?

We’ve got a HUGE new clip for you guys today.   If you’re a fan of massive biceps peaks, ripped lean muscle, and gorgeous fit girls….. you’re going to LOVE part 3 of the Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge, now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!   See the clip description below, and go head to Katie’s Studio to get this amazingly HOT video today!

Description: Shot in crisp 4K video with the HDPhysiques gimbal of peace and harmony…we’ve got the final installment of the Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge that fans waited years to see! And let us tell you…. it surely did NOT disappoint! With parts 1 and 3 now available here in Katie’s Studio, and Parts 2 and 4 available in Beefnuggette’s Studio, you can now download the entire set of this incredible late 2022 encounter, with Katie almost completely back to her pre 2021 size, and with Nuggett in supremely ripped CONTEST SHAPE – sporting insane vascularity, and lean huge muscle! This particular clip specializes in biceps, triceps, and delts. So, upper body fans will totally LOVE this video!  Add this one to your shopping cart today to complete your Katie vs Nuggs Muscle Challenge set!

Katie trying to show that she’s still the all-time best PEAK Princess! What do you think? Get parts 3 and 4 of this amazing muscle challenge today (Parts 1 & 3 in Katie’s Studio, Parts 2 and 4 in Nuggett’s studio!)

Katie is still as massive and strong as ever! Should veins poppin’ and thick powerful chest flexing… she’s ready for Nuggett! Get this hot new muscle challenge clip today!

ALL NEW – ULTRA-RIPPED & SHREDDED Pre-Olympia Brooke Bikini Shoot!

Brookes ripped quads get some love in this video too! Both upper and lower body admirers alike will enjoy this incredible clip of RIPPED MUSCLE!

NOW AVAILBLE in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, we’ve got an incredible NEW Clip added from just days before the Olympia, where Brooke is in her craziest shape of all-time yet!   Ultra Shredded, super lean, mega-vascular, etc…. doesn’t even begin to describe it!   And this special 4K clip is available now in her Clips Studio for just 4 bucks!    Load up your shopping cart and show these girls some support, folks!  See the clip description below and enjoy!

Description: 4K video of a RIPPED CONTEST SHAPE Brooke just 2 weeks out from the Olympia. Shredded, ripped, vascular, and gorgeously muscular all at the same time! In the hot Florida sun, the sweat glistens as the gorgeous “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle” flexes her extreme vascular physique. Safe to say…. “The HEAT is ON!” It took the HD cameras quite a while to “cool off” after this shoot. A nice treat for just 4 bucks – add it to your collection today!

AMAZING New video in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger clips studio showing off tremendous muscle and vascularity! Get it today!

ALL NEW Melinda Lindmark – Massive Arms HUGE PUMP in Vegas!

Crazy VASCULARITY in the forearms and biceps! Melinda has FREAKY arms – get the hot new video today!

Hey gang – we are thrilled with the great feedback we’ve gotten from the new studios of Emily Nosler and Melinda Lindmark!   Today, we added an additional video to the recently added Melinda Lindmark Studio that we shot just last week in Las Vegas, NV, at the famous Dragon’s Lair Gym!   See the clip description below and head over to Melinda’s studio today to show your support for Sweden’s HOTTEST Export!

Description: Shot just last week in Las Vegas (late March 2023), we’ve got some AMAZING and intense gym footage of some of Europe’s biggest and hottest muscular arms tearing up the weight racks at Dragon’s Lair Gym! These arms are absolutely massive and Melinda trains with an intensity that we don’t see very often… she goes HEAVY! We are talking THE BIG GIRL WEIGHTS, folks! Not the little pink girly weights. She goes for max strength at all times and it makes for some great video! Watch the intensity on her face as she struggles to complete her set. No wonder her arms have grown so big!  Get this amazing thrilla today!

Vegas has rarely seen guns like these! Get the NEW Melinda Lindmark video today!

MUSCLE CHALLENGE – Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Battle in the Gym!

Beefnuggette – one of the most powerful girls around! Get the new Katie vs Beef Muscle Challenge 4 video today in Beefnuggette’s Clips Studio!

It’s time to reveal another part of the incredible fall of 2022, “Beefnuggette vs Katie Lee Muscle Challenge!” – This time, Part 4 is made available in Beefnuggette’s Clips Studio, and OH BOY!!!!  It’s a crowd pleaser for sure!   You’ve got Nuggy in contest shape, and Katie at her best yet, as she roars back to life after battling a severe illness in 2021.   See the clip description below, and head over to Nuggy’s Studio to get this hot video today!

Description: Part 4 of the EPIC Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette Muscle Challenge is finally here! This video includes more punishing biceps work, tons of massive muscle posing, and MEASUREMENTS to determine who has the best arms once and for all! They also throw in some chest and leg measurements as well. Beefnuggette may be at a slight size disadvantage simply because she was in RIPPED contest shape at the time of this video. So, she might not be as “full” as Katie, but certainly 2x as hard! 2 of your favorite mass muscle girls of all time – get this thrilling video today!

Katie’s powerful arms giving Beefnuggette all she can handle in this muscle challenge!

Katie looking LARGE and in charge! Get the new muscle challenge video – Katie Lee vs Beefnuggette – Part 4, today!


Look at that super impressive muscle size! Get the new Melinda Lindmark clips today in her new HDPTV Studio!

HUGE NEWS, folks!  Our 2nd new studio announcement this week!   You won’t believe this one, my friends.   We’ve got the incredible Melinda Lindmark Studio NOW OPEN!    Melinda is known for absolutely massive arms… and the first 4 clips now posted in her studio showcase exactly that.   The first clip shows her biceps nearly busting out of her shirt.   The next 3 show intense training and sexy posing like you’ve never seen before.  Not only are these arms enormous and powerful, but they are vascular and rock hard as well!  And to top it all off, Melinda has some of the most gorgeous looks among all young fitness models today.   It’s truly a treat for us to present this amazing Swedish Sensation.   Head over to the Melinda Lindmark Clips Studio today and fill up your shopping cart to show your support!   Let’s get Melinda off to a good start!

Also, thank you for the feedback on the new Emily Nosler Studio as well – you’ll definitely want to see those incredible 26″ quads and hammies!

These arms are INSANE! Get the hot new Melinda clips today!

Remember to check out the Emily Nosler Studio too, for some crazy quads, hammies, and glutes!

NEW STUDIO ANNOUNCEMENT! The Amazing Emily Nosler is Now Available – Check Her Out!

I’d say we have a talented lady on our hands, here, folks! Get the 4 new clips available now in the NEW Emily Nosler Clips Studio!

HUGE Day at HDPhysiques.TV, folks!    We have the incredible new studio of tremendous up & coming NPC Womens Physique Competitor, Emily Nosler!    You’re not gonna believe the shape and structure of this muscle goddess, folks!   Her 26″ quads are her calling card, and you’ll quickly see why.   But, she’s far from a one-trick pony, folks.   Her upper body also has incredible shape and despite being in her offseason, you can see NICE muscular development throughout her upper body and especially her meaty triceps and delts.   We’ve got LOTS planned with Emily in the months ahead and we are confident that you’re gonna absolutely love the content coming to her studio.   In the new Emily Nosler Clips Studio, the first 4 clips are now posted, and there is much more on the way!  And, if you like what you see, remember to check out her new page at as well!

Show Emily your support and fill your shopping cart today!

CRAZY hot physique! Look at those hammies, calves, & glutes! Get the new videos of stunning Emily today in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Remember to check out Emily’s page at too! JOIN NOW and don’t miss a thing!

Part 2 of Katie’s Comeback Vids – NOW AVAILABLE – Only for HUGE Muscle Fans!

The POWERFUL PYTHONS of Peaked Perfection are back! Get the latest Katie Lee’s “Comback” Series (Part 2) Now available in her clips studio!

Hey gang, you won’t believe the incredible new video that Katie just posted in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!   If you’re a fan of upper body mass muscle – this is the fresh one to get, folks!   Katie’s comeback from a deadly illness in 2021 is now more remarkable than ever!   Check it out today and see part 2 in her comeback series (of 3) today!

Description: Upper Body BLAST! Part 2 of Cero Dos’s Big Comeback is now here and for those who love enormous biceps, wide backs, peaked power, and thick meaty chests… this is the clip for you! Katie takes you on a tour of her upper body assets one by one, training them and then doing some EXTENSIVE posing. Having an even bigger pump than in part 1, Katie knows that her gigantic muscles are an impressive sight to see. She loves to flex and show how much bigger she is than you! With those mountainous arms, and that back that is a mile wide, there’s no doubt you’ll be intimidated standing next to this mass monster! Order this hot clip today – you won’t be disappointed!

Enormous and strong beyond words! Get the new Katie Comeback video today (Part 2 of 3) in the Katie Lee’s PEAK POWER Studio!

WHOA!!! Brooke Adds Part 4 of her Ultra-Ripped Crazy Contest Prep Series!

Look at that big thick powerful back! Get the new Brooke video today by clicking here!

Super ripped and ultra-sexy!   The all new Brooke video is sure to blow you away.  If you like super lean muscle girls near show time, Brooke in this series of shoots is what you want folks!   Part 4 focuses on back and biceps…. but being the sweetheart she is, she crams in plenty of full body posing and flexing as well.   See the clip description below, and then head over to the Brooke Walker Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 4 of Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep series is a tremendous showcase of upper body biceps and back power! In ripped condition, Brooke crushes the big girl weights in the gym at Wild Horse Fitness, and shows off some of her favorite exercises for back, while she poses her upper body in entirety, especially those big meaty biceps. There’s also some full body posing and with legs adequately featured of course…. and those things are looking crazy hot, too! Ripped quads, diamond shaped calves, tight glutes, and then you look up…. and goodness gracious… the most majestic upper body in the IFBB!  Get this SUPER HOT part 4 today!

Look at those powerful arms and delts! Get the new Part 4 of Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep today!

Look at those rock hard quads! Get this hot new Brooke Walker video today!

Steph K Adds a NEW Crazy Calves Video to Her Studio – Show Your Support Today!

Steph isn’t just calves – she’s got an awesome upper body too! After training some arms and shoulders, she flexes and shows off her hard work! Get the new video today

Hey fellas, your favorite figure calves queen is back with another video in her recently added clips studio!   In the new Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio you’ll see her final installment in her “Corner Gym” series, part 4, and this one is the strongest yet!  Those mega-sized legs ain’t messin’ around, my friends.    See the clip description below and go support Steph today!

Description: This is an awesome “has it all” video, folks! Not only does the calves queen torture her mega-monster calves with some incredible strength exercises in this video, but she also spends sufficient time working and flexing biceps, back, triceps, and delts! Steph looks awesome in this video as it was just a few weeks after her IFBB Pro show. So, in other words, she’s lean, vascular, and even still a little tanned from the show!  She’s got the thin skin, showing off tremendous vascularity which just makes those muscles pop like crazy. One of figure’s rising stars – get this one to show your support!

Tremendous calves – and they get put to the test in this video – get it today for only $4.99!

DAYUM! Look at those delts and triceps! Steph has a tremendous physique – get the hot new video today!

Enormous and SEXY Muscle! All New Sexy Studio Beefnuggette Shoot Now Available!

Absolutely massive and huge! Get the NEW Beefnuggette Video today – Ripped contest shape SEXY STUDIO SHOOT!

You guys are gonna LOVE today’s new video!   Part 3 of the stunning video series of Beefnuggette’s 2022 Sexy Studio shoot!   Wow!!!!  Check this out, fellas.  Contest shape ripped…. and HUGE massive muscles.   This clip has something for everyone…. biceps, quads, calves, back, and a pretty smile!   Head over to the Beefnuggette Clips Studio and get this masterpiece today!

Description: Vascular, ripped, and HUGE! In contest shape, Part 3 of Nuggs’ 2022 Sexy Studio shoot is now here, and this is the HOTTEST clip yet! Just take a look at the screen shots and see for yourself. Truly a magnificent physique… especially if you’re a biceps or quads lover! Plus, if you’re into large, wide, powerful backs, you should see these incredible lumps of steel! Sexy posing of one of the hottest physiques currently aiming for a pro card.  Get the latest Nuggy video today and show your support!

Perfectly split awesome biceps! Get tons of them in the new clip in Beefnuggette’s Clips Studio!

Plenty of HOT leg action in this video too! Click here to head over to Nugg’s Studio!