Brooke vs Kaitie – MASSIVE Armwrestling Challenge – NEW VIDEO!

Kaitie Hart has gotten MASSIVE after a 2 year offseason. She is ready to take on Brooke “Torrance” Walker in an armwrestling battle of the century!

We’ve got another HUGE hit on our hands here, folks!  Brooklyn T. Walker, one of the strongest girls here at HDPhysiques.TV, received an armwrestling challenge from up-and-coming Women’s Physique competitor Kaitie Hart (see her shoots at, and a new one coming to PremiumPhysiques very soon!). Needless to say, the HDP cameras captured these two getting after it, in 4K resolution no less!   See the clip description below, and head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio and pick up this western sizzler today!

Description: Presented in stunning 4K picture quality, Brooke Walker’s first arm wrestling challenge is a BEAST of a woman – the gorgeous and ultra-sexy Kaitie Hart (see her 2 shoots at, and a new one coming soon to PremiumPhysiques with added muscle mass!). This clip is SUPER awesome… the opening moments consist of Brooke training triceps, then doing some full body flexing. Then she hits biceps, (and they are HUGE now, over 15″) pumping them up and getting ready for her arm wrestling challenger. Finally, the last few minutes include 2 armwrestling matches against the super sexy and gorgeous Kait Hart. As Kaitie is considerably taller and transitioning to Womens Physique from figure, she’s going to be a huge challenge for Brooke! However, Brooke is one of the strongest girls we’ve ever seen… so… buckle up. The 2 matches here (lefty and righty) are intense and show the power of BOTH girls! Needless to say, this is a MUST GET video!

Brooke, on the other hand, is even BIGGER! Will she slam the gorgeous Kaitie down? Or will the taller biceps princess prove to be too much? Get this HOT video in Brooke’s Clips Studio today!

This is one CRAZY hot battle of biceps! Get this amazing new video in Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio today!

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Lynette has some pretty impressive guns too! Carli gets a run for her money here!

It’s an incredible day at HDPhysiques.TV, folks!    First up, there’s a brand new video of 2 hotties training at the Dungeon and Wild Horse Gyms….  that’s right, it’s Part 2 of Carli & Lynette in the Dungeon!  See the description below of this muscle challenge, and head over to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to get this one today!

Description:  Description: PART 2 – Carli Terepka invited guest Lynette Audrey to do some gym work in St. Louis (HDPhysiques HQ). Hosted in both Wild Horse Fitness and The Dungeon Gym, these 2 exchange flexes and power through their workouts – this time for biceps, triceps, calves, an d more. Both girls are in their offseason, but still looking very hard and muscular. The perfect combo of offseason “thickness” and rock hard muscle power. If you like girls with big ass arms, this is one video you’re sure to enjoy! Get this one today, folks!

Next is the HUGE news (figuratively and literally….) of an EXCLUSIVE FREE minute & a half video of Katie’s new BICEPS MEASUREMENTS as they get close to 18″ inches!   It is ONLY AVAILABLE by the following 3 ways:   1) – buy 2 videos from the Katie Lee Clips Store;  2) – buy 3 videos from any combination of studios here at the Female Muscle Store, and 3) – Joining PremiumPhysiques with a 3 month membership!   We’ll give you a sneak peak of these MASSIVE guns in the photo here…. but you have to show your support in one of the 3 ways above to get this exclusive clip for Katie Lee supporters!   Email us when you’ve got your receipt from CCBill/PayPal, and we’ll forward you the new video!  Promo runs Feb 20 through March 31 – new purchases only!

After a big pump, Katie’s arms are nearing 18″ once again! Get this EXCLUSIVE video by purchasing some clips here at HDPhysiques.TV or joining PremiumPhysiques! It won’t be available anywhere else!

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Brooke – MORE MUSCLE MASS for 2020 – New Video Now Available!

Brooke getting a good pump at Wildhorse Gym – get this new video today showing Brooke’s increased muscle mass for 2020!

2020 is a NEW YEAR and that means NEW THINGS for Brooklyn T. Walker!   On the menu for Brooke….. is a LOT MORE MUSCLE!   Her first video of 2020 features her recent workout at Wild Horse Gym in STL, MO…. and she’s packing on a lot more beef in her offseason, as she prepares for her 2020 competitive season!   See the clip description below and head over to her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” to get this amazing new 4K video!

Description: Presented in 4K Ultra HD, this latest Brooke Walker, shot in early 2020, features Brooke at her biggest yet, as she’s packing on the mass for her 2020 competitive season. And in typical Brooke fashion, she’s still LEAN and HARD, even in her offseason! Deep cut abs, veiny biceps, boulder shoulders, and newly enhanced thick and meaty quads… the new Brooke V.2020 is massive muscle at it’s HOTTEST! Oh what a blast! Get this hot muscle clip today and show Brooker T some support!

Brooke the BEEFCAKE! Get this new video featuring her increased muscle mass for 2020, in her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” today!

Taylor Smuck – HUGE BICEPS and Triceps NEW VIDEO Added!

Impressive biceps – just one of the many sexy features on big Taylor Smuck – get this hot video today!

BIG BICEPS and thick meaty triceps!   That’s what you’ll find in this new video posted today in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   This one is definitely a hot one if you’re into big ripped muscular sexy brunettes!   See the clip description below and get this hot one today in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!

Description: This is an outstanding upper body bonanza, folks! If you’re a fan of enormous biceps and triceps, Taylor has got the goods, and she is ready to flex for YOU! Filmed just 2 weeks after she competed in the Iowa Pro, Taylor has crazy vascularity going on, making those big biceps and triceps pop with power! With her sexy sleek dark hair, tan and ripped body, this is a physique video that is sure to please. If strength is your thing, Taylor has that too – just look at the weight she’s throwing around! Get this hot video today to show Taylor your support!

Big thick meaty triceps – Get this hot new video in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio today!

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For – Katie Lee AW with the BIG GUNS!

HUGE – Big Greta has arms almost as big as Katies! See who has more impressive strength by getting this hot Armwrestling video today in the Katie Lee Clips Studio!

BIG NEWS!  Katie Lee ARMWRESTLING with those huge 17-18″ guns – you gotta see this one folks!   The new video in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio is sure to please!   You get to see just how strong those enormous biceps and arms are, as Katie takes on 2 very big and strong girls.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Katie Lee Clips Studio to show your support by picking up this incredible video!

Description: The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Katie Lee has had enough with all these girls questioning the strength of her huge 17-18″ guns (depending on the time of year), so she’s decided to start accepting challenges from female competitors here on her HDPhysiques Clips Store! In “Armwrestling Power 1”, Katie takes on 2 very big and strong girls, Scarlett and Greta. Both are fellow competitors, and they are have huge muscles! But… let’s face it… will be they be ANY challenge at all for the enormous and famous arms of the great “024” Katie Lee? Pick up this video now and don’t miss one of the most exciting strength challenge videos we’ve ever produced – the big guns being put to good use!

Can anyone topple the gigantic guns of Cero Dos Cuattro – get the new video today in the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio – CLICK HERE!

Brooke Walker – NEW VIDEO Available – Part 3 of Leg Day at Wild Horse!

Tremendous abs! Get this incredible new Brooke Walker video today!

It’s TORRY TIME!   Brooklyn Torrance Walker, that is.  An all new video in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio is now available!   Check out the 3rd and final part of her “Ripped & Powerful – Wild Horse 4” series, featuring her leg day at Wild Horse Fitness.  See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 3 of Brooke’s insane leg workout in her 4th Wildhorse Gym Shoot… Brooke brings more intensity than ever to finish her big leg day at Wild Horse. As America’s “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle”, Brooke “Torrance” Walker sets the standard of HOT female muscle videos! She starts with those impressive “leg biceps” (aka – hammies), before moving on to working quads, then abs, and more. In an “early contest shape” mode here, Brooke simply looks sensational. What else can you say – she’s the greatest! Get this new one today and show Brooke some support!

Working those hammies and flexing those triceps at the same time – why u gotta be so perf, Brooke?

Total Physique Posing by Brooke “TorryTime” Walker – you can see every muscle to perfection!

Katie Lee – 4K Muscle EXPLOSION Part 2 Now Available!

Katie’s delts and chest are looking just as impressive as her massive biceps these days – get this hot video now – click here!

The mass monster and Queen of Biceps, Katie Lee, is back with a brand new video in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!  Part 2 of her epic new 4-part series, “Power Explosion in 4K, from Boca Raton” is now available – see the clips description below and get this sizzler today!

Description: Just when you didn’t think Katie could get any bigger or better!… and once again shot on the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace & Harmony featuring smooth and steady camera work, combined with 4K picture quality, we have what could be a record selling video here, folks! Those biceps are between 17-18″ inches in this video… and even the MOST HARDCORE muscle fans are gonna be shocked at the POWER EXPLOSION of this video. This is another level of female muscle power. Part 2 of her series of 4K Boca Raton muscle videos – GET THIS today – you’ll be glad you did!

That huge thick back, can’t get any wider! GET the new Katie Lee video now!

Absolutely mind-blowing HUGE muscle! Katie at her biggest ever – get this hot new video now!

Who got bigger arms than dis? NOBODY! Pick up this hot new Katie Lee video today!

The Peak Freak of Physique has a HOT NEW VIDEO! Get it NOW!

Click here to get more of those INSANELY peaked biceps! Gotta love Hailey “HD” Delf!

Hey fellas, we’ve got a great new video for you this weekend!   Hailey Delf, the “Peak Freak of Physique”, has a brand new clip in her HD “Peak Freak of Physique” Clips Studio!   This is part 2 of her 4 part “Iowa Power” Series.  See the clip description below and get this hot one today!

Description: In part 2 of Hailey’s new epic “Iowa Power” Series, Hailey takes you on an amazing trip of vascularity on board those massive biceps and triceps! In 1080p HD, Hailey flexes and trains her mighty guns in her home gym, and the power is exploding to say the least! Just 1 week before her pro debut, this physique is absolutely smokin hot! Even though she gracefully floats thru the gym like a gazelle, she is an absolute beast when it comes to destroying the weights, and flexing for YOU! Just look at the vidcap and see why she’s called the “Peak Freak of Physique” – look out Katie Lee! These guns are comin’ for you! Get this hot one today, folks!

She’s flexing those massive guns all around the gym – get this hot video today!

NEW Video – Jamie Pinder – OLYMPIA SHREDDED – Get it today in her Clips Studio!

Jamie is literally popping out of her shirt – her muscle are so huge! Get this hot new video today!

ALL NEW Jamie Pinder video now available – CRAZY SHREDDED Ripped Muscle!  See the clip description below, and head over to the Jamie Pinder Clips Studio to get this hot new video!

Description: Pindah at her biggest and most ripped conditioning ever! Also joining her is friend JILL DIORIO who is even more crazy ripped! This behind the scenes video captures Jamie during her HDP photo shoot and shows off some absolutely insane conditioning – ripped quads, massive triceps, tight glutes, and enormous calves! This video shows how incredible a top 5 Olympian looks the day after the show – full of carbs and creating a massive muscle pump! Fans of gorgeous muscle at their asbsolute peak of shape, this is the video for you!

Never before seen RIPPED and SHREDDED footage of gorgeous Jamie Pinder – get this hot new video today!

Carli Terepka is Back With NEW Power Packed Video!

Big Lynette refuses to be outmuscled by Carli! She flexes some big guns too!

Kicking off the new year right here at HDPhysiques.TV, the Carli Terepka Clips Studio is back with a hot new video with guest star Lynette Audrey!   In this dual gym shoot featuring biceps and back, these two IFBB Physique Pros power through some gym sets and show off their mighty physiques!  See the clip description below and get this one today!

Description: Carli Terepka invited guest Lynette Audrey to do some gym work in St. Louis (HDPhysiques HQ). Hosted in both Wild Horse Fitness and The Dungeon Gym, these 2 exchange flexes and power through their workouts for biceps and back. Both girls are in their offseason, but still looking very hard and muscular. The perfect combo of offseason “thickness” and rock hard muscle power. If you like girls with big ass arms, this is one video you’re sure to enjoy! Get this one today, folks!

Carli pumps that big meaty back – exploding with power! Get the new video today!