Katie’s Comeback! The Big Gunz Have Returned Bigger than Ever in NEW VIDEO!

Holy shit! Look at those biceps! Katie is back and better than ever. Get her new comeback video – Part 1, today in her “Peak Power” Studio!

As most of you know by now, Katie suffered a major illness in 2021 that caused her to miss most of the year.    But now…. she’s back and better than ever!   Nearly 65 lbs have come back since her lowest point, and those muscles are poppin’ like never before!  See the clip description below and head over to the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio to get the amazing new video!

Description: She’s BACK, folks! Part 1 of 3, in 4K Resolution, featuring Katie’s big “comeback shoot”, where she’s finally back to showing off the big guns at nearly 17″ in power, once again. After battling a horrific illness in 2021, in which she lost nearly 70 lbs, this shoot from mid-2022 was Katie’s “return to action” and her message to the world that she CANNOT and WILL NOT be stopped! As you can see in this video, she’s coming back in a way that is just as impressive as the height of her competing days. The muscle is pretty much ALL back just like it was before her battle, and by the size of those peaks, the thickness of her quads, and the deep cut pecs, you can see that she’s on a mission to surpass where she was! This part 1 of 3 focuses on 3 amazing bodyparts…. biceps, chest, and quads. The 3 items that fans love the most, especially when it comes to Katie!   Get this amazing return to action video today and show Katie your support!

Those quads are looking thick and meaty as well! Don’t mess with Katie! Get this amazing new video today!

MASSIVE and she loves showing it off! Her bigguns are almost back to 17″ – get the new video today!