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Yo Dudes!  It’s once again that time…..  a special release of an awesome compilation of the great Shannon Courtney, this time from her ultra-hot and sexy Studio shoot at iWink Studios in California in 2013, at the height of her size and conditioning.  In the Shannon Courtney Clips Studio, you’ll find the new studio compilation and it will impress you like no other!   See the clip description below, and show your support by picking up this amazing video today!

Description: By popular demand, another AMAZING Shannon Courtney compilation video from her incredible shoot from iWink Studios at the height of her massive size in her pro card winning year of 2013. This time, in a sexy studio shoot, Shannon is featured in 3 super hot outfits, and her sexy posing is second to NONE! Vascularity and huge biceps and quads are the highlights of this clip, although really her entire physique is incredible and plenty of it is featured throughout the 15 minutes plus, of this video. If you’re a fan of one of the hottest blonde female muscle specimens of ALL-TIME, this is a “must get” to add to your collection! (*NOTE – This video is not eligible for free promo redemptions)

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