Fans of Katie “Cero Dos” Lee – There’s HOT NEW VID Now Available in the Peak Power Studio!

Yes, we all know about those world class industry leading biceps. But let’s not forget, Dos is known for her HUGE delts and back too! Get the hot new clip today and see what we mean!

Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio has done it again, folks!   She’s added a brand new video, Part 2 of her Epic Pump at Epic Fitness Center, is now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio, exclusively here at HDPhysiques.TV!   This one not only picks up where Part 1 left off, but it actually gets better as she puts on an even better outfit to show off those amazing muscles!   See the clip description below, and add this one to your Kate Collection today!

Description: Part 2 of Katie’s EPIC pump at EPIC Fitness is an upper body masterpiece in gym POWER! Big Cero Dos picks where we left off, but ups the intensity and increasing the posing of those fabulous muscles and power-packed peaks! Still huge, and looking nice and lean, she’s even got some abs popping in addition to the lines that define her incredible muscle! Served up, of course, with her gorgeous smile and feminine looks, there’s nothing quite like a new Katie video to put you in a great mood. You couldn’t keep up with her in the gym, but she sure is nice to watch! The Peak Power Studio adds another jaw-dropper to its extensive lineup – add this one to your collection today!

Softball sized biceps that measure nearly 17″ still – wow! The new video in Katie’s Peak Power Studio is a MUST GET!

Nobody has a front double like Cero Dos Cuattro Lee! Get the HOT new video today from Epic Fitness Center!