BIG MUSCLE BROOKE! All-New Brooke Walker Video Available Now – Sizzlin’ Power and Size!

HOLY CRAP! Look at that world class chest! Perhaps the best in all of female muscle! Get this amazing new video today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio!

Sexy Gym Work from Shreveport, LA!   Brooke is back with a brand new video in her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio“, and it’s presented again in lovely 4K video.   You’ll definitely want to check this one out, folks.   All-new slabs of beef from a lengthy off-season with the intent to pack on lots of muscle.   It worked!   See the clip description below and be wowed and impressed once again by the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle!

Description: Presented in 4K video, Brooke Walker is back with a brand new video filmed just recently in Shreveport Louisiana. Doing some gym work the day after the show, Brooke shows off her offseason gains and it will make your jaw drop! Lots of muscle added since last year, folks! Thick meaty back, huge hangin hammies, and best of all, her granite like chest – the best pecs in the world! Brooke not only hits some quality weight here, but also provides plenty of sexy posing and flexing as well. This is one that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection of gorgeous blonde muscle videos!   Get it today!

JEEZ – look at that NEW MUSCLE! Get the all-new Brooke video today in her clips studio! And find more at PremiumPhysiques!

Tremendous NEW VIDEO in 4K Resolution in the Katie Lee Peak Power Clips Studio!

How about that HUGE BACK on Big Cero Dos! Get the latest video today and show your support!

Today, we’ve got a special new release in 4K in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!   The Summer gets hotter and hotter here at HDPhysiques!

Description: Presented in 4K video – the BICEPS GODDESS is back at it again, this time at PowerHouse Gym in MD for an upper body pump you’ll never forget! “Cero Dos” is trying to get her biceps to “Dos Cero” (also known as 20 inches!). At an impressive and healthy 17″, 20 may be a long shot, but the point is… she’s huge and strong once again! And of course, she LOVES to flex! This 4K Stunner features more flexing than ever before after each set of gym work.  Add this one to your shopping cart today and you won’t be disappointed!

Cero Dos means business with those Guns! Get the latest video today and enjoy the best biceps in the biz!

KrivsStudio Adds New Clip of Gorgeous Mascha Tieken – RIPPED European Muscle!

Fans of freaky forearm veins are gonna love the new video of Mascha Tieken in the KrivsStudio Clips Store!

Today, we’ve added a new clip to the KrivsStudio Clips Store here at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store!    Starring the lovely Mascha Tieken, you’re gonna love her tremendous vascularity, posing presence, and sexy muscle like no other!   See the clip description below and add this one to your shopping cart today!

Description: This one is a classic from KrivsStudio, one that features some of Europe’s best biceps and more! Shot during Olympia weekend in Vegas, Mascha shows off a ripped and stunning physique, with tremendous vascularity, especially in those crazy forearms! Thick quads and meaty calves highlight the lower body, and she knows how to move and pose like no other. This is definitely a clip to add to your collection of sexy European female muscle today!

Ripped abs, peaked biceps, and sexy posing – you gotta get this new clip from KrivsStudio and see what we mean! Click here!

Contest day shape muscle! Ripped and shredded, and sexy peaks – get the new KrivsStudio Clip of Mascha Tieken today!

NEW Video – Jamie Pinder – OLYMPIA SHREDDED – Get it today in her Clips Studio!

Jamie is literally popping out of her shirt – her muscle are so huge! Get this hot new video today!

ALL NEW Jamie Pinder video now available – CRAZY SHREDDED Ripped Muscle!  See the clip description below, and head over to the Jamie Pinder Clips Studio to get this hot new video!

Description: Pindah at her biggest and most ripped conditioning ever! Also joining her is friend JILL DIORIO who is even more crazy ripped! This behind the scenes video captures Jamie during her HDP photo shoot and shows off some absolutely insane conditioning – ripped quads, massive triceps, tight glutes, and enormous calves! This video shows how incredible a top 5 Olympian looks the day after the show – full of carbs and creating a massive muscle pump! Fans of gorgeous muscle at their asbsolute peak of shape, this is the video for you!

Never before seen RIPPED and SHREDDED footage of gorgeous Jamie Pinder – get this hot new video today!

Tremendous New Power Video of Carli Terepka and Her Massive Muscles!

Big, meaty Carli is ready for action in the Dungeon – get this hot new video today!

HOT NEW Mass Muscle Video of a Thick & Meaty Offseason Carli Terepka – looking big BUFF and beautiful!   In an all new video in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio, you’ll see Carli powering thru some big weights from the Dungeon Gym in STL MO.  See the clip description below and head to Carli’s Studio to get this hot new video today!

Description: Carli fans are gonna love seeing this! At her biggest off-season size ever, her muscles are exploding with power! So, she takes us to the Dungeon gym in STL to train some back and biceps, and mix in plenty of flexing! Sporting some sexy Arkeo leggings and a sports bra, Carli pumps up her powerful back, and looks wider than ever before. Then, when she switches to biceps, those bad boys are just wanting to pop right out of her skin! One of America’s cutest muscle girls, even when offseason, has so much to offer! If you’re a fan of super strength and big meaty muscle, this video is a must get, immediately!

Big, POWERFUL Muscle! Carli trains back and biceps in this latest video in her Studio. Click here and get this one now!

Brooklyn Delivers Again! Awesome NEW CLIP with Measurements!

Look at that tremendously ripped body! Gorgeous Brooke is back again with another tremendous video – get it now!

Tremendously muscular and ripped Brooklyn Torrance Walker is back with an outstanding NEW VIDEO shot less than a month ago, at Wildhorse Fitness in Ballwin MO.   Brooke has never looked better, and this new video, with NEW MEASUREMENTS, is one of her best yet!   See the clip description below, and then head to Brooke’s Arkansas Ranger Studio and pick up this excellent video today!

Description: Part 1 – MEASUREMENTS! Brooklyn T. Walker in late Dec 2018 from Wildhorse Gym in Ballwin, MO. Torrance has never looked better and in this hot pink and blue outfit, she’s looking more muscular than ever. And even though she’s not technically in a contest diet here, she might as well be, as she’s looking VERY lean and ripped. Her deep-cut abs are prominent throughout the video, and her rock hard chest and biceps get the ultimate workout. To top it off, she offers up her latest measurements on camera and smiles with confidence. Perhaps the most “complete” and well put-together, well balanced, muscle woman on the scene today. If you’re a fan of GORGEOUS and ultra-muscular blondes, this is one you should definitely add to your shopping cart!

Those legs keep getting bigger and bigger – click here to get this new video and see Brooke’s measurements!

NEW 4K Video of Contest Shape Alli Schmohl – Get it now!

Look at those biceps peaks!  Get this sexy new 4K resolution video today - CLICK HERE!

Look at those biceps peaks! Get this sexy new 4K resolution video today – CLICK HERE!

Say hey, folks!  We’ve got a great update here – some 4K footage of the amazing and stellar 16″ biceps Goddess, Alli Schmohl!   See the description below, and get the new video today in the Alli And Her Big 16’s Clips Studio!

Description: What more can you ask for – RIPPED Contest shape muscle, with 16″ biceps, in 4K resolution!!! From the 2017 Chicago Pro, Alli Schmohl showcases her unreal vascularity, tremendous biceps, sexy quads, and overall impressive shape and size. Fairing quite well in her 2nd pro outing, and improving upon her 2016 San Antonio placings, Alli wowed the crowd in Chicago and here in the day after shoot, it’s quite obvious why. Sexy muscle posing with a gorgeous physique – and now in 4K video – this one is a classic!

Not 1, but TWO NEW Hailey Delf Clips Now Available – HUGE and MASSIVE!

2 NEW VIDEOS now available in the Female Muscle Store's Hailey Delf Peak Freak Clips Studio!

2 NEW VIDEOS now available in the Female Muscle Store’s Hailey Delf Peak Freak Clips Studio!

Hailey Delf, formerly known as the “Peak Freak of Figure”, is putting on tons of muscle as she transitions to Physique.  We have 2 new videos, professionally shot on the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Glory, with Hailey pumping huge weights in the gym just a few weeks ago during the 2018 STL Pro Show.   These 2 videos in the Hailey Delf – Peak Freak Clips Studio, hit all the best body parts – biceps, triceps, chest, back…. upper body lovers are gonna love it.  You’ll definitely want to check out these 2 vids and show your support for Hailey’s HUGENESS!

Sexy arms - get the new Hailey Delf Videos today in her Clips studio - Click Here!

Sexy arms – get the new Hailey Delf Videos today in her Clips studio – Click Here!

NEW SEXY Beefnuggette Outdoor Posing Clip – Get it today!

HUGE and strong, Beefnuggette does some sexy posing outdoors on the track.  Get this new video today in her Clips Studio!

HUGE and strong, Beefnuggette does some sexy posing outdoors on the track. Get this new video today in her Clips Studio!

HUGE-ARMED powerful and sexy, Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren is back with a new video in her Beefnuggette Clips Studio.  See the description below.  And stay tuned for another video from Katie Lee later this week, and the 2 most powerful Biceps Goddesses of our generation trade shots this week in their battle for muscular supremacy here at the Female Muscle Store!

Description: How about some sexy outdoor posing for a change? Big Beefy Powerful Beefnuggette Paige is ready to show off all that hard work in the gym, with some stellar flexing and muscle pumping outdoor action. Get this clip today and show Beefynuggs some love!

Katie Lee looking like a HUGE MUSCLE BEAST!  Get this awesome new video today in the Katie Lee "Peak Power" Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Katie Lee looking like a HUGE MUSCLE BEAST! Get this awesome new video today in the Katie Lee “Peak Power” Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

END of Year BIG PROMO & New Katie Lee Video Now Available!

BRAND NEW from Last weekend in New Jersey - Katie Lee in a HOT new biceps video from Diamond Gym - Get it today in her "Peak Power" Clips Studio!

BRAND NEW from Last weekend in New Jersey – Katie Lee in a HOT new biceps video from Diamond Gym – Get it today in her “Peak Power” Clips Studio!

WOW – It’s an awesome day at HDPhysiquesTV! First up, a BRAND NEW Katie Lee “024” video for you, shot just last weekend in New Jersey. We were invited to film at the legendary Diamond Gym (Thanks Dwayne!) in Maplewood, NJ. This place is as hard core as it gets. You get a feeling of nostalgia when you walk in the door and see all the champion bodybuilders that have their pictures all around the gym, where they’ve trained and sculpted some of the most legendary physiques in the game. Check out the description for the new video in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!

Description: TRULY one of the most impressive Katie clips EVER! At the beginning of her 2018 show prep, Katie is leaner than she’s ever been to start a prep, and those biceps are over 17, nearing 18″. Her freakish gym strength knows no bounds, and her girly good looks have also never been better. The powerhouse red-head Crushes set after set and mixes in a TON of sexy posing. This is surely a clip that will impress, folks! She’s heard about the Beefnuggette…. and she’s ready to defend her crown as the biceps champ. Get this video now and see why!

Then, the next big item of news – we are bringing back our Olympia Promotion for a BIG END OF YEAR Promotion!    With the recently added studios of Hailey Delf and Beefnuggette, you’re no doubt going to love taking advantage of this promo!  Here’s the details:

Buy ANY 3 videos from any studio and get 2 free videos of your choice (of equal or similar price) here at HDPhysiques.TV.   BUT….. you have to follow the instructions below in order to redeem your free videos…. so pay attention!

  1. – Make your purchase like normal, at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore;  OR , Buy a 3 month subscription at HDPhysiques or!
  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (or accessing the members area of HDP or PremiumPhysiques), then FORWARD US your CCBill email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLE of the 2 free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – Brooke’s new video)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.
  3. – Give us 24-48 hours to process your request.
  4. – You can repeat this procedure (buying 3 videos, redeeming 2 free) for the rest of the month until Dec 31st…. so take advantage while it lasts
  5. – Yes, you can combine multiples into 1 order.  For instance…. buy 6 videos, get 4 free!   Buy 12 videos, get 8 free!

Thank you for supporting the studios at HDPhysiques.TV – your support goes directly to the ladies/studio owners – so show them some love and get some amazing videos this month!