New Video in the KrivsStudio Clips Store – Meet Jennifer DeJoya!

Look at those diamond calves! Get the new video today in the KrivsStudio Clips Store – click here!

Hey fellas …. it’s been a crazy busy December with trips to Dallas Nationals and Los Angeles, so we apologize for the long time between new posts here.  We have a lot of great new content on the way here, and at the HDP and PP membership sites as well.   So much good stuff on the way!   Its been a long time coming, but we finally have another video posted in the KrivsStudio Clips Studio, and it’s a rock hard contest shape model from Jr Nationals a few years back.   See the clip description below and get the new video today!

Description: A contest shape razor sharp physique, highlighted by diamond shaped rock hard calves, nice peaky biceps, and lean, cut abdominals and more…. Krivs Studio Model Jennifer Dejoya stole the show in Chicago. Some excellent flexing and posing, front and back, shows you how incredible this amazing competitor is. Those biceps are poppin’ and those calves must be seen to be believed. Imagine those legs walking thru your gym! You won’t be able to take your eyes off this one, folks – get it today!

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Jenn has those eyes to go along with an outstanding muscular physique! Get this new offering from the KrivsStudio Clips Store today!

Awesome New Video Now Available in the Steph Koerber Crazy Calves Clips Studio!

Nicely shaped biceps getting better and better as Steph makes her offseason improvements!

Hey gang, we’ve got an awesome new video featuring Calves Queen Stephanie Kay in her clips studio called “Steph’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio“!   This clip focuses more on her impressive upper body, but don’t worry, she hits some leg posing as well for the fans of those huge quads and calves!   See the clip description below and show Steph some support by getting this hot clip today!

Description: Part 2 of Stephs’ Summertime Gym blast is now here, and since so many of you liked the first one, we have no doubt you’ll feel the same way about this one! Huge quad flexing, along with upper body training and posing, Steph is clearly putting on some impressive size and looking forward to hitting the stage in the FALL of 2023. Shot in 4K you’ll see every little detail of those impressive muscles, so be sure to add this one to your shopping cart today!

Show Steph some support by getting this awesome new clip today!