The MASSIVE and RIPPED Arms of Hailey Delf – NEW VIDEO Available!

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Summer Scorcher!  We’ve got a new video of the gorgeous biceps and total physique of IFBB Pro, Hailey Delf!   On the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Clips Studio page, you’ll find the new video – Hailey Delf Ripped in Long Beach – available now!   If you’re a fan of gorgeous blondes with huge muscle, you’ll love this one – check out the clip description below and pick up this amazing video today!

Description: Sunshine plus muscles always makes for a great combination! In the gorgeous southern California sun, The Peak Freak of Fizeek, Hailey Delf, poses in RIPPED contest shape, after her pro debut at the 2019 Legions Sports Festival. Obviously Hailey is known for her world class massive biceps – BUT, she’s got a lot more than that! Powerful chest and pecs, combined with lean, meaty quads, thick triceps, and more…. She’s definitely the complete package, folks! Beautiful female muscle in beautiful SoCal weather – what more could you ask for? Get this HOT muscle video today!

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Lynette has some pretty impressive guns too! Carli gets a run for her money here!

It’s an incredible day at HDPhysiques.TV, folks!    First up, there’s a brand new video of 2 hotties training at the Dungeon and Wild Horse Gyms….  that’s right, it’s Part 2 of Carli & Lynette in the Dungeon!  See the description below of this muscle challenge, and head over to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to get this one today!

Description:  Description: PART 2 – Carli Terepka invited guest Lynette Audrey to do some gym work in St. Louis (HDPhysiques HQ). Hosted in both Wild Horse Fitness and The Dungeon Gym, these 2 exchange flexes and power through their workouts – this time for biceps, triceps, calves, an d more. Both girls are in their offseason, but still looking very hard and muscular. The perfect combo of offseason “thickness” and rock hard muscle power. If you like girls with big ass arms, this is one video you’re sure to enjoy! Get this one today, folks!

Next is the HUGE news (figuratively and literally….) of an EXCLUSIVE FREE minute & a half video of Katie’s new BICEPS MEASUREMENTS as they get close to 18″ inches!   It is ONLY AVAILABLE by the following 3 ways:   1) – buy 2 videos from the Katie Lee Clips Store;  2) – buy 3 videos from any combination of studios here at the Female Muscle Store, and 3) – Joining PremiumPhysiques with a 3 month membership!   We’ll give you a sneak peak of these MASSIVE guns in the photo here…. but you have to show your support in one of the 3 ways above to get this exclusive clip for Katie Lee supporters!   Email us when you’ve got your receipt from CCBill/PayPal, and we’ll forward you the new video!  Promo runs Feb 20 through March 31 – new purchases only!

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Taylor Smuck – HUGE BICEPS and Triceps NEW VIDEO Added!

Impressive biceps – just one of the many sexy features on big Taylor Smuck – get this hot video today!

BIG BICEPS and thick meaty triceps!   That’s what you’ll find in this new video posted today in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   This one is definitely a hot one if you’re into big ripped muscular sexy brunettes!   See the clip description below and get this hot one today in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!

Description: This is an outstanding upper body bonanza, folks! If you’re a fan of enormous biceps and triceps, Taylor has got the goods, and she is ready to flex for YOU! Filmed just 2 weeks after she competed in the Iowa Pro, Taylor has crazy vascularity going on, making those big biceps and triceps pop with power! With her sexy sleek dark hair, tan and ripped body, this is a physique video that is sure to please. If strength is your thing, Taylor has that too – just look at the weight she’s throwing around! Get this hot video today to show Taylor your support!

Big thick meaty triceps – Get this hot new video in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio today!

NEW VIDEO in the Dani Reardon Clips Studio – get this CLASSIC Today!

Absolutely massive and HOT female muscle – get the new Dani Reardon video today!

We’ve got a special treat for you today, folks!   A very special edit from the best Dani Reardon shoot of 2015, from her St. Louis Pro Weekend.   If you love HUGE ripped female muscle on a beautiful young cute cheerleader type – this is for you, folks!  See the clip description below, and head to the Dani Reardon Clips Studio to get this awesome video today!

Description: The incredibly RIPPED and SHREDDED Dani Reardon with a classic cut from her St. Louis Pro weekend of 2015. This was one of Dani’s best weekends ever… finishing 2nd in STL, and then having an astonishingly awesome photo and video shoot with HDP the following day while in this crazy condition! Vascularity out of control, and deep muscle separation like none other. From 2014-2017, Dani was at her biggest and best ever, and this is right from the heart of it. We really don’t even know how to describe it… other than “muscle girl perfection”? If sexy, cute, young muscle at the EXTREME is your thing, you’re not going to find a better clip than this… so add it to your cart now!

Dani Reardon got some big ass guns! Get this hot new video today from her 2015 best shoot!

INCREDIBLE New Hailey Delf Extreme Strength Video Added!

Big guns is just part of the story – wait til she busts out the 80 lbs for shoulder presses! Get this HOT HAILEY clip today!

A beautiful muscle girl doing 80 lb dumb bells?  GET OUT OF HERE!   Yep, the “Peak Freak of Fizeek” Hailey Delf has a NEW VIDEO in her Hailey Delf Clips Studio.   See the description below, and pick up this super impressive muscle girl video today!

Description: It’s chest day, and Hailey is ready to power through some big time weight at the gym. We are calling her “America’s fastest growing muscle girl”… because as you’ll see here, she continues to pack on the muscle like no other. Hell, before she competes in Physique, she may be ready for the BODYBUILDING stage, folks! This extra powerful gym work (80 lb dumb bells!!! HOLY SHIT!) has plenty of posing and flexing mixed in as well. You KNOW she likes showing off all that hard-earned muscle. Shot with a steady-stabilizing gimbal, you can really see how impressive this young lady is becoming! She LOVES muscle – and so do you!  Get this one now!

Supremely powerful chest – get this amazing delf muscle video today by heading to her clips studio!

Flexin’ hard for you! Get this hot Hailey Delf video today!

Autumn Swansen – Female Muscle Perfection – NEW VIDEO now available!

Sexy flexing and posing, along with super strong gym work - get the NEW Autumn Swansen video today!

Sexy flexing and posing, along with super strong gym work – get the NEW Autumn Swansen video today!

Now available in the Autumn Swansen Clips Studio you’ll see a brand new clip from her last Olympia prep entitled “Fierce Gym Work 3”.  You’ll see why very quick…. she’s tearing up her local gym with extremely powerful lifts highlighting her amazing arms, chest, abs, and more.  Followed by some sexy posing, Autumn is clearly ready for battle.  This is a clip that you’ll want to grab immediately.  See the description below – and REMEMBER to take advantage of our JUNE PROMO – only 3 days left!

Description: Autumn Swansen at her most ripped and strongest – powerful muscle building workouts just before the Olympia. The BEST abs in the business… lean and vascular biceps. Thick cut triceps. Wide lats… she’s the ultimate physique specimen! The posing and flexing she does in this video shows exactly why she’s always in the conversation to win every contest she enters. She’s now gearing up for a huge 2018 at her best ever – get this video today to show your support!

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NEW BEEFNUGGETTE Video now available – shot with the Smooth HDPhysiques Gimbal!

Outstanding female muscle!  Beefnuggette will WOW you in this latest big muscle training video - get it today!

Outstanding female muscle! Beefnuggette will WOW you in this latest big muscle training video – get it today!

For a top quality video of the current hottest name in female muscle, get the 2 newest clips in the Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren Clips Studio!   See the video description below!

Description: Nugget is looking ENORMOUS as she trains during the weekend of the 2018 STL Pro. In the midst of her 2018 contest prep, she is LEAN, powerful, and super strong in this “Arms for Days – Part 1” video. This video proves that her offseason improvements are going to make her one SCARY BEAST in her 2018 competition season! She’s ripped, huge, and even vascular, at this point roughly 10 weeks out from Jr Nationals. The heavyweight muscle girls better watch out… this Beefnuggette will NOT be denied. Get this clip today and support Paige as she preps for her show!