The 2nd Installment of Brooke – Contest Shape in the Dungeon – Now Available!

Brooke’s massive pecs, nearly popping out of her top! Get this hot video today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio!

Hey gang, we’ve got a great new video to release today….. Part 2 (of 3) of Brooke Walker in CONTEST SHAPE at the Dungeon Gym, the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show, when both Brooke and Carli Terepka went nuts and destroyed the gym in St Louis!   Available now in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find part 2, (as well as part 1 a few videos back), of this epic day.   See the clip description below and head over to Brooke’s page to show your support as she prepares for the 2021 Physique Olympia!

Description: On the epic day of contest shape shoots of both Brooke Walker & Carli Terepka, this is Brooke’s 2nd video (of 3 total), and shows Brooke’s quads, biceps, and back at their most ripped! By far at her biggest size and conditioning yet, “Big Torrance” tears up the Dungeon like never before! She does some sexy muscle posing for both video and stills, showing off an absolutely world class, Olympia level physique! Show your support for Brookie and pick up this excellent clip today!

Look at that absolutely PERFECT back! Get Brooke’s amazing new clip today!

Brooke has sexy posing down to a science! Get this hot new video today by clicking here!

Torry Time! New Video of Brooke Walker & Rachael Loftis Now Available!

Outstanding quads getting worked by Brooke & Rachael – get this HOT video today!

The ultimate physique girls – Brooklyn Torry Walker, and Rachael “Lofty Goals” Loftis – are back again with their final installment of their gym battle from March 2019.   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll find the new clip, Brooke & Rachael at Wildhorse Gym 3, and you will be amazed at the leg strength and biceps posing on display here!   See the clip description below, and head over to Brooke’s Studio to get this HOT clip today!

Description: The 3rd and final installment of 2019’s incredible Walkerton vs. Lofty gym battle, this one is a leg lovers masterpiece! Both girls also train delts and flex some arms in this video… but the main highlight of this video is the incredible QUADS that are on display here! Loftis has long been known for her massive and perfectly shaped quads… and now Brooke is catching up with her and has even tighter conditioning at this point in her show prep. Both girls look amazing in the gym, and would go on in the months later to do extremely well in their 2019 competitions. Gym power, plus sexy posing – these 2 girls are absolutely gorgeous and super impressive! Get this one today and support Brooke’s studio!

Brooke’s ultra-wide back and powerful arms – you’ll love the NEW VIDEO in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio – click here!