Katie Lee – 4K Muscle EXPLOSION Part 2 Now Available!

Katie’s delts and chest are looking just as impressive as her massive biceps these days – get this hot video now – click here!

The mass monster and Queen of Biceps, Katie Lee, is back with a brand new video in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!  Part 2 of her epic new 4-part series, “Power Explosion in 4K, from Boca Raton” is now available – see the clips description below and get this sizzler today!

Description: Just when you didn’t think Katie could get any bigger or better!… and once again shot on the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace & Harmony featuring smooth and steady camera work, combined with 4K picture quality, we have what could be a record selling video here, folks! Those biceps are between 17-18″ inches in this video… and even the MOST HARDCORE muscle fans are gonna be shocked at the POWER EXPLOSION of this video. This is another level of female muscle power. Part 2 of her series of 4K Boca Raton muscle videos – GET THIS today – you’ll be glad you did!

That huge thick back, can’t get any wider! GET the new Katie Lee video now!

Absolutely mind-blowing HUGE muscle! Katie at her biggest ever – get this hot new video now!

Who got bigger arms than dis? NOBODY! Pick up this hot new Katie Lee video today!

Katie Lee’s MASS MUSCLE Blast at Fit Nation 2019 – NEW VIDEO Now Available!

Amazing NEW VIDEO in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio – Katie at Fit Nation 2019 – Part 1!

Hey gang, as you may have seen at PremiumPhysiques, we recently had some MONSTER shoots with an epic muscle trio of Katie Lee, Brooklyn Torrance Walker, & Tara Suzanne Brandt at Fit Nation Gym in California, during the recent 2019 LA Fit Expo Weekend.   If you’re ready for some powerful massive muscle, you’re gonna love the clips to come in all 3 girls clips studios!  Today, we are starting off with the first clip of Katie “024” Lee.  See the clip description below, and head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio to pick up this amazing video today!

Description: Shot just days ago in January 2019, Katie Lee is already in her prep for 2019 pro physique shows, and she’s in her most massive shape yet! Those trademark biceps of hers hitting nearly 18″ again, and she loves to show them off and flex hard. In this clip, as Tara Suzanne and Brooklyn Walker video her, Katie trains back, biceps, and legs and flexes her complete physique at the world famous Fit Nation Gym. If you’re a fan of the Red Rocket, this is a MUST GET video to show your support for Katie as she begins her 2019 season!

HUGE muscles! Katie begins her 2019 Prep and she’s bigger and better than ever. Get this new video today at the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!

ULTRA-JACKED Katie Lee from the 2018 Arnold – Ripped Beyond Comprehension!

Ultimate RIPPED peak power!  Get the NEW Katie Lee video, fresh from the 2018 Arnold Classic - now available in the Katie Lee's Peak Power Studio!

Ultimate RIPPED peak power! Get the NEW Katie Lee video, fresh from the 2018 Arnold Classic – now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

The amazing Katie Lee is back with a brand new video from our shoot after the 2018 Arnold, just last weekend in Columbus OH.   The 17″+ guns have never looked more peaked and perfect, and with the added size on her quads, back, chest, and delts, Katie is perhaps the most perfect specimen of female muscle walking the planet today!  See the clip description below and pick up the new video NOW in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

Description: In her BEST CONDITIONING EVER, this new Katie Lee ULTRA JACKED video is sure to impress. Shot just last weekend at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival, where Katie placed in the top 12 of a huge lineup of some of the best physiques in the sport. Those enormous biceps peaks are more shapely than ever. And perhaps the biggest improvements can be found in Katie’s huge back and chest. Always impressive, but now, even more so. And OMG… those delts! You wouldn’t want to lineup and play football against her! If you’re a fan of some of the biggest muscle on the scene today, you MUST get this new video!

Deep cut quads too!  Get this new video in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!

Deep cut quads too! Get this new video in the Katie Lee Peak Power Studio!