Ready for Some CRAZY CALVES and MUCH MUCH MORE? New Steph K Vid Now Available!

These INSANE calves of Steph K – you can’t get enough of ’em folks – get her latest video today!

A 4K Muscle Attack at the Corner Gym – As Steph K shows off her early summer 2024 form, as she preps for her shows this year.    You won’t believe the size and shape she is building… a pure figure specimen…. with the craziest legs on the planet!    See these sample pics and then head over to the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio and get the latest video today!   See the clip description below.

Description: Steph K has the goods, folks! This is an epic clip in 4K resolution, featuring the Calves Queen in the gym here in mid 2024. She works ALL the great bodyparts and does some up-close posing and flexing! We are talking biceps, quads, back, oh, and of course…. those legendary Steph K Calves! We call it the gym attack because she gets serious in tearing up the Corner Gym, as she preps for her summer 2024 shows.  Pick up this amazing video today and show Steph your support!

The new LONG clip in the Steph Koerber Clips Studio covers BICEPS, calves, quads, and back – you’ll definitely wanna get this one today!

She’s got that PERFECT figure form – wide as a house! Get the new Steph K gym and POSING/FLEXING video, today!

NEW Steph K Video – Crazy Calves, Plus Quads, Biceps, & More!

Steph’s thick and impressive shaped biceps get plenty of attention in this new video – get it today with our holiday promo!

Hey gang, we’ve got an incredible new video combining serious gym work along with some hot posing and flexing….. see the clip description below, and head over to the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Studio to get the latest!

Description: This is the one from Steph you’ve been waiting for! We hit ALL the most popular bodyparts in this awesome gym session in Illinois, where she shows off her world famous calves, along with quads, biceps, triceps and back. Fans of complete physiques will appreciate this one, but of course, those mega-sized legs are standouts as usual when it comes to Steph. Some lifts, combined with some flexing and posing, this clip has it all for fans of pro figure physiques. You can see why Steph competes in some of the best shows in the IFBB.  Get this one today to show Steph your support!

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Affectionately known as Steph’s moneymakers… they are also why she’s known as a “Ricky D special” – IYKYK. Get the latest Steph video today!

These quads are not about to be overshadowed by her record breaking calves – get the amazing new Steph K video today!

Ready for Some SERIOUS QUADDAGE? Emily Nosler is Back with an ALL NEW VIDEO!

Working those massive mashers, Emily looks incredible at Big Dogz. Get the hot new video today!

There’s an ALL NEW video available now in the Emily Nosler Clips Studio, featuring Emily at her offseason max, punishing the gym weights with her massive quads!   Filmed at Big Dogz Gym in St Louis (HDPhysiques HQ), E-Nozzie is on a mission here to show off her tremendous physique for HD fans, and she is without a doubt, one of the finest quad goddesses we’ve ever filmed.   23″ quads are nice.  24″ are really special.  25″ is insane…..  and Emily….. with 26″….. OH MY GOODNESS!    You simply won’t believe your eyes when you see these tremendous lady muscles in action!

Head over to the Emily Nosler Studio now and show your support!

Description: Emily the Quad Monster is back! You’re not gonna believe the epic muscle on display here, folks. Those 26″ (or larger!) quads get a serious pump at Big Dogz Gym. Of course, being as sweet as she is, Emily mixes in some biceps and calves flexing too. But make no mistake, it’s those mighty quads, hammies, and glutes that get the bulk of the attention in this one!  Show your support for E-Nozzie by picking up this amazing video today!

Perfect rock hard glutes, and massive granite-like legs – Get the new Emily video today!

Kaitie Hart is Back with NEW Leg Day Video – Get it TODAY!

SUPREME muscular hammies and calves – Get the new Kaitie Hart video today in the HDPhysiques Studio!

Yo, gang!   We’ve finally got around to posting part 3 of Kaitie Hart’s epic leg day shoot from Golds Gym.  Featured in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, you’ll see that part 3 is perhaps the best yet…. if you’re a fan of super strong sexy legs!    See the clip description below, and head over to the HDPhysiques Studio to pick up this excellent new video!

Description: The LONG awaited Part 3 of Kaitie’s Leg Day at Golds Gym is finally here! If you’re a fan of huge beefy quads, thick powerful calves, and tight hammies and glutes… this is the video for you. Kaitie shows off her perfect form in the gym and some tremendous strength in the process. Squats, hammie curls, lunges and more… everything looks good when it’s Kaitie doing it! Sporting her HD gear, the legs are the focus of today. Get this awesome video today and conclude the 3 part series – ENJOY!

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HOLY CRAP - look at those HAMSTRINGS - ripped and powerful! - Get Jill's new video today!

HOLY CRAP – look at those HAMSTRINGS – ripped and powerful! – Get Jill’s new video today!

You’re not going to believe this one, folks.  Some of the craziest, nastiest, leg vascularity and ripped, shredded muscle, that you’re EVER going to see!  Calves Queen Jill Diorio is back with another new video.  Jill loves talking to her fans in her videos and that personal touch is nice, getting to know this amazing athlete with some of the best legs on the planet.  In between her 2 shows, she’s in CRAZY ripped contest shape, and shows you part 1 (of 3) of her brutal leg workout…. showing off those huge, cut quads, vascular hamstrings, and monstrous calves.  Get to the Jill Diorio – Calves Galore Clips Studio, and get this mind-blowing muscle video today!

HUGE and ripped QUADS - get Jill's new video today!

HUGE and ripped QUADS – get Jill’s new video today!