Steph K Adds a NEW Crazy Calves Video to Her Studio – Show Your Support Today!

Steph isn’t just calves – she’s got an awesome upper body too! After training some arms and shoulders, she flexes and shows off her hard work! Get the new video today

Hey fellas, your favorite figure calves queen is back with another video in her recently added clips studio!   In the new Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio you’ll see her final installment in her “Corner Gym” series, part 4, and this one is the strongest yet!  Those mega-sized legs ain’t messin’ around, my friends.    See the clip description below and go support Steph today!

Description: This is an awesome “has it all” video, folks! Not only does the calves queen torture her mega-monster calves with some incredible strength exercises in this video, but she also spends sufficient time working and flexing biceps, back, triceps, and delts! Steph looks awesome in this video as it was just a few weeks after her IFBB Pro show. So, in other words, she’s lean, vascular, and even still a little tanned from the show!  She’s got the thin skin, showing off tremendous vascularity which just makes those muscles pop like crazy. One of figure’s rising stars – get this one to show your support!

Tremendous calves – and they get put to the test in this video – get it today for only $4.99!

DAYUM! Look at those delts and triceps! Steph has a tremendous physique – get the hot new video today!